Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 309

Volume 1 Chapter 309 Rendevouz Escape 2

Haru was wondering why there were people who targeted her but he didn't care about that since there was no way that he would let a beautiful girl be hurt in this situation. He knocked on the people who wanted to kidnap her and went to the other side of her car where the door was opened, "Come!" He gave her his hand and she reached out to him. He hugged her and let her sit down on the front seat. He was glad that his scooter had quite wide front side but enough of that since he needed to escape.



Haru heard the screams of the people who tried to kidnap the girl and knew his actions wouldn't make them give up. He took out his helmet and wore it on the top of her head, "Wear this." He twisted the throttle on his scooter to the limit running away from the black SUV.

The girl was in his arms looking at him curiously.

Haru felt weird since normally people would be scared in this situation but this girl stared at him with a curious expression.

"Why are you helping me?" The girl said,

"There is no way that I can let beautiful girls to be hurt in front of my eyes," Haru uttered those words without shame.

The girl chuckled after hearing his response.


'This girl isn't normal,' Haru thought inwardly, 'But she is cute.' He tried to calm himself with his magic right now since it would be a disaster when he was out of control.

"What's your name?" The girl asked.

'Is this the right time for us to introduce ourselves to each other?' Haru thought inwardly and said, "I am Kasugano Haruka."

Kirari nodded ,"Good, Kasugano-kun. My name is Momobami Kirari." She said and looked at their back, "They still chase after us."

"I know," Haru said since he could see them with his observation haki.

Kirari suddenly changed her expression, "They're going to shoot you."

Haru didn't say anything and moved his scooter to the right.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Haru moved his scooter skillfully and dodged all the bullets that were shot toward him.


Kirari wasn't sure but she felt very safe beside him, "We need to go to my house. That place is safe."

"Not to the police station?" Haru asked.

"There isn't any police station here, why are they trying to kidnap me here?" Kirari said while looking at him.


"I am not sure," Haru didn't know the reason why this girl was attacked and asked, "Is your home far?"

"No, it's just 3 kilometers away," Kirari answered.


'That's quite far,' Haru thought while dodging the bullet. He knew that those guys were very cruel since they didn't care whether he died or not. He couldn't wait for his revenge later when he had sent this girl back to her house.

Kirari wasn't that worried since she had seen him dodging the bullet easily. She even thought that it was quite fun.

"Momobami-san, why do you look so happy?" Haru asked.

"Kirari," Kirari said.


"Call me Kirari. I will also call you Haru-kun," Kirari said.

"Alright, Kirari, why do you look so happy?" Haru asked once again.

"Nothing. It's just that I can see their helpless expression from here," Kirari chuckled.


"You should get a bodyguard later," Haru gave her advice.

"I'll do that," Kirari nodded and saw him dodge another attack, "Don't you have a weapon? You should attack him back."

"No, I don't have a weapon," Haru said.

"Don't you have a wooden sword? Why not throw it toward them?" Kirari asked.

"It's rather expensive and made from special wood. I don't want to throw it away," Haru said.

"I can reimburse you," Kirari said.

"It can't be bought with money," Haru answered since he had gotten that wooden sword from Gintoki.

"Then what about the hard thing between your legs? Isn't it a weapon too?" Kirari asked.


"It's a weapon but for a different occasion," Haru said.


Kirari turned to the front and muttered, but in a voice that could be heard by him, "Pervert."


"Sorry," Haru knew that it was the side effect of his magic.

"Nothing," Kirari smiled.

"You're just very attractive...." Haru answered truthfully. He might have gray hair. He knew that this kind of hair was impossible if he wasn't reincarnated into this world but enough of that since he needed to escape.

Kirari looked at him for a while and asked, "Say, do you want to become my bodyguard?"


"The salary is 100 million yen each month," Kirari said without blinking her eyes.


'This girl is really rich...' Haru thought inwardly and said, "Sorry, I am not doing it for money and I am quite busy actually."

"Hmm, what a shame," Kirari was wondering whether this young man didn't have an interest in money since she didn't see a change in his emotion when she had offered 100 million yen for his salary. She looked at his scooter and knew that it was from Vespa but she didn't know that there was such a fast Vespa, "Did you modify this scooter?"


Both of them started to talk to each other and even ignored the black SUV who had been chasing after them.

Kirari took her smartphone and messaged the servant and guard in her family since she would reach her house later. She suddenly thought for a while and reached his pocket.

"What are you doing?" Haru was speechless when this girl suddenly put her hand into his pocket. His dragon suddenly became very itchy right now.

Kirari took his smartphone and saw his picture with a girl.


"Who is she?" Kirari asked.

Haru used a picture of himself and Megumi for his wallpaper screen, "My girlfriend."

"Hmm," Kirari opened his smartphone skillfully and used it to get his number, email, and group chat id. She put his smartphone back in his pocket and looked at the thing that stood up very tall for a while and turned, "That's my subordinates."

Haru nodded and wasn't that worried for her to get his number. He looked in front of him and saw a lot of cars suddenly appeared and chased the black SUV on the back, "Is it alright to stop here?"

"Yes," Kirari answered.

Haru stopped his scooter and helped him to stand up.

"Thank you," Kirari smiled.

"No problem," Haru nodded.

Suddenly a black sedan stopped in front of them and a girl with long grey hair who was wearing a mask came out from the car, "Kirari...."

Kirari nodded at this girl and looked at him, "Can you go to my house?"

"I am sorry. I have something to do after this, though there might be a lot of chances to meet each other in the future," Haru said.

Kirari nodded, "That's good. Then goodbye."

"Bye," Haru said and left them since he really had a hard time holding himself.

Kirari looked at his back for a while before entered the car. Her expression didn't change but her tone was very cold, "Destroy them."

"Yes, Kirari-sama!"

"Also, search for information about Kasugano Haruka," Kirari said.

"Is it that young man earlier?"

"Yes," Kirari answered and didn't repeat her order. She looked at the window while muttering, "I can't help but want to see you again..."