Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 298

Volume 1 Chapter 298 You're Misunderstanding About Something

Brandish's subordinates started to clear the battlefield and they had to admit that they were surprised to see his power.

Haru escaped from Marin who was asking him a lot of questions and told him that he needed to serve Brandish.


Brandish took out her coat and sat down on the sofa. She sighed and said, "Now, we can go back to the empire."

Haru was happy when he heard those words from her and took her coat to clean it with his magic.

Brandish looked at him lazily and asked, "Can you prepare me a flower bath?"

'A flower bath?' Haru twitched his lips since he didn't know where he could get a flower bath.

"Also, do you have a fluffy thing?" Brandish asked.

'Fluffy thing?' Haru thought for a while and took out a teddy bear that he had bought in the past, "I only have this."

"Oh! Teddy bear!" Brandish took the teddy bear from his hand and hugged it happily.


Haru was wondering where he could get flowers and decided to ask his colleague.

Brandish saw him go out from her room and walked to her bed lying there happily. She thought with him around she didn't need to work that much. She was glad that she had made him into her butler and before long she started to close her to sleep.


"Brandish-sama. Brandish-sama. The bath is ready," Haru tried to wake her up.

Brandish opened her eyes slowly and wiped her eyes, "Hmm, help me to get into the bath."


"I am sorry. I can't help you, Brandish-sama, since the side effects of my magic make it impossible for me to help you in the bath," Haru said.

"Help me!" Brandish said while looking at him and raising both of her arms.


Haru looked at her for a while and said, "Please, don't blame me afterward."

"I won't," Brandish said. She didn't know too much about the side effects of his magic and thought that it made him feel quite uncomfortable toward a woman.

However, Brandish didn't know that the effect was more than that.

Haru moved closer to carrying her to the bath since this woman was too lazy to walk. He took her to the bath and wanted to get out after he had done that, but it seemed that it wasn't that simple.

"Take off my clothes," Brandish said.


"Brandish-sama. I am a man," Haru said and reprimanded her, "you're a woman. We have just met each other for a day." He really would become crazy because of this now.


"It seems that you misunderstood something," Brandish looked at him and said, "Before you're a man, you're my slave. Now, take off my clothes."


Haru was expressionless and didn't say anything. He helped her take off her clothes and it didn't take too long since her clothes were a bikini. He had to admit even though this woman was a bit crazy but her body was also crazy too. He started to wonder whether he was cursed because he was a harem protagonist.

Brandish nodded and entered the bath before saying, "Help me wash my body too."


Haru really had a headache now and shook his head. He knew this girl was very selfish and decided to follow her. He rolled his sleeves up since he needed help to clean her body.

"Take off your clothes too," Brandish said.

Haru had given up and decided to follow her demand. He took off his clothes slowly.

Brandish looked at him with a red face and closed her mouth with both of her hands when she saw the thing between his legs stood up very tall. She was wondering whether his size was normal since it was quite big in her eyes and it was a bit scary.

Haru had been using his light magic to create the illusion that his pants were bulging, "Brandish-sama, let me wash you now."

Brandish nodded and turned her body. She wasn't sure but she felt quite regretting her order.

"Please, sit down. I'll start to wash your body," Haru said.

Brandish still couldn't look away from his dragon but she sat down and asked, "Why is it hard?"

Haru made her body wet with warm water before he took the soap and made a bubble in his hands while saying, "It's because of you Brandish-sama. You're very attractive in my eyes."

Brandish was shy but nodded happily while glancing his rod from time to time. She was startled when he suddenly touched her body.

"Are you alright, Brandish-sama?" Haru asked.

"I am alright," Brandish calmed herself and nodded, "Clean my body now."

Haru nodded and started to clean her body with soap.

Brandish looked at her uncomfortable expression and looked at his dragon, "Is it painful?"

"Yes," Haru answered, wondering whether it was one of the training methods to strengthen his mind from mind attack. He knew that it would be easy to just push her down but he didn't do that. His mind was blank and he didn't think anything while cleaning her body.

'DAMN, THIS MAGIC!!!!' Haru screamed inwardly. His only hope was on both Larcade and Zeref to solve this problem. He knew that this magic was powerful but the drawback was too strong for him. He shook his head and used water to wash the soap from her body, "I have done helping you, Brandish-sama. I'll go out now." He wanted to go out but his hand was held by her.

"It was lonely to have a bath alone, coming with me inside the bathtub," Brandish said, and her mind was a bit hazy when she said those words.


Haru tried to not look at her inside the bathtub while hugging both of his legs.

Brandish looked at him who was in that position and asked him once again, "Is it really that painful?"

"Yes, do you love to torment me that much?" His eyes had reddened since he was quite stressed to hold himself.

Brandish looked at him and asked, "Do you want me to help you?"


Haru stood up and left while saying, "Let me meet Larcade as soon as possible." He held his head while taking a deep breath.

Brandish didn't say anything and looked at her body. She felt a bit annoyed when this guy rejected her kindness, "Pleasure magic, huh?" She rested on the bathroom while thinking that the side effect that had been caused by that magic on him.