Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 294

Volume 1 Chapter 294 Be My Slave

Haru didn't come to this world to create a harem but he also didn't come here to become a prisoner. He was on the ground with both of his hands handcuffed on his back and he had a chain collar on his neck. He could escape but he decided not to do it now since this woman could become someone who could guide him to meet either Larcade or Zeref.

"So why do you have to handcuff me?" Haru asked. He knew that this handcuff could make the magician unable to use their magic. He wanted to see whether the side effect of 'Pleasure Magic' would disappear once he was wearing this handcuff but he still could be able to feel the side effect, especially when the woman in front of him was only wearing a bikini. He blushed and looked away from her. He couldn't use his light magic but it didn't mean he couldn't use his Ripple and Stand. He tried to calm himself with Ripple Technique and wondered what he should do now. He didn't want to do it with a random girl and it was better to go back to his own world.

Haru shook his head. He needed to be optimistic that he could ask Larcader to help him with his magic or else he needed to continue to live in the heat and had to do that with women to calm himself.


Haru felt that it wasn't bad but it was troublesome.

Brandish sat down on her sofa with a relaxed expression, "Your magic is dangerous and too perverted. I can't let you use it." She knew what kind of magic was and from his expression she knew that he had trouble controlling his magic. She knew that magic was very dangerous and she quite felt annoyed. She looked at him who was kneeling on the ground blushing when he looked at her and looked away. She was amused by his action, "Why are you looking away?"

Haru showed an uncomfortable expression and said, "Can you change your clothes? Your clothes are too revealing." He didn't think that it was wrong for her to wear a bikini on that tropical island but it was different now since they were in her fleet.

"Hmm," Brandish smirked and said, "Look at me." She thought that his reaction was interesting.


Haru didn't move and still looked away since it was hard to hold himself.

Brandish raised her eyebrows and used her feet that were still wearing sandals to turn his head toward her, "Look at me."

Haru would definitely give this woman a punishment when he had gotten rid of the side effects of this magic. He looked at her with an annoyed expression and clearly showed a displeased expression.

Brandish shuddered in excitement when she saw his expression. She thought for a while and said, "Now, that you mention it. You're good at cooking, right?"

"Yeah?" Haru asked with a confused expression.

"How about cleaning?" Brandish asked.

"...I am very good too," Haru answered unsurely.

Brandish continued to ask him a lot of questions regarding management, housework, and a lot of things.

Haru answered him and he didn't really want to make her into his enemy since it would be hard for him to learn about Larcade or Zeref when he had done that.

Brandish nodded and said, "Then, be my slave," She suddenly uttered such a rude remark toward him with a smile.


"No way!" Haru rejected without hesitation. He had his pride but it might have been because of the effect of his magic that was making him blush a bit.

Brandish raised her eyebrows and pulled the chain over his neck.

Haru was pulled and he was only an inch away from her. Her smell was very nice and it made him very dizzy, 'Dammit!!!!' He was wondering why he had gotten this magic since it made him very weak toward women.

"You don't have a choice! I can kill you now and get you into shark food," Brandish said without expression and pushed him from the ground.


Haru didn't drop on the ground since he didn't lose his balance when she pushed him. He was expressionless and had decided that he would definitely punish this girl after he had gotten what he wanted from this kingdom. He didn't believe that his hypnotic magic was working on this woman since he was sure that she had very high resistance, especially when his hypnotic wasn't that powerful.

Brandish didn't say anything and took off her sandals. She raised her feet and said, "Lick it." She felt very amused when she saw his expression. She felt that this young man would be suitable to become her slave and wanted to show how powerless he was in front of her.


'This girl...' Veins appeared on his forehead when he heard her words. He started to get annoyed by this girl.

"If you don't want it then, I'll just throw you outside now," Brandish said. She had shown her power earlier to him and didn't need to show it again.


Haru knew that it was time to give this girl punishment. He had decided to escape and also would give this woman a punishment. He knew that this woman had magic that could manipulate a mass of everything, but she needed to have physical contact. He also thought that it was a good chance to try his new magic.


Brandish saw that his expression didn't change and she didn't really want to kill him. She thought for a while and said, "I'll also introduce you to Larcade."

Haru stopped his action and looked at her, "Larcade?"

Brandish smiled and said, "Yes, the one who has masted that perverted magic. I'll introduce you to him but....." She raised her feet again and said, "Be my slave and lick my feet now."


Haru took a deep breath and calmed himself. He needed to think positively now, 'The solution is just in front of me but...'

Haru sighed and was wondering what was wrong with his luck. He thought for a while and felt that it was better than licking middle old man feet that stunk. However, he didn't want to lick this girl's feet. He didn't mind doing it in bed but it was different when he needed to do it now. He had decided to escape from this place.

Brandish looked at him and sighed, "Alright, I am joking. You don't need to lick my feet."


Haru looked at her speechless expression.

Brandish snapped her fingers and his handcuffs and collar were released automatically: "Go. Prepare me an afternoon tea and give me nail polish after that."

Haru caressed his wrist slowly and nodded. He didn't mind to cook since he still needed her help. He stood up and wanted to go to the kitchen but he was stopped.

"Oh, right. Change into these clothes," Brandish said, and suddenly there were clothes in her hands.


'Am I a butler now?'