Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 286

Volume 1 Chapter 286 Group Chat Version 2.0

Haru waited for the entire night until the update was over. He opened his phone and saw a lot of notifications started to come out one after another.

[Group Chat has been updated to Version 2.0]

[Please read further information to learn new features!]

Haru didn't hesitate to read the new features from this Group Chat.

[New Features of Group Chat Version 2.0]

[Price to teleport to another world has decreased and depended on the time ration the price might increase; 100 points to teleport to another world with 1:1 time ratio; 200 points to teleport to another world with 1:2 time ratio; so on.]

"...." Haru was surprised with this feature and thought that he might be able to stay longer in Fairy Tail world.

[Tower Game. Members need to enter the dimension created by Group Chat to clear this Tower Game. There are 100 floors inside the Tower and when the member has cleared the floors, they'll receive a point and random reward. The time in the original world will be stopped when the member enters the Tower Game. To enter the Tower Game, the member needs to pay 100 points for each try.]

Haru was a bit curious but he could check it later since he wanted to check the other updates.

[The Training Ground. This place is used for every member to train themselves. The time stopped in the original world and the member needs to pay 100 points to enter the place.]

'The training ground?' Haru was wondering whether there was something special about that place since it was the price was quite steep.

[The member might invite their family, friends, lovers, or anyone who is close to them to tour to another world. The price of the people that are used is twice the original.]

"..." Haru wasn't sure about this feature since it was very steep too. He could only get 100 points max when he was in luck on the daily points worst case he might only be able to get one digit point. He had only one digit when he had gotten during his daily points.

[There will be a lot of quests from easy to difficult ones. When someone isn't ready please don't force yourself to enter since you might lose your life.]

Haru looked at the last notice and it felt a reminder when someone died in the quest then they would die in their original life too. He was a bit speechless but he knew that they needed to value their life rather than a great prize from the Group Chat since this the prize, treasure, skill, ability, etc would be useless when he died.


Haru took a deep breath and started to enter the chat, "Have anyone read the update notice?"

Kuroneko hurriedly replied, "Yeah, it is a great update in Group Chat, but the last notice is quite scary to me." She was just a normal girl who could do magic. She was very happy when she knew that could join such a magical community, only this reminder made her remember that the quest wasn't safe and they might have a chance to die in the process.

Tsunade said, "That might be the case but with a high return then there will be high risk in the process."

Teppei: "I think this is normal. I am more curious about both Tower Game and Training Group, have any of you entered that place?"

Luffy: "I will try it later. I am still tired after training."

Gintoki: "I will enter the Training Group after eating my sweets. I want to test out my Kamehameha without destroying the surrounding place." A lot of his money had been used to pay for the damage that had been caused by his Kamehameha.

Haru saw that each other talked about the new feature. He decided to talk with Yajima privately, "Yajima-san."

"Hmm? Haru? What's wrong?" Yajima replied to him quite fast since he was surprised to chat with him privately.

"I will go to your world after this," Haru said.

"Sure, but why?" Yajima asked.

"There is some problem with my magic, I want to consult it with you," Haru said.

"Then, I'll wait for you in my place," Yajima didn't really mind for him to go to his place.


Kouha looked at the new features in the Group Chat, "Big Brother, I might be able to invite you to go to another world."

"Really?" Koumei was curious.

"Yes...." Kouha told both Koumei and Kouen which world that they could teleport.

Kouen nodded, "We can do that later since we need to prepare for our war."

Kouha and Koumei nodded at the same time.

"How is your new power?" Kouen asked.

"It's good. The power isn't much different from my power," Kouha suddenly had a bad memory when he thought about the thing that he had eaten in the past.

"But 'Devil Fruit', huh? I wonder whether you can get it for me," Koumei asked.

"I can do it, but the price is very steep," Kouha had gotten a devil fruit after he had gone back from his quest and had an ability to control gravity. He had heard from Haru that the taste of the devil fruit was very bad.

"Do your experiment later, also call your friends whether they can help you or not?" Kouen asked.

"Hmm, I am not sure about everyone, but one person might help me," Kouha said with a smile while thinking about him.

Kouen and Koumei felt strange looking at his smile but they decided not to say anything.

"I'll try to ask him," Kouen said.


Haru was ready with his preparation and decided to go with 1:3 time ratio and the time he spent in Fairy Tail would be three times faster than in his original world. He paid 300 points and teleported to another world.