Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 304

Volume 1 Chapter 304 Tour Around The Town


Brandish happily went back to her home but she didn't receive her greeting. She was wondering where he had gone and saw a note along with a book.

"I am going on a tour around the town. If you have gone back first, then you should read the rest of the manga first," Brandish read the note and placed it back on the table.


Brandish thought for a while and decided to read the manga on her bed since she knew that he would come back later.


August read the book slowly and had to admit that it was a very good story but the thing that he was curious about was the setting of the story. He had never seen such a building and a lot of things in the story.

"It's from Haru..."

August thought that Haru wasn't that simple anymore and wondered where he had gotten this book. He shook his head and continued to read since it was very interesting.


Haru walked around the town and he had to admit that he was a bit confused actually. He knew that this world setting was a bit similar to the 18th or 19th century in his world but with a lot of strange magical technology. He was wondering why the design of the house was still backwards yet there were a lot of things that were very advanced.

Haru thought that there wouldn't be any end to thinking too much about such a thing and it was better to enjoy the scenery around the town. He walked around the town while buying some ingredients for food along the way. He saw a cute cat rolling around the street and couldn't help but stop while playing with its paws.

"Nyaa! Nyaa!"

The cat was happily meowed at him.

"What a cutie," Haru smiled and ended his paws session. He saw a lot of people crowded around something. He really didn't have anything to do here. He was wondering whether he should open a shop or something in this place. He walked toward the crowd and asked, "Is there something here?"

"Oh? You don't know? There is a fighting tournament here," the man said.

"Fight tournament?" Haru asked curiously.

The man nodded, "Yes, the tournament is held by Ajeel Squad." He sighed and said, "Those guys sure are troublemakers but they sure are having fun." He smiled when he saw the battle.

Haru looked at the ring and saw a battle of a man with brown skin and a built that was full of muscle fighting against a woman who was wearing black skintight similar to a ninja.

The woman used her magic to constrain the man with thread-like bands around his body.

"NUOOOO!!!!" The man used his muscle power to break the constraint and charged toward the woman hitting him away.



The woman was thrown from the ring with a powerful force but she was caught by someone, "Ugh...." Her body which was full of wounds suddenly felt better.

"Are you alright?"

The woman turned and saw Haru, who was in Butler's outfit, had caught her and nodded, "Ah.. Um... Thank you."

"No problem," Haru said and asked, "I have healed your body, how is it?"

The woman tried to move her body and didn't feel that it was hurting any more, "Thank you very much."

"No problem," Haru said.

"Heine!" Her friend ran toward them and checked her condition.

"HAHAHAHA, IF ANYONE CAN BEAT ME, YOU CAN HAVE THIS MONEY!!!" The man in the ring shouted at everyone.

"Kuh... I want to have revenge on him."

"Is he famous?" Haru asked both of the women.

"You don't know him?"

"Yes, I have just come to this empire," Haru answered and introduced himself, "My name is Haru."

"I am Heine Lunasea," the woman that he had helped introduce.

"My name is Juliet Sun and the guy in the ring is the captain of the Ajeel Squad. His name is Bakel," Juliet said.

Haru wasn't sure but he felt that this empire was very peaceful that the people in this place were so bored and created this game.

"Are you going to fight too?" Juliet asked.

"Why do you think that I will fight?" Haru asked.

"I am not sure. I just have the feeling," Juliet said with a smile.

Haru thought for a while and nodded, "Then, I'll try to enter."

"Oh, good! I'll cheer you up!" Juliet said while patting his shoulder.

Heine nodded in response, too.

Haru was interested in the money and walked to the ring.

"Hahaha, interesting! There is someone who dares to challenge me!" The man smiled.

"I am only interested in the money since I need to buy an ingredient on the market," Haru answered. He remembered that this guy shouldn't have this kind of personality.

"Hahaha, whatever, as long as you can defeat me, you can have the money," Bakel said and shouted, "Oi, ring the bell!"



Juliet and Heine were standing together.

"Do you think that he can win?" Juliet asked.

"Hmm, of course," Heine nodded since she felt his muscle earlier when he caught her.

"Still, he is handsome, huh?" Juliet said.

"Yeah..." Heine nodded.

"I wonder whether he is the butler of someone," Juliet said.

"Let's ask him later," Heine said.

They nodded at the same time.


Haru stood up in the ring and was wondering which magic that he should use to fight.


Bakel charged immediately after hearing the announcement. He raised his fist and punched it toward him.


His fist destroyed the ring and created a large creation.

Haru dodged him before that punch hit him.

"Hahaha!" Bakel was similar to a mad dog and fought him using his fists to punch him wildly, "DON'T RUN AROUND!"

It was very easy for Haru to dodge his attack, even though Bakel's punch was quite powerful but it was very unrefined and there were a lot of openings. Most of the people who fought him would usually be overwhelmed by his power and too afraid to attack him.

Haru dodged him and punched him right into his face.


Bakel received his punch while smiling, "It's not hurt!"

Haru raised his eyebrow and threw a precise barrage of powerful punches, "Ari Ari Ari Ari Ari....."

Bakel couldn't move and received his punch with a smile, "HAHAHAA!!!!!" Even though his face was full of blood and wounds he was smiling and didn't want to go down.

Haru knew that this guy's endurance was very powerful, 'It can't be helped.'

Srrt! Srrt! Srrt! Srrt!

"Ari Ari Ari... Arrivederci!"

Suddenly both of his feet and hands were separated by something.


Bakel dropped on the ground and could do nothing looking at both of his hands and legs separated from his body.


Everyone was in silence to see this scene.

"Don't worry, I'll turn you back after the announcer tells me that I am the winner," Haru said and looked at the winner.



'Damn, my strength is too weak,' Haru thought inwardly and connected Bakel's body back.