Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 280

Volume 1 Chapter 280 Side Effect Of Magic

Haru looked at his reward again. He didn't need to learn it and he had gotten the knowledge of how to use this magic. He remembered that it was the magic of Larcade Dragneel who was a member of the Spriggan 12 in Fairy Tail World. He remembered that guy was the 3rd strongest person in that organization after both Irene Belserion and August.

"Still, 'Pleasure Magic'....." Haru felt that this magic was very dangerous. He felt complex emotion when he had gotten this magic since he wasn't sure whether he could try it on someone. He wasn't sure but his pride didn't allow him to use this magic. He was a man and his power in that area was very devastating.


Haru thought for a while and knew that this magic might be useful for his quest in the future. He started to remember the thing that he had gotten from the Group Chat.

"Hmm, 'Sticky Fingers', 'Reincarnation of Ashura Ootsuki', 'God's Tongue', 'Steal', 'Horo Horo no Mi' and 'Pleasure'," Haru listed the reward that he had gotten from the Quest. He couldn't say whether he was powerful or not since his power was quite mixed but he was confident in a fight. He shook his head and couldn't wait for an update on Group Chat.

Haru started to read the description of his new magic.

Pleasure is a Caster Magic and variation of Light Magic that seeks to kill humans by means of extreme pleasure.

Haru knew that this magic is only working on someone who has tasted the 'forbidden' pleasure in life. He was only considering whether there was a side effect on himself after he had gotten this magic.


Sora woke up in the morning and went out of her room since she smelled something good.

"Good morning," Haru greeted her with a smile.

"Morning," Sora smiled and looked at him curiously, "Why are you wearing a kimono?" She was also curious where he had gotten that kimono.

"Nothing, I just thought it was quite good," Haru said and asked, "How is it?"

"It is good, did you buy it yourself?" Sora asked.

"Yeah, I have also bought it for you," Haru said and showed her a lot of kimono.

"....." Sora blinked her eyes and asked, "Where have you gotten a lot of money?"

"Well, I have some business here and there," Haru answered.

Sora thought for a bit and asked, "Is it that magician community or something?"

Haru nodded, "Yes, that's the gist of it."

Sora looked at him and said, "Don't do anything dangerous, alright?"

Haru couldn't tell that he had almost died several times in the past since he was sure that he would make her worried, "I know, let's eat breakfast."

Sora shook her head and walked toward him.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"How about a morning kiss first?" Sora asked.

Haru smiled, "What a spoiled child."

Sora smiled mischievously and wrapped her hands around his neck.

Both of them kissed each other but suddenly Sora stopped and looked at his pants.

"Hmm?" Haru looked down and he was surprised to see that his dragon had come out from his kimono.


Haru felt confused by this fact, 'Am I s.e.x.u.a.l frustrated?'

"Do you want me to help you?" Sora asked with an excited expression.


Haru took a deep breath and knocked her head, "No, it is alright." He decided to work out for a bit trying to avert his mind.

Sora snorted at him and ate the breakfast that he had cooked, "Hmm, delicious!"

Haru ignored his desire to try to work out on the veranda since he thought that it was very strange since he usually could control it.


Haru had done his breakfast and went to his cafe. He didn't need to come since his robot and his employee would be able to take care of the cafe by themselves. He wanted to take a break since he felt that his body was a bit strange but he asked Maki to help him. He was considering whether his request was a bit too much since he knew that girl would have an exam in the winter.

Though, he would also have an exam this winter too. He was wondering whether he could graduate early.

"Haru, I have registered your scooter," Ritsu said through his phone.

"Thank you," Haru said. He was glad that he had artificial intelligence as a friend since it was quite easy to hack into the government to register his scooter. His app would be ready in half a month and he was also trying to hype his 'Flappy Bird'. He felt that his life was quite smooth in this world and drove his scooter to his cafe.

His speed wasn't that fast and he could talk with Ritsu on the way.

"I have seen a lot of new photos on your phone. There is a Korosensei and someone that I don't recognize there. There is also a new girl there too," Ritsu said.

"Can you open the photo folder after you have received my permission?" Haru asked.

"It is okay, I am very tight-lipped, there isn't anyone in this world who will be able to hack me," Ritsu answered.

"That made me very relieved," Haru said while twitching his lips.

"So, what kind of world have you gone to earlier?" Ritsu asked. She knew that the time stopped when he was teleporting to another world.

Haru told her about his experience while on the way to his cafe. He was wondering whether Ritsu would turn into Ultron in the future. He had arrived in his cafe and parked his scooter. He saw that it was still open and a lot of customers came out of the cafe. He saw a beautiful young mother who had bought his bread and smiled at him. He remembered that she was one of his customers that often came to buy his bread. He gave her a gentle smile and felt his pants twitching around. He felt that his dragon was flying through heaven right now when he saw her.


'Is this a side effect of magic?'

Haru really thought that he shouldn't go to the cafe now since there was a lot of temptation. He shook his head and decided to enter through the backdoor since there wasn't anyone in the backyard.