Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 305

Volume 1 Chapter 305 Dimensional Love's Trouble

Haru knew that compared to normal people his muscle strength was very high but compared to the powerhouse in this world then it might be not comparable. He shook his head since it didn't really matter since he was fighting using his magic usually and it was enough to dodge the attack using his observation haki and he could see the future too.

Haru talked with Bakel for a while since he had won. He understood that the personality of people who were using their muscle or fist to fight was simple. As long as you beat them you will get their respect. He didn't stay too long since he felt that he had stayed quite late since he also talked with both Juliet and Heine along the way while talking about this city.

"I am back," Haru entered the house and saw that Brandish was sobbing while reading the book.

Brandish turned toward him and complained, "You're late."

Haru smiled and caressed her head, "Sorry, the town is more fun than I had expected." He looked at the manga and asked, "How is the book?"

"It's good," Brandish wiped the tears in her eyes. She was reading the part where the girl wanted to commit suicide then the boy helped her. She was moved when she saw the scene where both of them met each other on the bridge. She excitedly told him the thing that had happened in the manga. She suddenly noticed something and blushed, "Do you want to do it again?"


Haru nodded in response. He looked at her and thought that he was wondering what he needed to do after he had come back to his world since it would be hard for him to do it with a woman.


Sora thought that it would be difficult to change her name but it seemed that it wasn't much.

"Now you have changed your name," Ritsu said.

"Thank you, Ritsu," Sora answered.

"You're welcome," Ritsu answered with a smile and said, "But love is very complicated."

Sora smiled and said, "Well, you sure observe us more to understand about love."

"Hmmm," Ritsu nodded in response.

Sora was wondering what Haru was doing right now since he had gone out for two days. She hoped for him to go back as soon as possible. She went to his room and slept on his bed while hugging his pillow. She only noticed it but she hated it when she was alone, especially without him, "Haru...."

Ritsu looked at her and said, "Sora, I am here." She wasn't sure why she had said it but she thought that it was because of her tears. She didn't receive her answer and she saw her sleeping soundly on his bed. She thought that it would be good for her to have a body since it would be


It had been 15 days since he had stayed in this world.

Haru knew that he needed to come back right now. He was still his butler but in private their relationship was closer. He felt quite complex looking at this woman. He looked at her who was reading manga on his lap and knew that it was time to say goodbye. He knew that this girl was very kind and he felt quite bad to use her kindness to help him with the side effects of his magic. He caressed her hair slowly looking at her.

Brandish enjoyed his care while reading the manga that he had lent her. She had read a lot of shoujo manga from him.

Haru had only lent her a manga about a romance since he felt that he knew that the other members of Group Chat would go to this world and it would lead to complicated things.

They were on their way to the guild to the east since there was a dark guild that had kidnapped a lot of people around the empire.

Brandish really hated such a thing and didn't mind destroying that dark guild.

Their trip didn't take too long and they had arrived in the headquarters of the dark guild.


The members of the dark guild who saw both Haru and Brandish.

Brandish hated to kill, but she didn't mind doing it on criminals. She took a random rock and threw it toward them. She had learned this trick from him when she saw his battle in the past. She changed the size of the rock and made it very large, destroying the entire thing. She yawned and said, "Let's go back."

Haru nodded and they went back together.


Haru looked at Brandish who was sleeping by his side. He sighed and wrote a letter before he went back to his own world. He was sure that this woman might hate him to leave her without saying anything. He was also sure that the side effects of his magic would also make him crazy.


Haru thought for a while and decided to write his letter then put a lot of manga in her room before teleporting back to his own world.

Brandish moved around her bed but felt a bit strange, "Haru?"


Haru teleported back to his apartment and felt quite a headache.

"Welcome back."

Haru saw the screen on his computer was on, "Ritsu?"

"Hmm, finally, you have to come back," Ritsu said.

"Is there any trouble?" Haru asked.

"Nothing but Sora is really missing you," Ritsu said.

Haru turned to his bed and saw his little sister there. He smiled and caressed her head slowly.

Sora opened her eyes slowly and saw his face. She didn't hesitate and kissed his lips.


Haru was a bit surprised but didn't reject it.

Sora separated from him and looked at him with a lonely expression, "Don't leave me alone."

Haru felt that it was the right decision to go back now, "I won't do it again."

"Hmm..." Sora hugged him and said, "Sleep with me."

Haru nodded and entered the bed together with her.


Brandish opened her eyes in the early morning and wiped her eyes, "Haru?" She tried to search him but she didn't find him on her side. She felt bad premoution and thought for a while, "Maybe he is in the kitchen." She hurriedly checked the kitchen but she didn't find him. She wasn't sure where he had gone and saw a lot of manga was on the side of her room. She also saw a letter on the top of her table.


Brandish started to read, "I am sorry to use your kindness to help me with my trouble. I have decided to search for a way to solve my trouble. Sorry for not saying goodbye since I am sure that you won't let me go."

"Of course..." Brandish said while squeezing the letter.

"I have given you a lot of manga that you can read during your free time. Don't forget to clean your room. Don't work with your subordinate too much...."

Brandish kept reading while squeezing the letter tightly.

"I have resigned as your butler. Thank you. We might see each other again in the future but this time I won't be working as your butler."

Brandish took a deep breath and laid on her bed. She knew that the side effect of his magic really troubled him but she didn't mind helping him, "Haru..." She thought for a while and stood up directly. She knew that it was only a few hours before he had gone, "Don't you think that you can run away from me."