Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 293

Volume 1 Chapter 293 Follow Me

Haru saw that he had almost arrived in Caracol Island. He could see the island and he was wondering what he needed to do after he had arrived in the Alvarez Empire. He didn't have that much information regarding that kingdom since the manga had never explained that kingdom in detail. He didn't have any information and he also didn't have any acquaintances in that place. He could only believe in his luck since he usually would meet trouble or someone important. He was wondering whether he could meet someone from Spirigan 12 and become their subordinates. Though, he knew that it wouldn't be that easy.


"Hmm?" Haru looked at Meredy.

Meredy wanted to eat his food every day but she knew that it was impossible. She saw that they had almost arrived at Caracol Island and they would be separated soon.

"We have something to do after this. I am happy to meet you, let's meet again sometimes," Jellal said directly.

Haru nodded, "Yes, I am happy to meet all of you. You're going now?"

"Yeah," Jellal nodded and said, "Ultear. Meredy."

Meredy wanted to invite him but she knew that it was impossible since she was a criminal, "Goodbye, Haru. Let me eat your food again in the future."

"Yes, let's meet again in the future," Haru patted her head. He wasn't sure why he had done this and Meredy didn't stop him either.

Ultear looked at him and asked, "You're going to stay in Alvarez Empire?"

"Yes," Haru nodded. He didn't really want to meet them again when he was under the side effect of 'Pleasure Magic'. He was almost crazy to take both Ultear and Meredy to the bed.

Ultear looked at him and said, "How about I give you some lesson to make you more comfortable around beautiful girl."


"What are you planning to do?" Haru looked at him waryly since he knew that this woman would do something bad. He didn't mind receiving it when his body was in the right condition, but right now he was similar to an animal in heat.

"Calm down," Ultear moved closer toward him and kissed his forehead.


"Think of it as a charm," Ultear smiled.


Haru didn't hesitate and jumped into the sea swimming directly toward the island, "UWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"


"He was really bad with beautiful girls," Ultear nodded, but smiled mischievously.

"Why did you kiss him!!!" Meredy wasn't sure but she was quite mad.

"It's alright. He decided to work in the Alvarez Empire and that kingdom wasn't going to be kind to him," Ultear said and sighed, "Somehow, I am a bit worried."

"Well, that's true," Meredy nodded.

Jellal looked at his two teammates and said, "We can't involve him in our matter. Let's go. We need to do our investigation of this kingdom." He looked at the sky and said, "We're criminals. Don't forget about that."


Meredy and Ultear didn't say anything when they heard his words.


Haru swam really fast on the sea and he felt that the sea had made him calm himself. He didn't expect her to kiss him suddenly and why he didn't stop her since his mind was a bit in mess because of the side effects of his magic. He knew that this seemed crazy but it started to hurt him and he needed to get a woman, "Megumi..." He calmed himself and used both of his Ripple and light magic to ease the side effects of this magic. He shook his head and walked to the island.

Haru stopped when there was a guard and let them check his belonging. He entered the island and needed to wait for the ship to go to the Alvarez Empire. He had a few hours before he would go to that kingdom and decided to tour around the place. He could see that everyone was quite happy since they were on holiday in this place. He had changed his clothes into shorts and aloha shirts since he was on the tropical island. He stopped on Star Mango Gelato and decided to buy some since it was quite hot.

The owner of this ship was a guy with a bald head and beard. He smiled while serving him his mango gelato.

Haru thanked him and started to eat his gelato. He raised his eyebrow when he ate it.

"Is there something wrong?" The owner was a bit worried when he saw his expression.

Haru shook his head, "Nothing. Did you quite sleepy when you made this gelato?"

"Huh? How did you know?" The owner seemed surprised.

"It's just that there is something missing," Haru thought for a while and said, "Old man, do you want me to make it taste better?"


Haru took something and started to make his gelato become more delicious since he felt that there was something missing, "Try it." He said while giving the gelato that he had modified.

The owner saw he had done something to his gelato and became quite curious. He took a spoon and tasted it, "HMMMM!!!!!" His eyes lit up and he suddenly felt like jumping into heaven, "THIS IS GOOD!!!!"

"Let me give you the recipe to make it more delicious," Haru said.

"Is that alright?" The owner asked.

"Sure," Haru said and asked him for a paper and pen.

The owner nodded and gave the thing that he had asked.

Haru started to write how to make his gelato better.

The owner looked at him and asked, "Who are you?"

"Just a simple chef," Haru answered and gave him the paper.

"Can I try it too?"

Haru had noticed someone who was walking toward them and sat next to him.

"Sure, miss. Do you want to buy one?" The owner asked.

"Yes, I want one that has been modified by him."

The owner seemed quite troubled since he still needed to learn before he could improve the recipe alone, "Sorry miss. I can't make it now, but I can make it tomorrow." He was sure that he could create this recipe tomorrow.

"Sigh. You. Can you modify my mango gelato too?"

Haru who was eating his mango gelato turned and knew who was the person beside him. He knew that his luck was so great that it made him able to meet one of Spriggan 12, "Sure, if the owner doesn't mind."

"Yes, please! I want to learn from you!" The owner said.

Haru nodded and took some of the mango gelatos while mixing it with something from his inventory from his body. He didn't take too long of time and served it to her, "Please enjoy."

The woman nodded and tried the gelato. She spooned it and put it into her mouth. Her eyes lit up and she held her cheek in blush. She didn't hesitate and ate it very fast.

Haru also continued to eat until he heard her asking a question.

"So? What are you doing here?"

Haru turned toward her and could know that it was just a casual question but he knew that this woman was a member of the secret police of the Alvarez Empire who was aiming toward spy. He was wondering whether this woman was thinking that he was an alliance of Jellal and co. He knew that he couldn't lie since this girl was very sharp.


"I need to meet someone," Haru said honestly.

"Who?" The woman asked.

"I am not sure of the name, but he can help me to solve my problem," Haru said.

"What kind of problem?"

"Magic," Haru answered.

"What kind of magic?"

"It's a variation of Light Magic. I can get away from the side effects of this magic," Haru said with a distressed expression.


The woman usually was too lazy to ask another question but she felt quite curious. She was wondering who was using light magic in the kingdom. He thought for a while and suddenly remembered there was one. She looked at him with a plain expression and said, "Follow me."

"Where?" Haru asked.



"Who are you?" Haru asked.

"Brandish μ, member of the Spriggan 12," Brandish said while looking at him.