Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 312

Volume 1 Chapter 312 How To Beat Kaguya

Haru looked at both Sora and Megumi who were very close to each other in the kitchen preparing breakfast together. He looked at both of them with the understanding that once someone had done it in bed together they would become close to each other naturally.


They were startled when they heard a loud sound suddenly.

"Haru? What's wrong?" Sora asked.

Megumi was also startled and also looked at him curiously.

"Nothing, I just dropped something earlier," Haru said without breaking his expression. He couldn't tell that his dragon had just stood up and slammed under the table creating a large noise.


Haru looked at his dragon that had woken up because he remembered the thing that had happened yesterday. He calmed it down with his technique and it started to sleep slowly. He sighed and wondered when he had turned into insatiable. Though, he was grateful because of this problem both Sora and Megumi had become close to each other naturally. He sipped his coffee and knew that he couldn't join a quest with his condition right now.

'I can only give them a quest,' Haru thought and saw that they were ready with breakfast.

"Breakfast is ready!" Megumi and Sora said with a smile.

Haru only thought that he was really lucky to have such a thing happening to him.



Haru looked at his dragon again and sighed.


Nasa looked at his laptop and sighed in relief, "It's complete."

"Congrats, Nasa," Ritsu said.

"Thank you, Ritsu," Nasa smiled and asked, "Is Haru in the cafe?"

"Hmm, he should be in his apartment now," Ritsu answered. She couldn't tell him what was happening in his apartment now.

Nasa nodded and said, "I might as well come there early to have both breakfast and coffee."

Ritsu nodded, "I'll help with the registration on the apps shop then both of you can launch the apps directly to the market in the cafe later."

"Thank you," Nasa smiled and went to the bathroom since he wanted to take a bath now.


Tsunade: "Naruto has gone out with Jiraiya and Sasuke also has gone out with Orochimaru."


Her message suddenly caused everyone to be surprised.

Kuroneko: "Is that alright?"

Tsunade: "It's alright since there won't be any interesting matter happening until they have come back." She didn't worry that much about the development of two main characters in her world. She thought that there wasn't much of a thing that she wanted to change from the original world. She also didn't care much about Danzo since that old guy had caused a lot of trouble for her. She also knew that the old guy was very evil and decided to let Sasuke do his own thing.

The one thing that she might be worried about was the love life of her disciple. Tsunade was worried about Sakura since Sasuke had left her for a long time and didn't even give her a warm in her bed after their marriage. She also thought that Sasuke was a bit too much to not seeing his daughter and even his daughter also started to doubt the identity of her mother. She started to think that it was better for Sakura to marry someone else rather than Sasuke.


They weren't sure what to say after this.

Haru: "Then, you might try to save Jiraiya."

Tsunade: "Yeah, I'll do that. I might wreck Akatsuki's headquarters later." She nodded since she wanted to save her comrade.


Gintoki: "Do you have that power?"

Tsunade: "I don't have it now but it doesn't mean that I won't have it in the future." She thought for a while and asked, "@Teppei, do you have research on that octopus right?"

Teppei: "I have it but what do you want to do with it?"

Tsunade: "If there is any trouble give me something to blow up with the antimatter explosion that you have developed."


Teppei: "That might not be working on Kaguya."

Tsunade: "Don't worry about Kaguya. I know the solution to solve that problem."


They were surprised when they heard her utter such confident words.

Tsunade: "Yes. The solution to that problem is Haru."


Haru blinked his eyes and replied, "Me?" He was confused since his name was suddenly mentioned in the chat.


They were confused with her words and weren't even sure what to say after this moment.

Luffy: "Why Haru?" Even the dumbest member was also curious by her solution.

Tsunade nodded and replied, "I have read the entire Naruto and some of Boruto. I have seen a fight between Kaguya versus Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura. There is one jutsu that makes me a bit baffled and it is working."

Korosensei: "Is it that 'reverse harem no jutsu'?' He knew even though that jutsu was weird, it was working on the strongest antagonist in Tsunade's world.

Shinobu: "I wonder why that woman is falling for such a dumb jutsu." She had joined the Group Chat and had seen a lot of history in every member of Group Chat. She was a bit dumbfounded about Haru but she decided to keep silent.

Tsunade: "Shinobu, you're too young. You still don't understand now."

Shinobu blinked her eyes and asked, "Then, why is Kaguya falling for that trick?"

Tsunade: "It's because Kaguya is s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated."


"I understand."

The perverted members in Group Chat answered at the same time.

They remembered from the story that Kaguya had been betrayed by her husband and had been imprisoned for a long time without warmth of men.


Korosensei: "Why not me? I think that I am handsome enough." He was wondering why Tsunade didn't mention him.


Tsunade: "Haru is perfect for this since this guy is a harem protagonist." She ignored Korosensei and talked about his solution.


Haru: "Do you want me to seduce her?"

Tsunade: "That's the plan."


Haru: "Don't you think that is a bit impossible?"

Tsunade: "What's impossible?! As long as you want to do it there's nothing impossible!"

Haru twitched his lips and decided to tease her, "Then, is it possible for you too?"


Tsunade snorted while smiling, "Try it boy."


Korosensei: "Can you not flirt in this place? There are a lot of people without a partner here."


Luffy: "What are you talking about?"


They had forgotten there was someone who didn't even understand the difference between males and females in this Group Chat. They were wondering whether they should teach Luffy about relationship education before he started his journey again.