Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 299

Volume 1 Chapter 299 Vistarion

Sora woke up in the early morning and knew that Haru had gone to solve his problem. She was a bit worried but there was nothing that she could do now.

It has been a while for her to be alone and it made her a bit scared.

Sora thought for a while and decided to go to his cafe since she didn't really want to cook and it was better to eat in that place since there was a robot that could cook his food. She changed her clothes and read to go out.


Sora looked at her phone and asked, "What's wrong, Ritsu?" She knew that her brother was really smart and she wasn't that surprised when Haru showed her artificial intelligence.

"Where's Haru?" Ritsu asked.

"He was out on a business trip," Sora said.

"In another world?" Ritsu asked.

"Yes," Sora answered while yawning since it was quite early. She thought for a while and asked, "Ritsu, can you help me?"

"Hmm?" Ritsu was curious.

"Can you help me to change my family name?" Sora asked.

"Oh... Sure," Ritsu answered, even though she was a bit startled.

"Then, can you change my family name?" Sora asked.

Ritsu was silent for a while and answered her, "Yes, I can, but you need to sign the doc.u.ment by yourself."

"Sure, change my family name to Seibami," Sora said.


"Is that alright? Do you need to talk to Haru first?" Ritsu asked.

"It's alright. He has promised me before," Sora said.

"I'll prepare for it now," Ritsu said.


Yuri had woken up and got ready to go to school. She was a bit curious about him since his condition had been weird since yesterday. She came out and saw both Shiina and Iwasawa in the kitchen, "Good morning."

"Good morning," Iwasawa answered.

Shiina nodded in response.

Yuri knew that Kosaka was still sleeping and didn't bother her. She looked at both of them and asked, "Say, don't you want to go to school?"

"Ha?" Iwasawa and Shina stopped.

"If you ask him, I am sure that he will help you to go back to the school," Yuri thought for a while before saying, "But you need to learn first."


Iwasawa looked at her and said, "Yuri. I am already grateful to the boss, I can't trouble him anymore." She was happy that Haru had given him a place and a chance to sing. She couldn't ask him any more than that.

"School?" Shiina titled her head.


Yuri sighed looking at both of them and decided not to force them. She thought that she should talk about this matter to him later.

They were doing preparation work until the door of the cafe was opened. They thought that it was him but they didn't expect it to be this girl.

"Huh? Where is Haru?" Yuri asked.

"Haru is going on a business trip for a week," Sora said and explained, "I'll help you for now."


"Business trip?!" Iwasawa and Yuri were surprised.

Shiina only titled her head since she didn't understand.

"Where is he going?" Yuri asked.

Sora walked to the counter seat and sat down. She thought for a while since there was no way that she could tell everyone that Haru was going to another world, "Hokkaido."


Sora nodded, "Yes, he has said that he is going to search for ingredients for a new recipe."


"Hokkaido, huh?" Shiina walked toward them and asked, "Can he bring a bear when he goes back?"


They were speechless when they heard it and decided to ignore her.

"Why so suddenly?" Yuri felt that there was something wrong.

"It's not sudden. He told me yesterday," Sora answered.

"Then, why is he not telling us?" Yuri asked.

"Us? Not you?" Sora asked.

Yuri blushed and shook her head, "Well, that doesn't really matter, right?" She suddenly became worried and asked, "There isn't something wrong with him, right?"

Sora shook her head and said, "You don't need to be worried. He is alright, just quietly wait for him until he goes back." Even though she was usually sloppy and quite lazy in front of her older brother, she was very smart and very reliable. She thought for a while and asked, "Can you make me tea and breakfast?" Though, her household skill was zero since Haru usually pampered her every day.


"Sure," Yuri answered and asked, "Are you alright with anything?"

Sora nodded in response.


Megumi woke up while eating her breakfast and was a bit shy after she thought about what she had done yesterday.

"Megumi, what's wrong? Your face is red," her mother asked.

Megumi shook her head and answered, "Nothing, it is a bit hot."

"Really? It is quite cold though," her father said.

"That's right, have you prepared for your exam?" Her mother asked.

Megumi nodded, "Yes, you don't need to worry. I will be able to get into that high school."

Then they continued to talk to each other about trivial things since they had a normal family that could be found anywhere in this country.


Maki was reading the note of the music that Haru had given her yesterday at school. She tapped her finger slowly on the table while imagining herself playing the piano. She didn't have that much memory in her middle school and thought that it was better to create a memory before she went to high school.


"WELCOME TO VISTARION!!!!" Marin shouted at him with a smile while slapping his back several times.

Vistarion is the capital city of the Alvarez Empire. This city consists of many tall, castles surrounding the exterior. Within the city, there are two to three-story buildings and rows of homes that barricade the town's streets, along with bridges that connect from one side to another and balconies for viewing. There is a gargantuan castle in the center of the capital with many towers and sections. It towered over the entire city.

"Marin. Shut up," Brandish said.


Haru ignored him and looked around since this place was quite amazing but he didn't have energy to appreciate it since the side effect of pleasure magic got stronger each other. His face was pale since he was quite tired of maintaining his Ripple and Light magic to calm his mind every time and moment.

Marin was very happy when he saw his pale and tired expression since he thought that it was because of Brandish. He was glad that Haru was here since he didn't have to be in trouble.

"Haru, let's go," Brandish said, and could see that his condition was really bad.

Haru nodded and used his light magic to put an illusion on his face to make it normal. He walked and followed her to enter the gargantuan castle.