Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 282

Volume 1 Chapter 282 Let Me Hear The Song

Haru tried to avert the conversation and had calmed himself. He knew that he would be alright for a while and needed to think about how to control his magic now. He knew that working out wasn't a perfect solution but it could be used temporarily. His dragon also slept in his cave and he was ready to work now but he was quite sweaty and decided to take a bath first.

"Where are you going?" Kosaka asked.

"Take a bath," Haru answered.

"Go, you're all sweaty," Kosaka said.



Maki looked at his cafe and entered it. She could see that the business was flourishing since there were a lot of people who bought his product. She could smell something really delicious and be wondering why she had never come here before (Because she is too shy). She decided to check and enter the cafe.

"Welcome!" Yuri greeted her.

Maki nodded and saw only three girls in the uniform but she didn't see him.

"Is this your first time? You can choose any bread in the showcase and pay for it over there," Yuri said while pointing at the automatic cashier. She smiled and said, "You can even order a beverage over there too."

Maki nodded and she had tried it in the past since she but it was her first time to try it in the location.

Yuri looked at her and wondered which rich lady was this girl but she didn't think much and wondered what that guy was doing in the backyard.

Maki ordered a coffee and sat down while looking at the garden through the window. She took the cup of coffee and sipped it for a while.


Maki nodded and understood why this place was so crowded. She could an open space and thought that it was good to use it for a live show or something such as a band or piano, 'Hmm.' She shook her head and thought that it might be a bit too much since his cafe only opened in the morning. She looked at her smartphone and decided to message him.

'Where are you?'

Shiina yawned and went to the toilet since the cafe would be closed soon.


Haru didn't know about her message and decided to take a cold bath since he felt that his body was a bit wrong. He really shouldn't come since it was a dangerous situation for everyone.

Coldwater drenched his body even though it was cold but it calmed his mind, 'I might push someone in an accident.....' He shook his head and thought that Maki probably had arrived. He took a towel and dried his body. Only there was someone in front of him.


Shiina looked at him for a while from up and down, then she went out silently.


Haru decided to forget the thing that had happened now and checked his phone that there was someone who had given him a message.

'Wait for a while, I'll be there for a second.'


Maki saw a response from him after a few minutes.

"Excuse me, did you wait for someone?" Iwasawa asked since this girl was sitting for a while even though the cafe was almost closed.

Maki nodded at her, "Yes, do you know where Haru is?"

"You're waiting for Haru?" Iwasawa looked at her with a weird expression.

"Yes, I have received a message from him, you don't need to worry," Maki said.

Iwasawa nodded and didn't bother her anymore. She knew that there were a lot of girls around him and decided not to say anything since he was her employer.


Haru came out from the bathroom and felt very relaxed even though it was quite cold. He warmed up his body with his ripple energy since it felt quite nice.

"Haru, why don't you help the cafe earlier?"

"Sorry, my body wasn't doing that well earlier," Haru answered.

"Really? Are you alright?" Yuri asked and tried to check his forehead. She felt weird, "Your temperature is normal, you might need to rest." She thought that he was working too much or something.

'Dammit.....' Haru really underestimated the effect of this magic since the thing between his legs were twitching around. He took a deep breath using his ripple energy trying to calm himself. He was surprised when it was working, 'W - Wow....' He felt slightly better and didn't think that ripple energy would have this much of an effect.

"I am alright, thank you for worrying me but I need to meet someone," Haru said.

"Oh? Who?" Yuri asked.

"Someone who will help us to play the keyboard," Haru answered.

"Have you found that person?" Yuri asked.

"Yeah, she is waiting in the cafe right now," Haru said.

'She?' Yuri looked at for a while and nodded, "Alright, let's go and meet her."


Maki waited for a while until she heard his voice.

"Maki, it has been a while."

Maki turned and looked at him. She was stunned since it had been a while for her to see him.

"You've become more beautiful now," Haru praised.

Maki turned red but she hurriedly tried to avert the conversation, "Then, what is it? I am quite busy."

"Well, if you're busy then it can't be helped," Haru said.

"What are you going to do?" Maki asked.

Haru sat down in front of her and said, "I want you to help me with an open concert later on 27 December." He knew that the exam would be held on the 1 December and on 2 February there was an interview to enter the school, "If you can't help me then I will search for another person."


"Concert? Where?" Maki asked.

"Winter Comiket, I am planning to sell my own game and send out a concert too," Haru said.

Maki frowned and said, "My parents won't love this."

Haru nodded since he was sure that her father would hate him taking her to such a place and sang since her parents wanted her to become a doctor, especially her father. He thought for a while and said, "Then, how about we wear a mask?"

"Mask?" Maki titled her head.

"Yeah, that way you won't need to worry about people to know you," Haru thought that it was a good idea since he also didn't want to become a singer.

Maki thought for a bit and answered, "Let me hear the song first."