Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 307

Volume 1 Chapter 307 Let's Help Him Together

Haru didn't stay too long in his house and went to his cafe since it had been a while since he had come here. He rode his scooter and wanted to modify it into something crazy. He wanted a faster scooter and thought that he should buy a spare part later in the afternoon after the cafe was closed.

His scooter is based on Vespa Sprint with black color and the only thing that he had been modified was the fuel that was used by this scooter.

Haru used his magic and battery to move his scooter and it was very echo-friendly and quite fast too but he felt that it wasn't enough. His mood was really good in the early morning and he went to his cafe with a cheerful expression.


Haru arrived in his cafe and joined everyone to work since it had been almost a week that he didn't go back.

"Did you bring souvenirs from Hokkaido?" Yuri asked. She wanted to go to school but she waited for him to come to the cafe.

"Hokkaido?" Haru looked at her with a confused expression.

"Sora has told me that you have been going to Hokkaido to search for new ingredients," Yuri said with a confused expression.


"Oh, right! I brought it but you have to go to school first," Haru said and added, "I'll show it to you after you have gone back from school."

Yuri nodded and went to school.

Haru didn't expect Sora to tell everyone that he had gone to Hokkaido for a business trip. He was lucky that he had brought something along the way. He took a deep breath and used his Ripple, Light Magic, and Chakra Medical to calm his mind to the fullest since he knew that temptation in this place was very big. He wasn't sure but he missed Brandish already somehow.


Sora and Megumi went to school together.

"How is he?" Megumi asked.

Sora shook her head, "He needs 4 to 6 months to solve his problem."

"Oh..." Megumi suddenly blushed when she heard her response.


Sora could see this girl had helped him in the past.

Megumi looked at Sora and somehow felt worried, "I'll try to help him, but you need to be careful."


Sora opened her mouth and closed it again. She thought for a while and said, "I'll help him too."


Sora thought for a while and said, "It's dangerous to leave him alone."


Megumi also understood that it was very dangerous to leave him. She wasn't sure but she was sure that Haru could tempt anyone as long as he wanted to do it. She sighed for a while and looked at her, "Both of you are siblings."

"Isn't that more of a reason for me to help him?" Sora said.


Megumi took a deep breath and nodded, "Let's do this, I'll come to your apartment later. I'll tell my parents that both of us are having a group study. I also want to ask him about some problems with mathematics."

"Good," Sora nodded.

Megumi knew that Sora was brother complex and after becoming a friend with her for a long time she knew that Sora might start wanting something more than normal siblings. She knew that it might be wrong but she didn't care either.

This time both of them had become more than a normal sister-in-law and best friend.


"Achoo!!" Haru was in the backyard trying to calm his mind while tinkering with his scooter. He knew that a lot of strong magic in Fairy Tail had a weakness such as Dragon Slayer Magic with its car sickness and Zeref's dark magic that made anyone who got close to him die. He was a bit grateful since his magic would make him unable to hold his attraction to beautiful girls but it also quite troubled him.

Yajima: "How is your problem?"

Haru: "It's not over yet. I need 4 to 6 months to solve this problem without a quest. With a quest, it will be faster."

Yajima: "Why not consult with the people in a group chat?"

Haru: "The only one who understands magic is you, Yajima-san. The other member in the group is not very knowledgable about magic in your world."

Yajima: "Hmm... That's true. So how was your trip to the Alvarez Empire? They're going to attack Fiore in 2 years, right?"

Haru: "Yeah, personally, I don't think that their kingdom is bad since their ambition is to defeat Acknologia."

Yajima: "Acknologia, huh?" He also understood the last enemy in his world was that dragon who had made his friend disappear for six years.

Haru: "That's the gist. I need to collect points to solve my problem since the method to solve my problem is a bit too much and it is very impossible to do it."

Yajima: "Pleasure magic, is it? I am very envious that you have gotten that magic."

Haru: "Yeah, you need to cut your d.i.c.k to master this magic."


Yajima was speechless and replied after a minute, "Are you serious?"

Haru replied, "Yes, or you might go crazy when you see a girl. To learn this magic, you need to not have any desire to have s.e.x or something similar. You need to become a priest or monk or Buddha."


Yajima: "Then how are you alright?"

Haru: "I am not alright. I need to use Ripple, Light magic, and Chakra to calm myself for a long time. I am lucky that I have a lot of energy in the body or else it will be impossible to maintain such magic every day."


Haru: "You know just sniffing their smell makes me become crazy... I - I am not sure that I can't deal with it....." He really needed a woman to help him or else he might go crazy.

Yajima didn't expect him to have such a distressing experience, "Haru....." He thought for a while and asked, "I have remembered that you have stayed in Alvarez for more than 15 days or more. How are you able to manage the side effects of that magic."

"Well... I am making a girlfriend there..." Haru answered truthfully.


"As expected of harem's protagonist...." Yajima was speechless and asked, "What are you doing now?"

"I am tinkering with my scooter. I am working on my hands to make me forget the side effects of my magic," Haru said.

"That's good...." Yajima didn't ask him to teach him that magic since he knew that it wasn't good to bite more than he could chew. He understood that his magic might have a similar effect to the Dragon Slayer Magic in Fairy Tail.

Both of them talked for a while before the chat ended.

Haru wiped the sweat on his forehead and suddenly he saw a can of soda on his side, "Thank you."

"Nothing," Iwasawa said while looking at his scooter, "It's a very good scooter."

"Yeah, you can ride it later if you want," Haru said.


"Thank you, you're very good to me," Iwasawa said. She was very comfortable living in this place away from her abusive parents.

"Nothing," Haru smiled and asked, "Can you help me to drink the soda? My hands are a bit dirty."

Iwasawa smiled and said, "What a spoiled boss."


"Is that something you should say to your boss? What a cheeky girl."

Iwasawa snorted and helped him to drink the soda.