Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 302

Volume 1 Chapter 302 Troublesome Woman

Haru opened his eyes slowly and had never felt better than before. He knew that someone was sleeping soundly while hugging him and used one of his arms as a pillow.


Haru closed his eyes and tried to remember how it had led to this. He also saw a red mark on the bed itself and knew that he had done it. He looked at Brandish who was sleeping on his side and couldn't help but think that she was cute.


'Thought she was troublesome.'

Haru tried to slowly collect his thoughts about how it could happen. He remembered it slowly after he had lost his cause. He looked at her face and wondered what he should do after he had done this since he couldn't stay too long in this place.


"You have woken up?" Haru asked.

"I am very tired and feel a bit sore," Brandish said with a spoiled tone while touching her stomach.

Haru caressed her stomach while using a combination of Ripple, Light Magic, and Chakra, "Is it comfortable?"

Brandish felt very warm and nodded, "It's good."

"I will prepare breakfast for you," Haru said and asked, "What do you want to eat, Brandish?"

"Something warm," Brandish said.

Haru nodded, "I'll cook it now, wait for me for a while." He said and kissed her forehead before going out to the kitchen to cook.

Brandish smiled and hugged the teddy bear that he had given a few days ago.


Haru was cooking in her kitchen quite absentmindedly. Even though the side effect of 'pleasure magic' had eased quite a lot, he couldn't be happy now. He shook his head and decided not to think too much. He knew that there wasn't any reason for him to stay in this world anymore besides Brandish.


"Who are you?"

Suddenly there was someone who put a knife around his neck.


"I am Kasugano Haruka. I am Brandish-sama's butler," Haru answered.


Haru saw a woman with short blonde hair. He knew that this woman was one of the Spriggan 12.

Dimaria Yesta.

'Time control, huh,' Haru thought that her power was similar to 'The World' one of the strongest Stands in Jojo. He knew that this woman could be beaten by Fairy Tail because of plot armor.

"Butler, eh?" Dimaria looked at him curiously and looked at the food that he had cooked. She sniffed it for a while and stole some of the food.

Haru was too lazy to take care of her and said, "Please, excuse me since I still need to take care of Brandish-sama." He was still acting as her butler since it was quite easy.

Dimaria didn't stop him but followed him.


"Dimaria-sama, isn't it?" Haru asked.

"Ho? Do you know me?" Dimaria asked.

"Of course, there isn't anyone who doesn't know one of the members of Spriggan 12," Haru said and asked, "Why do you follow me, Dimaria-sama?"

"I only want to meet, Randi," Dimaria said.

"Let me ask her first whether my master wants to meet you or not, but I guess you don't want to wait that long," Haru said since Dimaria put a knife in his neck again.

"Listen, Butler! You're only a lowly worker here," Diramai said while threatening him.


Haru was very calm while looking at her for a while.

Dimaria also looked at him with a wild grin.


"Is that so? I am sorry for not knowing my boundaries," Haru said and decided not to say anything since it was too troublesome. He didn't really want to have a fight with this woman since it was a bit tricky. He entered Brandish's room and Dimaria followed him from behind.

"Oh, Har... Mari, what are you doing here?" Brandish was very annoyed when she saw Dimaria.

"I am only coming to see you, but I don't expect you to hire a butler," Dimaria said, and stole some of the food again, "Still his food is great."


Brandish took out her short knife and made it bigger to stab Dimaria.

Dimaria took out her knife as she was ready to fight.

"Please stop!"

Suddenly a pink light was released from his body and shrouded the entire room.

Dimaria and Brandish felt their body was hot and they couldn't hold their m.o.a.ns.

"T - This magic?!" Dimaria was shocked since she knew this magic very well. She started to m.o.a.n and dropped on the ground while biting her lips and hugged her body tightly.

Brandish shuddered and m.o.a.ned when he started to use this magic, "H - Haru, stop!"

Haru stopped his magic and said, "Please, don't fight in this place. I'll make another breakfast for both of you." He left them and started to cook again.

Brandish and Dimaria sighed in relief.

"H - He uses the same magic as Larcade?" Dimaria stood up and sat down on the sofa to rest for a while.

"Yeah....." Brandish sighed and understood why there was such a drawback in his magic since it was very powerful.

"How has he learned it?" Dimaria asked with a confused expression.

"It seems by chance, but his magic isn't perfect. He has received quite big side effects after learning that magic," Brandish said since both of them were members of Spriggan 12 and she didn't mind telling her since it wasn't something secret.

Dimaria nodded but she knew that Brandish's butler was very powerful. She looked at her and asked, "Why did you make him your butler?"

"It's alright, isn't it? More importantly, what are you doing here, Randy?" Brandish asked with an annoyed expression.

"We have a mission. You need to come to the castle tomorrow," Dimaria said.

"Eh, what a pain," Brandish said since she had decided to stay in her house for a while after she had done that with him. She also wanted to have quality time with them but this woman was disturbing them. She looked at her and asked, "You're not going back?"

"I am going to eat his food first," Dimaria said.