Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 301

Volume 1 Chapter 301 Ways To Solve His Problem

"Before that, can I ask how old are you?" August asked.

"I am 15," Haru answered.


"You sure are young," August was looking at him with a strange expression.

"So what are the side effects of this magic?" Brandish asked.

August nodded, "Pleasure magic. The magic is undoubtedly very powerful or else Larcade is unable to become rank 3 in Spriggan 12. This magic is able to kill humans by means of extreme pleasure. However, there is a requirement you need to do or else you won't be able to use this magic or you might have the side effect of the magic on your body." He looked at him and asked, "I can tell that you don't even know anything and learn it by chance, right?"

Haru nodded in response.

"You can use the magic and that means that you have received the side effect of the magic itself," August said and explained, "To use this magic, the mage who haven't experienced the human pleasure or someone who doesn't have an interest in that pleasure itself but you have done it right?"

"Yes," Haru felt a bit embarrassed to admit.

"Human pleasure?" Brandish titled her head.

"It's s.e.x," August answered.

Brandish turned red and looked at him in surprise, '15 years old and yet.....'

"There are several methods for you to solve your problem, the easiest one is to have s.e.x with someone," August answered.


Haru knew that but he didn't want to have such a solution.

Brandish blushed in response.

"How about the other methods?" Haru asked.

"It's also easy, I can also help you," August said.

"How?" Haru asked with a hopeful expression.

"Cut down your d.i.c.k," August said.


His expression became pale and he hurriedly rejected it, "No. I can't do that. I still want to have children."


"You want to have children?" Brandish asked.

"Of course. I want to marry someone too and make a family. There is no way that I can cut down my d.i.c.k," Haru answered.

"Oh, do you have people you want to marry?" August asked while looking at Brandish.

Brandish wasn't sure but she felt hot now.

"I mean in the future. I am not saying it now," Haru answered. He knew that he would get married but it didn't mean that now.

"Grandpa, isn't there another way?" Brandish asked.

August shook his head, "If you want the quickest ways then it is both of the things that I mentioned earlier."

"What about Larcade?" Haru asked since he felt quite hopeless now. He was wondering whether he needed to live in this way forever.

"Larcade? That guy doesn't even have an interest in doing that kind of thing and I am sure that he has never done that kind of thing either," August explained and said, "Young man, if you don't want to cut your d.i.c.k then you need to do it with a woman. I can see from your expression that it is very hard and painful for you. You shouldn't hold yourselves since you might die if you continue to this way. If you don't want to do it with a random woman then find yourselves a woman to marry as quickly as possible."


Haru was very disappointed now. He wasn't even sure what to do right now and wondering why he needed to come to this place. He looked toward August and said, "Thank you, August-sama."

"No problem," August said, and explained, "The magic that you have been using to calm the side effect is only a temporary solution. You need to let it out and shouldn't hold the desire from that magic unless you want to cut your d.i.c.k."

Haru nodded toward August and looked at Brandish while saying, "Brandish-sama, can I go out for a while?"

"No! Come with me!" Brandish said and pulled him. She turned toward August and said, "Thank you, Grandpa!" Before she left him with Haru.

Haru felt that this woman really loved to torment him, especially when she was holding his hand after she had learned of the side effects from August.

August only nodded while looking at their backs, "Oh youth." He shook his head and continued his leisure time.


Brandish took him to her house and said, "Take a cold bath to calm down."

Haru nodded and thought that he should go back after this since he knew that it was useless to be here. He went to the bathroom while taking a bath. He started to think about how he could get rid of the side effects of this magic. He knew that there was such an option on the Group Chat, 'But the price....' He couldn't afford it now since it was too expensive.

Pleasure magic is undoubtedly a very powerful magic and it has another good effect on anyone for an a.d.u.l.t thing.

Haru would be lying to be not interested to have fun with a lot of women but he wasn't that kind of low life.

'No, I might be one,' Haru thought when he thought about both Megumi, Sora, and Kanzaki. He really had a headache at how to deal with this problem, 'The only way is Group Chat but...' He sighed when he saw the price that he needed to pay for this thing, '18 thousand....'

Haru looked at the price of 'pleasure magic' which was around 100 thousand points. He looked at his points and only had around 10 thousand and so from both quest and daily sign. He needed 18 thousand unless there was a quest it would be at least 3 or 4 months or during the winter Comiket to collect the rest of the points. His luck was good and he believed that he could get 90 or more points each day.

'The problem is it's too slow.'

Haru shook his head and wasn't sure what to do in the meantime. He was wondering whether he would be sleeping around a lot of women when he didn't date Megumi. He was over with his cold bath and dried himself. He wore his clothes and went out of his bath.

"Are you done?" Brandish was laying in her bed lazily.

"Yes," Haru answered.

"Come here," Brandish said and patted the side of her bed.

"Brandish-sama..." Haru said.

"Just come here," Brandish said.

Haru looked at her for a while and sighed. He walked toward her and laid on the bed beside her only suddenly this woman sat down on the top of his waist.

"I'll help you," Brandish said.


"Don't say anything, as your master it's my duty to help you," Brandish said and tried to take off his pants but it was quite hard, "Why is it very hard to get your pants off?"

Haru saw that her hand was quite shaky and quite nervous. He knew that it was her first time doing it. The effect of this magic was stronger than he had thought until suddenly he was unable to stop himself and let his desire to conquer him.

Brandish tried to take off his pants but her hand was held by him, "Huh?" She was suddenly pushed by him and she saw him on top of her.

"Sorry, this is your first time, right?"

Brandish blushed and denied it hurriedly, "No! I have done it a lot of times!"

Haru chuckled, "Is that so? But I will be gentle with you." He caressed her cheek slowly while looking deeply into her eyes.

Brandish, who saw it right into his eyes, could see the desire that was blazing that made her body hot and unable to escape from him. She nodded and hugged him, "Please, be gentle."

"I will."

The bright light turned dim slowly while turning them into a beast who had lost their reason in delight of pleasure.