Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1 Chapter 31 Debut 2

*knock knock

"Who is it?" Utaha asked. She was a bit nervous since it would be her first time to have a book sign event. She was wondering whether her event would be empty of people or full of people. She hoped it was full of people since she wanted her debut to be successful.

"It's me," Haru answered.

Her eyes suddenly lit up, "Come inside."

Haru entered the room and twitched his lips when he saw she was trying to wear her black stocking. He sucked a deep breath at how s.e.xy this girl was, "What are you doing?" He closed the door and didn't let anyone see this scene.

Utaha smiled when she saw him close the door, saying, "I'm wearing my stocking."

Haru shook his head and asked, "How are you?"

Utaha smiled, "I'm fine, unlike some people who have a lot of free time, I'm quite busy in both study and writing."

"Don't say nonsense or I will go back now," Haru said.

"No!!! Don't go back!!" Utaha hurriedly said to him.

Haru smiled and sat beside her, "I won't, I have promised you to become your bodyguard for this event after all."

Utaha looked at him and nodded. She could see that he was very handsome and more mature in this suit. She was wondering whether she had a chance to take a picture with her.

Haru took his phone and said, "You will become a famous novelist in the future, can we take a picture together?"

Utaha smiled, "Good, I will give you my first fan photo, you should use it as your family heirloom."

Haru twitched his lips and felt the mouth of this girl was just too poisonous. He didn't care about it and moved closer to taking a picture together.

Both of them took a picture together in a selfie.

"You should take more, after all, this will be your only chance to take a picture with a famous novelist," Utaha looked quite proud.

Haru ignored her poisonous mouth and held her shoulder.

"W - what are you doing?" Utaha didn't expect him to hold her shoulder.

"I want to take a photo with you, it's okay right?" Haru asked.

Utaha looked at him and nodded, "Send it to my CONNECT ID later."

"Yeah, I will share it with you later."

They were taking a picture for a while until they heard the door was knocked on by someone.

*knock knock.

"Shi-Chan, it's time, you have to get ready," Machida said and opened the door. She saw both of them were really close to each other. She saw them looking quite awkward and felt suspicious, "What are you doing?"

"N - nothing, let's go," Utaha said.

Haru only smiled and nodded.

Machida didn't press them and followed them to the book sign event.


Haru was standing beside her while looking at the line of people who brought her book. He saw that most of them were male and there were some females, though it was rare. He knew that it was also because of him that promoted her book on his social media. He was glad that her first book sign event had quite a lot of people and it wasn't empty. He had heard a lot of newcomers had zero numbers of guests that wanted to their sign during their debut.

Utaha was lucky and her charm as a beautiful high school student was also another aspect of this.

Haru also thought that anything that had something to do with beautiful high school students would be sold very easily, for example, panties of beautiful high school students would be sold very easily to anyone. He wasn't joking but that was the reality, he knew that most of the male in this book sign event was perverted that aimed to do something to the beautiful author next to him. He needed to stop them from doing something abnormal.

The event started and those people started to walk in a line.

"Please, sign my book!!"

"Yes, thank you for your support," Utaha smiled and signed her book. She was happy that many people bought her book. Her smile was really sincere this time and thought that her event was quite good. She knew it was because of him helping her promote her book on his social media. She thought that she should give him a reward.

Haru put on his serious expression and was ready to stop any strange person who would mess up the event. He was glad that no one seemed to try to do anything strange.

"Can you please give me your phone number? I won't do anything strange with it!"

Utaha still put her smile even though she clearly didn't like this person, "I'm sorry, but that is something private to me."

"No! Please, I won't do anything strange just please give it to me!" This person wanted to jump to her only he was stopped by the black suit man beside her.

"Please stop your actions, or we will call the police," Haru told him. He was holding his hand tightly.

The man could feel that his hand was really hurt, "I know, I know, please, let go of me!!"

"No, you need to get out first," Haru said.

The man couldn't do anything and he was also scared by this bodyguard. He could only nod and leave the event.

"Thank you," Utaha told him.

Haru nodded, "Don't worry, my job is to protect your safety."

Utaha smiled, "Do you want to become my bodyguard for life?"

Haru almost broke her cool persona but he said, "That's a very tempting offer, but let me tell her about the reward first before I agree."

"Don't you think that staying with me is your best reward?" Utaha asked.

"Don't say something nonsense, you should continue your event, your fans are waiting," Haru averted the conversation.

"Hmph," the Utaha snorted, but smiled when she saw her fans.

Haru shook his head and didn't think much about it.