Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 318

Volume 1 Chapter 318 Masterpiece

Haru really thought that her house was really big. He thought that this house was a bit similar to the house of Emiya Shirou in his 'Fate/Stay Night' that he would sell in the winter Comiket.

"Is there something wrong?" Kirari asked.

"No. It's just that your house is really big," Haru said.

"Hmm, this size is quite normal," Kirari said and asked, "but that's not what makes you have an interest in this house, right?"

Haru thought that this girl was really sharp, "Well, that's true. This house is just similar to the house of the main character in the game that I will sell with my partner later in the winter."

"Game? What kind of game?" Kirari asked.

"It's a visual novel," Haru said.

"Visual novel? What's that?" Kirari asked again.


Haru didn't seem that surprised for a rich girl like her to be unfamiliar with such a genre of game. He explained to her about the game to her in detail but he didn't tell her that it was quite a perverted game.

"Interesting. Let me buy your game when you have it done," Kirari said.

"Sure," Haru said and asked, "Where are your parents?"

"You don't need to care about them. They're too busy with their work," Kirari said.


"Sorry about that," Haru said.

"There's no need for you to apologize," Kirari smiled and said, "Your uniform is done. Do you want to try it?"

"Sure..." Haru nodded.

"Then come with me," Kirari said and walked to the room while telling him to go inside.

"Excuse me," Haru said after entering the room. He saw the room was a bit girly until he realized something, "Is this your room?"

"Yes, what do you think?" Kirari asked.

"It's good," Haru didn't even know what to say right now.

"Sit over there," Kirari said while pointing at the cushion near the table.

Haru nodded and sat down while looking around, 'Her room smells really good....'


"What's that?" Kirari was surprised.

"Nothing. I slipped my hand earlier," Haru said. He couldn't say it was because his dragon stood up and slammed the table earlier. He started to think that his dragon had become very strong now. He sighed inwardly and wondered how long he needed to have this problem.

"Well..." Kirari only nodded and didn't think much. She walked to her closet to take his uniform that she had ordered yesterday after hearing his exact size.

Haru looked back at her and asked, "Say, as your bodyguard, what do I need to do?" He had checked her home earlier and he saw a lot of people guarding her house. He didn't think that he needed to do anything.

"Just protect me," Kirari answered and took out his uniform.

"With a lot of people around you, do you need protection from me?" Haru asked.

"That might be true, but I don't trust them," Kirari said.

"Then, you believe in me?" Haru asked.

Kirari gave him a gentle smile and said, "Yes." She placed his uniform on the table and said, "That's your uniform."

Haru was wondering why this girl believed in him. He shook his head and looked at the table. He saw his uniform along with an addition of something extra, "Wig and glasses?" He saw a black short hair wig along with glasses.

Kirari nodded, "You're quite famous, after all." She knew that Haru was quite famous since he had a lot of fans from his business in both literary and culinary. She didn't really want him to be entangled with his fans in the school later.

Haru didn't know what Kirari was thinking and tried both wig and glasses, "How is it?"

Kirari chuckled, "It's good."

Haru was in disguise and asked, "So who is this person who is trying to target you?"

"Hmm, there are too many people who hate me," Kirari smiled and asked, "Are you afraid?"

Haru shook his head and said, "I am not, but what makes you be hated? I don't understand."

"I want to become the student council president at my school," Kirari said.

"So how will you do that? Is it similar to an election?" Haru asked.

Kirari shook her head, "No. I am going to gamble her posisiton."

"Gamble, huh? You sure love a gamble," Haru said. He didn't really understand why people loved to gamble. He suddenly thought that this girl might resemble Tsunade only this girl could win the game and Tsunade could only lose in the gamble.

"I just love the thrill," Kirari looked at him while licking her fingers, "The world is boring and I can't stand it." She just couldn't get enough of the thrill and she also loved the last spark of people when they lost their will during the gamble.

"..." Haru knew that this girl was quite weird. He could see that this girl didn't think much about herself as long as she could enjoy her life.

Kirari smiled and asked, "Am I weird?"

"Yes," Haru answered and said, "But that's not bad."

"As expected, you're also weird," Kirari smiled and said, "Normal people should be trying to get away from me."

"Really?" Haru rubbed his nose and felt a bit weird since it was his first time for someone to tell him that his personality was weird.

"Let's do another gamble," Kirari said.

"What's the bet?" Haru asked.

"If I win, I can ask you one request," Kirari said and asked, "You can say your wish."

Haru looked at her figure and couldn't help but say, "If I win, I want you to wear this maid uniform." He suddenly took out a maid uniform from his body.


Kirari looked at him for a while and asked, "Why maid uniform?" She was also wondering where Haru had kept that uniform.

"I just want to see you in this uniform," Haru said.

"Hmm," Kirari looked at the uniform for a while and nodded, "Sure."

"Then, an old maid again?" Haru asked.


Both of them started to play an old maid again right now, only this time Kirari lost instantly.

Kirari took the maid uniform and said, "Wait for a while."

Haru nodded and prepared his camera since he knew that this photo might become his masterpiece.