Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 311

Volume 1 Chapter 311 Orchestra 2

Haru went to the living room and saw both Megumi and Sora who were sitting at the table while looking at their book. He could see that they were studying very seriously.

"Haru, come sit here," Sora said while patting the open space between herself and Megumi.

Haru nodded and sat down between the two of them. He used his Ripple, Light Magic, and Chakra Medical to the fullest and was ready to teach them, "Is there something that you don't understand?"

"Hmm, can you tell me how to solve this problem?" Megumi asked while pointing her finger at one problem.

"For this problem...." Haru looked at the question and started to explain how to solve it. He was in the middle of his explanation but he suddenly felt that Megumi's hand was moving on his thigh. He glanced at it for a second and saw that she had done it unconsciously.


'Damn...' Haru was wondering whether he was in the middle of a trial or something. He would carry her to the bedroom when they were alone but there was Sora here on his side.

"Haru?" Megumi looked at him since he stopped with his explanation.

Haru saw that her hand was still in his thigh. His expression was almost broken but he held it, "Sorry, let me continue....." He explained it once again but her hand started to create a circle on his thigh with her finger. He had confirmed that this girl was teasing him. He was wondering whether his saint had turned into a temptress because of himself. He was the one who had taught her how to please a man and she tested that skill again in this study group session. His head was almost blank and somehow he hated himself since he couldn't control his desire.

Haru continued with his explanation and Megumi nodded. His explanation was that it was very easy to understand.

"Haru, how about this?" Sora also asked him a question and pointed out that she had been stuck for a while.

Haru nodded and started his explanation again. He was also in the middle of explanation but suddenly Sora also put her hand on his other thigh moving it up and down slowly.


"What's wrong?" Sora asked with a confused expression.


'This little goblin,' Haru twitched to his lips, looking at Sora, who was still moving her hand while asking him a question.

"Haru?" Megumi also looked at him.


'Don't tell me?!' Haru had a revelation and thought about this possibility. He could see that both of them were working together, 'Anyway, I am a sc.u.m...' He knew that he needed to be true to himself and didn't need to lie anymore. He wasn't sure but his mind was quite refreshed all of sudden and the energy inside his body started to blend creating a single harmony. He had never felt this refreshing before,'But....' His dragon was still in anger and wanted to let out a roar of white magma.

Haru continued to explain that they didn't understand and moved both of his hands around their waist teasing and slowly moving to their thigh teasing their erogenous zone.


Megumi and Sora were surprised but they didn't say anything. They had decided to do this earlier and continued to listen to his explanation while trying to hold their m.o.a.ns.

Haru continued to tease them until they had done with their study group, "You have understood them, right?"

"Yes," Megumi and Sora nodded.

"Now, can you help me?" Haru asked. He was really on his limit right now and needed someone to help him.

"Since when did you notice it?" Megumi asked.

"Since both of you are teasing me," Haru said and asked, "So are both of you going to help me?"

Megumi and Sora nodded at the same time.


"So please," Haru said, grateful for both of them.

Megumi and Sora shook their heads and helped him to take off his pants.


Megumi and Sora saw his dragon sprung out from his pants and let out a lot of steam making them unconsciously gulped their saliva. They weren't sure but it seemed quite delicious for some reason. They looked at each other and nodded using their hands to stroke his dragon slowly.


Haru lost his mind and hugged both of them while sniffing their sweet scent that was mixed with their sweat. He could smell something lewd coming from the center of their bodies and made him lose himself deeper. He moved his hands to their honey pot and started to play with it from the outside of their panties.


Megumi and Sora m.o.a.ned together creating a symphony of an orchestra.

Haru had become an orchestra conductor that directed the concert in this room.

Megumi and Sora didn't slow down and moved their hands faster to stroke his dragon. Both of them weren't sure who had started it but they started to add their mouths inside this concert adding a lewd voice to this orchestra

*Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

Their mouth didn't stop following the melody that he had directed from his fingers.

Haru moved his fingers skillfully attacking their g-spot respectively, making them shake their bodies uncontrollably.

No one could stop them and it was as if they had entered another realm of possibility.

Megumi and Sora pushed him down on the ground showing both of their butts toward them while continuing to use both their hands and mouth in this orchestra.

Haru, who had lost his mind, still could differentiate their butts that had each of the characteristics. He moved his fingers as if a baton (conducting) inside their honeypot.

Their orchestra had turned to the conclusion and they let out their m.o.a.ns of a scream as a sign of the ending.

Megumi and Sora had never expected that it would be this intense and suddenly they saw his baton stand up once again showing a sign for an encore.



Haru woke up abruptly and blinked his eyes. He could hear a faint noise of breath on both of his sides. He saw both Megumi and Sora who were sleeping soundly on his side. He turned toward the clock and saw that it was still 2 in the morning.


Haru took a deep breath and decided to sleep again to calm his mind.

'This isn't a dream.'