Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 296

Volume 1 Chapter 296 It's Unbearable

It has been a day for him to become a butler.

"This isn't much different from what I usually do," Haru sighed, cooking breakfast for everyone in this fleet.

Everyone in the fleet was crowded around the kitchen while drooling waiting for his food to be ready. They were waiting for his food to be ready and ate their breakfast.

Marin was sitting and waiting while smiling. He had to admit even though Haru was a male but his food was good and he also didn't have to face his boos, "Everything is good...."

Haru had done his preparation and said, "You can eat breakfast, I'll go to Brandish-sama."

"Good, take care of her," Marin nodded and started his breakfast.

Everyone also joined and ate together.

"IT'S YUMMY!!!!"


Haru pushed a trolley with food to her room. He entered her room directly since he knew that she was still sleeping. He looked at her who was sleeping comfortably on the bed. He walked to the side of the room and opened the curtain.

"Hghhh...." Brandish frowned because of the light that was coming from the window.

Haru walked toward her and sat down on her bed trying to wake her up, "Brandish-sama, please wake up. It's time to have your breakfast." He had decided to become his butler for a while since it was the easiest way for him to meet Zeref or Larcade.

"Hmm... 1 hour later..." Brandish said and continued to sleep.


Haru twitched his lips and didn't give up, "Please wake up, or the breakfast will become cold."


Brandish thought for a while and opened her eyes while saying, "Feed me."

Haru knew this woman was very sloppy and lazy. He saw her wearing a bikini and wondering whether this woman would change her clothes since it made him hard down there. He took a glass of warm lemon water and told her to drink it first.

Brandish nodded and sipped it slowly with a satisfied expression. Her body became warm and sighed in satisfaction. She looked at him and asked, "What's the breakfast?"

"It's a special pancake with my original recipe," Haru said, cutting it into a bite-size to feed her, "Please, open your mouth, Brandish-sama."

Brandish nodded and opened her mouth, "Aahhh..."

Haru put the pancake into her mouth. He looked at her mouth and wondered whether he could put his dragon inside that delicious mouth. He hurriedly shook his head and used his Ripple to the fullest to calm himself.

Her eyes were fully open when she tasted the pancake. She could feel that it was very soft as if she had eaten a cloud. She looked at him excitedly and opened her mouth again, "Aaahh..."

"Eat slowly since it will harm your digestive system when you eat very fast in the early morning," Haru said.

Brandish acted as if she hadn't heard anything from him and continued asking him to feed her.


Haru kept feeding her and asked, "Are we going to meet Larcade now?"

Brandish shook her head, saying, "I still have a mission."

"Mission?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

Brandish nodded, "Yes, I have to destroy a guild." She said while eating.

Haru was speechless when he heard her say destroying a guild as if it was something normal. He remembered that her nickname was 'Nation Destroyer'.

Brandish looked at him and asked, "Is it painful?" She was asking about the side effects of his magic.

"Sometimes it's unbearable, especially when I see you in these clothes," Haru said and asked, "Can you wear more appropriate clothes than a bikini?"

Brandish looked away and shook her head, "No. That's troublesome."

"..." Haru wanted to say that he would help her but he knew that his condition was dangerous to do that.

"So how can you hold yourself?" Brandish asked.

"I have another magic that can help me calm my mind," Haru said.

Brandish nodded, "Don't worry, this mission will be very easy for me."

"Is the guild that you will destroy is weak?" Haru asked.

"No, they're one of the strongest three guilds in this empire," Brandish said, and her expression turned into a sigh, "Though it is troublesome that they don't want to serve our emperor and why do I have to be the one who has to do it?"

"The emperor of Alvarez Empire?" Haru knew that it was Zeref. He had never seen him before and he was slightly curious. He wondered how strong this Zeref was.

Brandish nodded, "Anyway, continue to feed me."

Haru nodded, "Please, open your mouth."



Order of Magia. It is one of the strongest guilds in the Alvarez Empire.

They wanted to get away from the rule of the Alvarez Empire and decided to have coup d'etat. They had decided to rule the city where they had been staying. They snorted at the other guild who had become a dog of the empire and showed the world about the power of their guild.



They knew that the Alvarez Empire wouldn't let them go but it was alright since they would fight them.

"T - There is a fleet from Alvarez Empire!!!!!"

Everyone was startled and turned their attention toward the fleee that was sailing toward them.

"Hoo? Have they come? Then, let us show our power to those dogs of empire!!!!!"



Haru stood up behind Brandish since she had asked him to come.

Marin was also standing by their side and his face was full of smiles, "Brandish-sama, let me show those who have failing grades about the scariness of our power!!!!" He didn't take enough action and wanted to beat them.

"Hmm, I'll do it myself," Brandish said and yawned, "I want to go back as soon as possible." She looked at Haru and said, "Prepare something that can help me relax when I go back."


Haru knew that it was a duty of butler. He nodded and bowed his head, "I understand. I'll prepare everything for you."

Brandish nodded and walked lazily toward the battlefield.

Marin smiled and nudged his size, "Hehehe, thanks to you that I don't have to manage that troublesome boss."


Haru decided to ignore him and looked at Brandish who was ready to battle.

"Oh, right," Brandish stopped and turned, "Haru, you come with me."


Marin patted his shoulder and gave him a smile, "Good luck!"

'You motherf.u.c.ker,' Haru thought inwardly and nodded while walking toward her.