Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 283

Volume 1 Chapter 283 Tell Me

Haru introduced Maki to everyone and brought her to his studio inside this house.

Maki was quite surprised since his studio was quite good.

"Iwasawa will be our singer," Haru said.

Iwasawa nodded since both of them had been introduced to each other. She was quite surprised to know that both Maki and Haki were childhood friends. She took her acoustic guitar and started to sing since this girl wanted to know about the song.

Everyone also joined the fun since Iwasawa's voice was really good and they also loved the song.

The song that is used for this game has the same lyrics but there are three different versions for each ending of the game. The difference is in both melody and instrumental that is used during performance since each version has its own meaning.

Maki was sitting while listening to the song with a serious expression.

Before long Iwasawa had done with her performance and took a deep breath.

"What's the title of this song?" Maki asked.

"Depending on the end of the game, there are three titles: Horizon, Another Heaven, and Arcadia," Haru answered.

"Hmm," Maki nodded, seeming quite interested.

"How is it? Do you want to become our temporary keyboardist?" Haru had a hopeful expression on his face since it would be difficult to find another player in a short amount of time.

Maki thought for a while and said, "It should be alright, but I won't be able to come to this place for a lot of time since I need to prepare for my exam."

Haru nodded, "It's okay. Now that you mention it, where are you going to apply to your high school?"

"I will apply to Otonokizaka High School," Maki answered.

"Isn't that an all-girls school?" Haru was a bit surprised.

Maki nodded, "Yes, my father told me to apply there and my mother is also an alumnus from that school."

They talked for a while since it had been a while for them to meet each other.

Haru gave a music note for this music after their talk since she needed to go back. He accompanied her outside and said goodbye. He went back to his cafe and saw that they were looking at him, "Hmm?"

"Is it only me or do you give her quite special treatment?" Yuri asked.

"She has the right to play since she won a lot of piano tournaments when she was a child," Haru answered.


"Rich lady?" Iwasawa asked.

"Her parents owned a hospital," Haru said.


"I am also a bit surprised that she has accepted my request since her father was quite strict," Haru said.

"How did you know her?" Megumi asked.


Haru blinked his eyes and asked, "Megumi? Since when is that you're here?"

"I have been here for a while," Megumi answered.


Everyone was speechless when they received her answer.

"Cough! My parents were working in their hospital and that's who we know from each other," Haru answered.

Yuri didn't think much since they hadn't met each other that much.

After their talk, they went to the 2nd floor to take a rest after working. They were grateful that Haru had created a robot to help with the cleaning and it eased their work a lot. Though Iwasawa forced both Yuri and Shiina to learn their musical instruments to help her perform in Winter Comiket.

Haru took Megumi to the backyard since there was something that he needed to talk about.

"Is there something wrong with your body?" Megumi asked.

"How did you know?" Haru asked.

Megumi pointed at the thing between his legs.


Haru saw that the dragon inside the cage had escaped once again. He had a big headache about what to do now since it was quite troublesome.

"What's wrong?" Megumi asked, seeming very worried.

"Hmm, I learned some strange magic, and this is the result," Haru sighed.


"Is there something that I can do?" Megumi asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes, however, I am not sure whether I should ask you about this."

"Tell me!" Megumi said with a serious expression.

Haru took a deep breath and said, "Help me to let it out."

"...." Megumi blushed when she heard his words. She looked at him and asked, "What kind of magic have you learned?"

"I - It's kind of lewd magic.... Don't see me with that expression! It was an accident. I don't know if it was very strange magic," Haru said, trying to explain himself.

"Does it hurt?" Megumi asked.

Haru tried to ease the side effect of 'Pleasure Magic' that he had learned by chance with both ripple energy and his light magic but it might be because he had pent up for a long time that it might burst out or worse he might attack someone.

"I am sure that your teacher will be happy to help you," Megumi said. She knew that he had a dubious relationship with his teacher.

"Then betraying my girlfriend?" Haru said. He felt that his face was really thick when he said those words to her since he had betrayed her several times in another world.

Megumi thought for a while and looked at his house, "Can we come to my house?"

"What are we doing at your house? Do you want me to meet your parents?" Haru asked with a strange expression.

Megumi blushed, "No, I don't mean that. I mean that my parents aren't at home now."


Haru would be a fool not to notice the meaning behind her words. He nodded and his dragon stood upright.


Megumi was speechless at him.

"Oh, right! I have gotten a lot of kimonos. I'll show it to you when we arrive at your home," Haru said.

"Where did you get it?' Megumi was curious.

"From a friend," Haru answered.

"You sure have a lot of friends," Megumi said.

"It's not much..." Haru said and took his motor scooter ready to go to her house. He helped her to wear a helmet and said, "Sit on my back."

Megumi nodded and sat down on his back while hugging his waist. This was her first time riding on a motor scooter and it made her curious, "Where did you get this scouter? Don't tell me from your friend?"

"Yes, you're right," Haru answered and started to drive toward her house.

Megumi felt a fresh breeze that was hitting her face and it felt pretty nice. She hugged him tighter while looking around curiously.

Haru sighed since it had become harder to control himself, especially when there were two soft things behind his back, 'What the heck is wrong with this magic?'