Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 303

Volume 1 Chapter 303 Here Manga..

Haru had stayed in this kingdom for a few days. He started to think about whether he should help the people in this kingdom.


Haru had thought to help him to meet with his mother. He was sure that August didn't want him to tell Zeref about his real identity but he was sure that August would be more than happy to meet his mother. He had decided to let them meet each other next year since he had a chance then he should help, especially when August had kindly helped him and August was Brandish's grandpa.

'Irene...' Haru knew this woman was beautiful but he was sure that she hated a man since her husband had abandoned her in the past. He only knew that Irene loved her daughter and it was all that mattered to her. He thought for a while but he didn't care about the other people and thought about the main problem in this country.

'Acknologia...' Haru wasn't sure what to say since this monster was beaten by the power of friendship. He was also quite confused about how Natsu could beat Zeref who had been powered up by Fairy Heart. He didn't have the power to defeat Acknologia and it was better to think about it later since everything wouldn't happen in two years.

"Haru. I am bored," Brandish suddenly said while placing the book that she was reading on the side.

Haru and Brandish were in her room together.

His condition was better since Brandish had been helping him every night. However, Brandish also had her own limit but it was alright since the side effect of his magic had been eased most of the time, especially with both Ripple and Light magic that calmed his mind.

"Do you need to go to the castle later?" Haru said.


"What a pain. I don't want to work," Brandish pouted while snuggling into his chest. She felt something hard and asked, "Do you want to do it again?"

"Yes, but I can wait until later after you have a down with your matter," Haru said.

Brandish blushed and nodded.

Haru thought for a while and took something.

Brandish looked at him curiously and saw him take out a book, "What's that?"

"It's a manga," Haru said.

"Manga?" Brandish tilted her head and felt a bit curious.

"It's similar to a story book, but it is more interesting," Haru said and gave the manga to her.

"Hmm," Brandish looked at the book curiously and read the title, "Koe No Katachi?" She saw that the drawing was quite unique and showed a picture of both a little boy and little girl on the cover of the book. She was quite curious and wanted to read it right now.

"It's a good story if you're bored during the meeting, you should read that in the meeting," Haru said, helping her to stand up and say, "Now, hurry up and go to the meeting or else you will be late."

"Hmmm," Brandish nodded and kissed him before leaving for the castle.

Haru looked at her and shook his head. He felt that he had become a stay-at-home dad right now and felt a bit complex. He was quite bored too in this place since he couldn't do anything. He thought for a while and decided to tour around this town since he didn't have time to do that before.


Brandish arrived at the meeting of Spriggan 12 and sat down in her seat, then started to read the book that he had given to her. She started to read that it was a story of a boy and girl then it started in the school. She kept reading until she saw a scene where the girl entered the class and wrote something in her book.

'I'm deaf.'

Brandish was a bit shocked but she had gotten hooked on the story.

The other members of the Spriggan 12 also started to enter the room along with the emperor of this empire.

August and Dimaria noticed that Brandish was reading something but didn't say anything.

Zeref sat down in front of everyone at the round table.


Suddenly everyone turned toward Brandish who suddenly shouted and hit the table.

"Is there something wrong Brandish?" Zeref asked.

"N - Nothing," Brandish calmed herself since she was quite angry when she read the scene of the deaf girl being bullied, "I'm just reading a book."

"Book?" Zeref looked at her.

Brandish nodded, "Yes, it's called manga. I got it from Haru."

"Haru?" Zeref had never heard of this name.

Brandish blushed and said, "It's my butler...."


"Oh youth....." August shook his head.

Zeref nodded and said, "Anyway, I have something important to tell all of you right now."

Brandish looked at her book and sighed. She decided to read it later after she listened to the meeting even though she was curious.

Zeref started to tell them about why he had decided to make this empire and told them that their main enemy was the strongest dragon in Earth Land, Acknologia. He told them that he needed to unite the empire into one or else they would be wiped out.

Brandish thought that the situation was serious but she knew that Zeref had a way to beat that monster.

The meeting wasn't that long and it was over after they had talked about their strategy to unite the entire empire.

Brandish had rejected a request from the emperor to defeat a kingdom on the east since she thought that it was a pain but she didn't have a choice. She sighed and continued to read the book since it was very good.


The meeting was over.

August looked at Brandish and asked, "Brandish, what book have you read?"

Brandish sighed and had read the entire book. She turned toward August and said, "Granpa, this is manga. I got it from Haru."

"Manga? Can I read it?" August looked at it curiously since the cover was quite interesting. His only past time entertainment was reading a book.

"Oh, what book is it?" Dimaria also joined in.

"I don't want to show it to you," Brandish said and gave the book to August, "Granpa, you can read it for a while but you need to give it to me back." She hurriedly ran back and wanted to read the next book, "Bye, Grandpa! I need to go back!" She was curious about what would happen when the boy and the girl met each other.


Dimaria, who was ignored, twitched her lips.

August teleported to this usual spot and started to read the book.


"Hmm?" Dimaria, who wanted to go out, stopped when she heard this voice, "Irene?"

"Is Brandish in love?" Irene asked directly.

"Ha? Love?" Dimaria had never thought of such a thing before.

Irene looked at her for a while and shook her head, "Nothing." She said and disappeared instantly.