Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 292

Volume 1 Chapter 292 Showing Cooking Skill

Haru went to the outside of the ship and saw a lot of people trying to fend off the monster that tried to attack the ship. He observed the monster that attacked the ship and saw that the monster could use ice that stopped the movement of the ship.

The monster has a shark-like appearance, with a long, pointed snout and a mouth filled with multiple rows of sharp teeth, a quadrupedal monster with grey-blue skin and yellowfins.

The size of this monster is also very big and it isn't that much different from the ship itself.

Haru saw that the mages in the ship created a barrier to block the torrent of water that was shot from the monster's mouth. He was sure that the ship would be destroyed once it was hit by that attack.

"Isn't that Zamtrios?" Jellal suddenly said.

"Zamtrios?" Meredy titled her head.

"It's just a combination of a shark with legs. This monster can use both water and ice magic," Ultear explained.

"You have come out too?" Haru looked at them with a surprised expression. He wasn't really that surprised but he needed to show them this expression.

"We're a mage and we're quite powerful too," Meredy said.

Jellal looked at him and asked weirdly, "You're going to cook this thing?" He had heard that Haru wanted to gather an ingredient. He didn't think that this monster could be cooked into something.

Haru looked at the shark and didn't think that it was that much different than he had met in the world of Toriko. He had eaten it in both sashimi, soup, and fried. He didn't know much about the creature who was living in this world and wondered whether it could be eaten. That is why he has decided to catch that monster. He looked at him and nodded, "I am not sure about the taste, but it should be similar to a normal shark, right?"


"Interesting," Ultear nodded and smiled, "Jellal. Go and beat the monster. Let me cook it for us."


"Why me?" Jellal twitched his lips.

Haru didn't think much when they wanted to beat the monster.

"C'mon, Jellal. You're the only one with the attacking type of magic," Meredy said.

Jellal sighed and nodded, "Alright, wait here." He said and walked toward the monster.

"Is it alright to leave everything to him?" Haru asked.

"It's okay. He is strong," Ultear said.

"Just watch," Meredy said and asked, "But you can cook that monster, right?"

"It's possible," Haru answered without hesitation.

"Good! Jellal, hurry up and beat it!" Meredy cheered for him.

Ultear looked at Haru and asked, "If the three of us didn't come, are you going to beat the monster yourself?"

Haru only gave her a smile and didn't answer her question. He turned and looked at Jellal to watch the battle.

"Are you nervous? Don't worry, I am not going to eat you," Ultear said and hugged him.



Jellal walked to a group of people who tried to fend off the monster, "Don't block me. I'll beat this monster."


"It's dangerous, young man!"

The staff didn't seem to agree with him and told him to get away since they were worried that their passenger would lose his life when he was fighting this monster.

"Don't worry. I am a mage," Jellal didn't want to say anything again and flared up his magical energy from his body.

Everyone who noticed his powerful magical energy started to back down since they thought that Jellal might be able to beat the monster. A lot of people had become the victims of this monster and it was better to solve it as soon as possible.

The monster noticed his appearance and knew that Jellal was dangerous, "ROARRRR!!!!!" It created a magical circle in his mouth ready to shoot out its water magic.

Jellal saw that the monster wanted to attack him, but he didn't give it a chance, "Meteor!" He surrounded his body with magic and moved toward the monster which was moving very fast. His speed was very fast as if he had blinked through the space appearing beside the monster. When he had closed the distance with the monster, he gave the monster a powerful punch.


The monster was thrown off by this punch and felt that punch almost made a hole in its body.

Jellal didn't give this monster a chance to recover and kept punching it like a sandbag until it fainted directly.


Jellal wiped the sweat on his forehead and looked at him, "I am done."

Haru nodded and walked toward him while observing the monster using his observation haki. He touched it for a while and felt that the meat of this monster would be quite tough.

"Can you cook this thing?" Meredy asked.

"Watch me," Haru didn't say anything else and used his gravity magic to soften the meat. He took out his knife from his body and cut it with very precise movement. His speed was very fast that made everyone around him startled. He took out his cooking utensils one by one and started to cook this fish.


Ultear, who was by his side, clearly felt that Haru had used magic to do something for the fish. She didn't know what kind of magic he had used earlier though.

Jellal and Meredy watched his cooking process with an interest.

Haru didn't spend that much time cooking the meal for them and before long he had prepared the food from the entire body of the Zamtrios.

They saw a variety of food that he had created and couldn't help but gulp their saliva.

"It's done. Please help yourself," Haru said.

Meredy was the fastest and started to eat it directly, "Yummy!"

Jellal and Ultear also started to eat and they opened their eyes wide since they had never eaten such delicious food in their life before. Both of them started to increase the speed of their eating since it was truly delicious.

Ultear would have never thought that food could be this delicious, "Hmm, it's good."

The staff of the ship could only look at four of them with an envious gaze and gulped their saliva.

Haru also joined to eat but he didn't eat much since he felt that the side effect of 'Pleasure Magic' had become stronger and stronger than before, especially when he saw both Ultear and Meredy who had a foodgasm. He looked at the distant sea toward the Alvarez Empire and wanted to meet Larcade as soon as possible.