Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 308

Volume 1 Chapter 308 Rendevouz Escape 1

Haru cleaned his hands since he wanted to go the buy something to modify his scooter. He went to the bathroom and saw Kosaka who had a sloppy experience.

Kosaka had just woken up and felt a bit hungry, "Haru?"

"Have you eaten yet?" Haru asked.

Kosaka shook her head in response.

"I'll make lunch for everyone after this," Haru said.

"Thank you," Kosaka smiled.

Haru cooked the meal and ate the food along with everyone before he went out to buy something.

They had gotten used to his tinkering hobby and wondered whether he might create a robot or something with machinery in the future.

Haru didn't think much about the future and for now, he was thinking about how to solve the side effects of his magic. He was tempted to do it with everyone earlier but he held it since he knew that there was someone who would help him later. He went out and said that he would come back later. He thought that it was also a good chance for him to get fresh air.


Haru felt slightly better and before long he had arrived at the store where he usually used to buy to build a lot of things. He wasn't sure who was the owner and he didn't care much since he only wanted something to help him to modify his scooter. He parked his scooter right in front of the store but stopped when he saw the beautiful girls had just come out from a black luxury car.

This girl has an average height, very light skin and long gray hair. She wore her hair in two knotted rings with ribbons entwined in them and a long bang that had two locks of hair on either side that came down to about her eyes. She has blue eyes and is shown to wear a shade of blue lipstick and has blue painted nails. She wears a red blazer with black trim on the cuffs and around the neck and it is decorated with gold buttons that are complete with a black-tie. She wears a gray-colored skirt with patterns on it, black colored pantyhose and brown loafers with black soles.

'Hyakkaou Private Academy school student?' Haru raised his eyebrow slightly. He knew that school was very famous since it was filled with a lot of second rich generation and children of people with a lot of authority. He wasn't sure but it might be because of the effect of his side magic that made him attracted to the girl. He also loved her grey hair since it was similar to both him and Sora. He saw the driver bow his head toward the girl and he knew that he was right that this girl was the daughter of someone rich in this country.

The girl noticed him and also looked at him.

Haru smiled and waved his hand before entering the shop.

The girl titled her head and entered another shop.

Before long after both of them had entered the shop there was a black SUV that was parked near their location.

"She is in that shop."

"Wait for a while, leave no witnesses."



"Boss, give this and this," Haru said while choosing a lot of things.

"You sure buy a lot today," the owner of the shop said.

"Yeah, I want to modify my scooter," Haru said.

The owner nodded in response.

"You're not going to give me a discount, boss?" Haru asked. He was wondering why this guy asked this question.

"No," the owner answered.


Haru wanted to say something but decided not to say anything. He felt that the world was peaceful if only that he didn't have a side effect of his magic. He might have said it a lot of times but he was really troubled by these things.

"Is there something that you want to buy more?" The owner asked.

"Can you give me free shipping?" Haru asked.

The owner sighed, "You have such a popular bakery yet you ask me to give you free shipping?" He was really speechless.

"Boss, my money is going to be used on investment. I'm not going to be here if it's not for my hobby," Haru said and added, "I will come again for sure. I want to modify another motorbike."


The owner sighed, "Alright, I'll give you free shipping."

"Oh! I love you, boss!" Haru smiled but suddenly he was startled when he heard this noise.

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"W - What happen?!"

Haru used his observation haki and hurriedly ran to the outside of the store, "I have paid the bill. Send my goods later alright."

"Oi! Kasugano! Where are you going?!" The boss was startled looking at him suddenly running outside.

"Saving a princess," Haru answered and rode on the top of the scooter to help the girl earlier.


Kirari Momobami.

Kirari had just become a student council of Hyakkaou Private Academy school and had used her authority to make the school into her aquarium. She wanted to buy a kimono for a special occasion but suddenly stopped when she saw a young man. She looked at him for a while and felt quite curious, especially when she saw him smiling and waving his hand toward her. She chuckled and wondered whether this guy tried to pick her up. She was quite interested since their hair had a similar color. She looked at him entering a machinery shop and only shook her head.

Kirari entered the kimono shop and bought the kimono before returning to her car where her driver had been waiting for her. Her driver bowed his head before entering the car but suddenly there was a black SUV who stopped right in the side of her car. She knew that it was a very bad situation for her and she was right since the other side suddenly fired out their firearms toward her car.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Her driver had fallen to the ground after one of the random bullets had shot him.

Kirari sat down calmly in her car and knew that she was alright since her car was bulletproof. She clenched her hands tightly and couldn't wait to have her revenge toward the people who had targeted her. She saw people from a black SUV come out after shooting out a rain of bullets. She had prepared herself until suddenly there was someone who was riding a scooter and knocked those people with a wooden sword.


The young man rode his scooter skillfully and arrived on the other side while giving her his hand, "Come!"

Kirari didn't hesitate and reached for his hand before she was held in his arms.

The young man twisted the throttle of his scooter and rode his scooter very fast to escape from the group of kidnappers.