Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 297

Volume 1 Chapter 297 Elimination

Members of the Order of Magia saw someone walk out of the fleet alone. They saw a beautiful woman with short green hair walking lazily toward them. They were wondering whether the people of the Alvarez Empire wanted them to make fun of them and send out one woman to fight them.

"Don't let your guard down," Boris said with a serious expression. He didn't expect Alvarez Empire to send out a member of Spriggan 12 to fight them directly. He grinned and started to tighten his muscles. He couldn't wait to fight with the strongest elite guard of the empire.

Boris is the leader of the Order of Magia and he is known as the strongest people in this kingdom. He is famous throughout the country because of his muscle magic that is able to enchant his power to the point that he can destroy anything in one-punch.


"Why should we be worried about that woman?"

"Yeah, she is just alone!"

"She should be a member of Spriggan 12," Boris said and snorted, "If you don't want to die in this fight then you need to get serious with an intent to kill your opponents."


"Spriggan 12....." Those words reverberated to their ears. They knew very well about that organization since their name was spread out throughout the empire and all the members of that guild were very powerful. They had often heard that no one had seen the faces of the members since the people who had seen them had died before they could tell anyone.

Boris looked at them and snorted, "Don't get scared! Their name is just exaggerated and we will show the power of our guild!"

"OOOHHHH!!!!" His words motivated them and they also snorted at the rumor.

'What is Spriggan 12? We're the Order of Magia!'

They saw a young man also joined the woman. They only snorted and thought that they could beat them easily.


"Brandish-sama, why have you called me here?" Haru asked. He didn't really want to fight and even though he could fight but it was very hard for him to do detailed magic or small one since the side effect of 'pleasure magic' was too troublesome.

"You're my butler," Brandish said.

Haru sighed and felt glad that she had changed his position after he talked with her for a few hours. He didn't want to be named as a slave and it was better to be a butler.

"I am too lazy to fight them, can you fight them for me?" Brandish asked.


Haru twitched his lips, "What makes you think that I have the power to fight them?" He looked at hundreds of people who were gathering together in one place. He could see someone who was 3 meters tall in the center of the group eyeing them with a scary expression.

"Just try it, if you can't do it then I'll demolish them," Brandish said and asked, "Do you have any other magic beside that perverted magic?"

"I have," Haru answered and asked, "Do you want me to use that magic on them?" He frowned when he thought about it since he was sure that it would become an ugly scene. He didn't want to see hundreds of old men with disgusting expressions on their faces. He also couldn't control this magic and it would also attack her too. He didn't really mind when he thought about it.

"Then use that magic to defeat them," Brandish said.


"I am afraid that you will dump all of your mission to me after this," Haru sighed.

"Oh! That's a nice idea!" Brandish smiled while nodding.

"Is that so? Then I might not have time to help you polish your nails or make your food," Haru said and whispered, "This is a secret that I have heard from someone...."

Brandish became curious and moved closer.

"I have heard that the food that you eat after working is several times more delicious," Haru said.

"......" Brandish was silent when she heard it and had a complicated expression. She didn't want to work but she also wanted him to serve her.


Boris was very annoyed when both of them had been ignoring him.

The members of the Order of Magia were also very angry when both of them ignored them.

Haru noticed that Brandish was staring at him and he nodded. He walked in front of her and clapped his hands to get their attention, "Everyone, please look toward the sky!"


His words caused doubt and confusion to them. However, they weren't sure but they followed his words and looked toward the sky since the sky suddenly became darker.


"Hehehe... What's that?"

Everyone suddenly became weak when they saw the thing on the top of them. They saw a massive meteorite descended from the space toward them. They needed to run away but they knew that it was too late.

"ATTACK THAT METEORITE!!!" Boris shouted and started to use his magic.

His words caused them to wake up and started to shoot their magics in succession.


Because of the massive size of the meteorite, their attack didn't even do much damage.


Boris released his magical power and made his body ten times bigger, "UWOOOO!!! MUSCLE MAGIC COMPRESS!!!!" His body slowly became smaller and turned him into three meters with quite leaned yet compact muscle. He jumped and raised his fist toward this massive meteorite, "MEGATON PUNCH!!!!!!!"


His fist was in contact with the meteorite and the meteorite started to crack before it was shattered into pieces.


Even though the meteorite had been shattered, its fragments scattered around it and caused damage to the members of the Order of Magia.

"Damn," Boris landed on the ground while taking a deep breath. He didn't expect that the members of Spriggan 12 were very strong and almost consumed half of his magic energy.


"KILLLL!!!!!" Members of the Order of Magia started to charge towards both Brandish and Haru with a crazed expression on their faces.


"Your attack has been destroyed by him," Brandish said. She wondered whether it was his strongest attack. She thought that it was good magic when it was used to destroy an army, "So what are you going to do?"

"Then how about sending another one?" Haru asked.

"That's a good idea," Brandish nodded.

Haru felt that fighting could alleviate the side effect of his magic and it was quite ironic in his opinion. He was a pacifist yet he needed to fight to make his body better. However, he wouldn't say sorry to them and sent out another meteorite.


The people of Order of Magia charged toward them but stopped when they saw the sky turned dark once again. They saw a massive meteorite falling down from the space once again but this time it was too late to react.



The meteorite landed on the ground and caused a disaster burying every member of the Oder of Magia.


"That's a good one," Brandish praised.

"Your praise is too kind to me," Haru said. He wasn't sure but he knew that the people in this world were very durable and none of them died. They only fainted on the ground, but they were full of wounds.

"There is one left though," Brandish said and walked in front of him, "I'll handle him."

Boris stood up while breathing heavily. He used his ultimate magic again and compressed his muscles. He charged toward both of them and raised his fist, "MEGATON....."


Brandish dodged him and touched his body, "Command T: Reduce!"

Boris disappeared instantly.

Brandish frowned when she saw a bit of dirt on her coat, "Let's go back."


Haru nodded and understood why this woman was one of the members of Spriggan 12.