Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 290

Volume 1 Chapter 290 Why?

Haru didn't want to waste his time and entered the ship right away when it was opened for him to enter. He looked for a place to sit down and rested there since it was very hard to control himself as he was now.

'This magic sure very absurd.'

Pleasure Magic.

Haru was wondering why he had gotten this magic since it was very hard to control. He was quite tired of maintaining his ripple energy to ease the side effects of this magic. He knew that this trip was quite long and this ship needed to land on Coracol Island before he could arrive in the Alvarez Empire.

Haru remembered that Larcade Dragneel was quite hard to find since that guy was quite lax from the information that he had gotten from the manga. He knew that guy also had a father complex and it might be hard to talk with that guy but he didn't have much of a choice since Larcade was the only person that was using 'Pleasure Magic'.

'Beggars can't be choosers, huh?'

Haru only hoped that there wasn't any s.e.xy and beautiful lady who would sit beside him since he was really tired of maintaining this Ripple energy on his body. He was hoping for Yajima to accompany him but he didn't really want to tell him about this matter. He was sure that everyone would lose to learn this magic, expect Luffy and the female members in Group Chat. He decided to use an earphone to listen to music since he wanted to relax while reading a book. He was wondering how long he had been alone. He read his book until someone sat next to him.


Kuroneko read the last notice after the update. She had been happy when she thought that she had been invited to this Dimensional Group Chat, but after reading that notice it made her rethink her opinion again. She crossed her arms while thinking whether she should enter the Tower Game. She read further information in for Tower Game and knew that she wouldn't die in that place but she would feel the sensation when she would die.

Kuroneko felt that it would be similar to a virtual reality game but with a more realistic setting. She was scared but also curious about this Tower Game, but she didn't have the courage to try it since she was afraid of the dead. She was wondering whether she should consult this problem with someone and felt a bit afraid that she was still a burden for everyone. She sighed and laid on her futon until the door of her room was opened.

"Onee-chan, I am hungry."

Kuroneko hurriedly stood up, "Sorry. Sorry. I'll prepare dinner right away."

"Onee-chan, is there something?"

"Nothing, what do you want to eat?" Kuroneko asked.

"Hmm, I want to eat a hamburger!"

"Good, I'll prepare it right away," Kuroneko nodded.


"KA - ME - HA - ME - HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gintoki released a blue energy beam from both of his palms.


Gintoki took a deep breath and sat down on the chair on his back. He looked at the training ground that he had created. He really loved this place since he could create anything with thought of his mind in this place. He took a carton of strawberry milk and drank it with a happy smile. He didn't even have to worry that his blood sugar increased and his weight increased eating a lot of things in this place. He snapped his fingers and started to read a manga, "This place sure is paradise." He didn't even feel tired when he had released his 'KAMEHAMEHA' several times.

The only thing is that he was quite unsatisfied that he needed to pay for every 24 hours in this place. He thought that he could use this place when his stress level was at the max level.

"Resting is very important when someone is training."

Gintoki thought that he had created a nice quote. He thought for a while and wondered whether he could create a beautiful lady in this place. He smiled lewdly and snapped his fingers. He waited in excitement but he opened his mouth wide when he saw the lady in front of him.

"My name is Elizabeth. I'll help you with training for the entire 12 hours."


Elizabeth is a tall woman of muscular build with irregular face. She has small eyes and mouth, but a huge nose. Her hair is long. She wears a necklace and earrings.

Even though this woman wore s.e.xy clothes, Gintoki couldn't get his excitement.

Elizabeth started to grow his muscles and grew into 3 meters.


Gintoki didn't even realize that he had dropped his strawberry milk on the ground.

"Now, please start your training," Elizabeth gave him a kind smile.

Gintoki hurriedly tried to search for an option to run away but it was as if he couldn't get out from this place, "LET ME GET OUT!!!!!!!!"

"Yosh, let's make your body bulky like me," Elizabeth said with a smile.



Shinobu wiped the sweat on her forehead while looking at the monster in front of her. She had tried the Tower Game directly and entered the 1st floor of the tower. She was fighting against a monster that had a body that was similar to a dog but stood with two legs and had red skin.

It was quite easy to defeat them with her sword and the Ripple technique that she had learned.

Shinobu was quite surprised when she saw the largest monster on this floor and saw a 'boss' word on the top of the monster. She also saw the name of the monster, "Illfang the Kobold Lord?"

"ROARRRRR!!!" The monster roared at her.

Shinobu snorted since she didn't even feel scared of this monster. Her movement was very fast and she stabbed the monster continuously several times without even taking damage from it. Her poison was also working and before long she had defeated this monster. She saw the monster turn into a yellow light and she saw something dropped on the ground.

[Congratulations! You have cleared the 1st floor of the Tower Game!]

[You have received 100 points!]

Shinobu looked at the thing on the ground and touched it.

[You have received Saitama's costume!]

"Saitama costume?" Shinobu raised her eyebrow and frowned when she saw the costume. She saw an ugly yellow skintight and a red cape. She threw this costume on the ground and went out directly from the Tower Game.

"How stupid."


"Excuse me."

Haru shuddered when he heard this voice but he still maintained his plain expression. He gave this lady a nod and continued to read his book. Her smell was just very good that made it hard for him to maintain his calm.

"Are you on holiday to Caracol Island?"

"No. I am going to the Alvarez Kingdom for a business trip," Haru answered but he still didn't really want to look at her since He knew who was sitting beside him.

Suddenly there were other people who sat down near his seat.


"Sigh... Don't call me Ur, Meredy."

"Jellal! Come here!"


"Excuse me," a man with blue hair sat near him.


It was the only thought that he had at that moment.

'Why the hell, you sit down next to me?!'

"Are you a businessman? What kind of business do you do there?"


Haru took out his earphones and said, "Sorry. I didn't hear your question earlier. Can you repeat it?"