Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 289

Volume 1 Chapter 289 More Trouble

"Jura Neekis...."

Haru knew the old man in front of him very well, 'The strongest person in Lamia Scale.'

"Hoo? Do you know me?" Jura seemed interested in him. He looked at him curiously while rubbing his chin. He saw that his guild members who were attacked by him had started to recover and sat down on the ground with confusing expressions.

"Of course, who doesn't know one of the Ten Wizard Saints," Haru answered and said, "Everything is a misunderstanding. Your guild members are the ones who are attacking me first." He came to this world to understand 'Pleasure Magic' from the user and hurriedly cursed the side effects on his body.

"I know that I am sorry for the trouble that they have caused for you," Jura said.

Haru nodded and thought that it was nice to meet an understanding guy. He was sure that when he met the people from Fairy Tail it would lead to a fight in a second, "I will go back now. Sherria, let's meet again in the future." He said and used his gravity magic to go back but a large earth wall appeared in front of him. He sighed and asked, "What do you mean by this?"

"Sorry, I can't help but be curious about your ability," Jura said and asked, "How about we have one round of duel?"


"Negative Hollow!" Haru didn't talk too much and attacked him directly.

The white ghost moved very fast toward Jura.

Jura who knew the effect of this white ghost tried to block it with his earth wall but it passed through his earth wall and touched his body.

"Ugh...." Jura tried to block this feeling using his magic power but it was impossible. He dropped on the ground with a depressed expression while saying, "I am lower than a flea."

Sherria and everyone who saw this scene was flabbergasted. They would have never expected that their strongest mage would lose instantly against this young man.

Haru didn't want to entangle with them and hurriedly ran away but as expected that it would be hard to do so since there were a lot of large pillars of earth moving similar to a snake watching his movement ready to strike him.


Haru looked at Jura who had stood up while taking a deep breath.

"That magic is very powerful. I can't help but want to have a fight with you," Jura smiled.

Haru knew that people in this world were fighting junky. Even the calmest one loved to fight against someone. He was wondering whether he was the only pacifist in the world. He went down from his scooter and kept it inside his body.

His action made everyone startled and thought that he had learned space magic.

"So you're ready?" Jura couldn't help but want to have a rematch. He couldn't help but wanted to puke of blood when he remembered his action earlier.

"Sorry, I'm not interested," Haru said and started to use his magic to run away.

Jura who saw his movement tried to trap him but his speed was just too fast.

Haru used his light magic and ran away from this place. He didn't want to stay here again and it was better to go to Alvarez Empire as soon as possible.


Everyone was stupified when they saw his speed. They wanted to chase him but they knew that it was impossible.

Jura stopped his magic and looked at Sherria, "Sherria, who is he?" He didn't know there was such a strong young mage in this country.

"Hmm, I am not sure. I only knew him earlier," Sherria said.


"Is he a member of guild?" Jura asked.

"No, he doesn't join any guilds," Sherria shook her head and said, "but his grandfather is a friend of Yajima-san."

Yajima is very famous in this country since he is the ex-member of Ten Wizard Saints. His restaurant is also famous since his food is very good.

"Oh! Yajima-san," Jura stroked his beard and nodded, "Has you asked him to join our guild?"

Everyone who heard it couldn't help but be shocked. They had just been played by him but they knew that he was very strong and when he joined the strength of their guild would increase. Their chance to win the Magic Festival will increase and they will become the champion of this year. They couldn't help but start to imagine and had a weird smile on their face.

Sherria nodded and said, "Yes, but he has rejected me." She felt a bit disappointed when she was rejected.

"It's a shame," Jura shook his head while looking in the direction where he had gone away.


Haru sighed in relief and went back directly to Yajima's restaurant. He had only wanted to have a peaceful trip but in just a few hours he had gotten into trouble, 'Is this protagonist's effect?' He remembered that each protagonist would encounter any trouble or else the story wouldn't be interesting.

Haru felt dumb to think too much and arrived in Yajima's restaurant.

Yajima had been waiting for him and said, "From your expression, I am sure that you have encountered some trouble."

"Nothing. It's just a small conflict," Haru said.

Yajima nodded and gave him a ticket, "This is the ticket." He took something and gave him money, "Use this money too. You can trade this money with the currency in Alvarez Empire later."

"Thank you, Yajima-san," Haru wasn't sure but he felt that Yajima was a grandpa who was giving his grandson pocket money.

Yajima looked around and asked, "What magic have you gotten from the Group Chat?"

Haru sighed, "This magic is very troublesome. I can't even control myself." He held his head and knew that he was very lucky to learn Ripple or else he would attack women indiscriminately.

Yajima opened his eyes, "Is it that serious?" He was wondering what kind of magic that he had gotten that had able to make him this distressed.

"Ugh..." Haru nodded and his appearance wasn't that good from the side of effect of the magic that he had learned.


Yajima nodded, "Then, go! You need to get into Alvarez Empire as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Yajima-san," Haru thought for a while and said, "I know this isn't much, but you can have it." He took something from his body and gave it to Yajima.

"Hmm? What is this?" Yajima asked curiously.

"This is the p.o.r.n that I've confiscated from Korosensei and a lot of random things," Haru said, since it would be useless on him now, "You can slowly find out." He read the ticket that his ship would go in an hour, "Then, I'll go now." He didn't want to be late and decided to go as soon as possible.


Yajima looked at him with speechless expression but he didn't reject it. He looked at his back and wondered what kind of magic he had learned that made him come from his original world to this world.

"Light Magic?" Yajima thought for a while and shook his head. He could ask him later and now it was better to find out the thing that he had given to him. He wasn't curious about the p.o.r.n and it wasn't the reason that he had decided to open the package right away.