Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 295

Volume 1 Chapter 295 Day As A Butler

Haru sighed and needed to think about his strategy when he failed to get a solution to solve his problem. His main power was his Light and Strenght magic that he had learned in Magi's world. He could run away with his light magic and summoned a meteorite from the sky to the Alvarez Kingdom when he needed to run. He tried to remember what Brandish's personality was since this woman was just a bit too much for him.

Haru changed his dress into a butler's outfit, which consisted of black trousers, a six-buttoned double-b.r.e.a.s.ted tailcoat, and a gray vest. He has a cross-shaped crest on his shirt cuffs and tie while wearing white gloves. He had always wanted to make a maid cafe but he had become someone butler first. He was in the kitchen now preparing for an afternoon tea season for his temporary master.

People in the fleet saw him being collared and handcuffed by Brandish. They asked him what he was doing in the kitchen and he told them that he had become their boss's butler now he was preparing an afternoon tea for her. They nodded at him and patted his shoulders since they knew their boss's personality. They thought that this guy was a random guy who was caught by her.


Haru only nodded and continued to cook but one of his cookies was eaten by someone but he didn't let him, "That one is for her."

"Hey! Newbie! I am your senior!" The man suddenly said trying to threaten him.

Haru smiled and asked, "Then, Senpai. What's your name? I'll prepare your cookies too later."

The man nodded with a smile, "Good! My name is Marin! I am a master of Spatial Magic!" He looked at him and said, "Newbie! I know that you're very unlucky to be caught by her but you need to pass my test before you can ser---"

Haru was too lazy to talk to him and put his cookies inside his mouth to shut him. He had done his cooking and said, "I'll go now Senpai. There are more cookies there, you should share it with everyone." He went out without waiting for him to give him a response.

Marin was still stunned until he shouted, "IT'S GOOODDDD!!!!!" He used his spatial magic to get all the cookies that he had baked. He didn't think that he should share it and decided to eat it alone. He understood why his boss had decided to catch him, "Sigh, I guess. I can give you a passing score, though it is better for you to be a woman rather than a man."


*Knock! Knock!

"Enter," Brandish said.

The door of her room was opened and a delicious aroma started to enter the room.

Brandish turned and saw him entering the room with a trolley that was full of a variety of cake and cookies along with a tea to accompany them. She knew that she had caught him because she wanted to eat his food but it seemed that it was the right decision.

Haru pushed the trolley and stopped it right beside her. He didn't even smile and asked, "Which cake do you want to eat?"

Brandish pouted and said, "Call me, Brandish-sama!"


Haru had a share of experience with a spoiled girl since his little sister was also very spoiled. He took a deep breath and decided to go along since becoming a butler was better than licking her feet, "Brandish-sama, for this afternoon tea. I recommend for you to eat sultana scones."

Brandish nodded, "Then I'll try that."

Haru gave her a plate and gave her a cup of tea.

Brandish nodded at his action. She hated troublesome things. She didn't even want to work and only slept. She only thought of it as a spur of the moment, but her decision to make him a slave was right. She thought for a bit and she didn't know his name, "What's your name?"

"Kasugano Haruka," Haru answered and prepared the pedicure tools that he had gotten from the fleet. He felt that he might be a perfectionist and might become a spy in the future.

Brandish sipped the tea that he had made and became very relaxed. She saw him bathed her feet in warm water and nodded with satisfaction.

Haru cleaned her feet and dried it with a towel, "What color do you want to polish your nails, Brandish-sama?"

"Hmm, red. I want a red color," Brandish answered.

"I understand," Haru nodded and started to color her nails.

Brandish looked at him and asked, "Why are you so skilled? Are you a butler from a rich family?"

Haru shook his head, "No, my girlfriend in the past is quite interested in this kind of thing. I randomly learn this knowledge." He didn't lie since he picked this skill when he was quite bored in the past.

"Girlfriend, huh? So, what about now?" Brandish felt quite uncomfortable when she heard it.

"We have broken up," Haru answered thoughtlessly.

Brandish nodded, "Is it because of the side effects of that magic?"

"No. I received this magic after I had broken up," Haru answered.

"So what is that side effect of that magic?" Brandish felt strange since she had never seen Larcade having trouble with that magic. She usually would be too lazy to ask such a question since she didn't love a troublesome thing but she was quite bored and wanted to know.

"It's....." Haru stopped and moved closer to her while whispering to her ears, "I can't help but want to touch such a beautiful woman like you."


Her breathing turned erratic and her face turned red since she didn't expect his actions. She took a deep breath and decided to give him a punishment.

Haru dodged her and continued to color her nails, "I am joking."


Brandish blinked her eyes and looked at him with a strange expression since he could dodge him from a close distance. Though, there was a trace of disappointment on her face now.



"Hmm?" Brandish raised her eyebrow.

"I'm not lying when I say that you're beautiful," Haru said without shame while looking at her with a gentle smile.


Haru had done his nail art and asked, "Brandish-sama, is there something you want me to do?"

Brandish blinked her eyes and her feeling was quite complex while looking at her beautiful nails that were colored by him.