Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 319

Volume 1 Chapter 319 Is Madara V.i.r.g.i.n Or Not?

Haru went back after taking Kirari's picture and talked with her for a few hours.

Kirari had told him to come to the school directly and came to the teacher's office. She told him that both of them would have the same class later. She said those words to him while wearing her maid uniform.

Haru wasn't sure but he felt that Kirari loved that uniform. He went to his cafe to help Kosaka with their game along with practicing music in the studio. His dragon was almost at his limit but he held himself. He thought for a while and decided to ask Tsunade since this woman was a master of medicine. He was wondering whether there was something that could help him. He felt that it was necessary for Tsunade to know since she might be able to help him when there was a quest that made everyone from the Group Chat to go together.

Haru: "Tsunade."


Tsunade sighed looking at the paperwork in front of her, "I want to go on a gamble."


Tsunade looked at Shizune and sighed again, "I know." She hoped that there was a quest since she was on her limit now. She wanted to go out and didn't want to stay in this place. She was wondering whether she should go to the 'The Training Ground' since she could use that place to take a rest.

Shizune sighed, "It's become quite complicated after both Orochimaru and Sasuke have run away from the village."

Tsunade gnashed her teeth when she remembered both of them. She knew that the one who could help both of them to get out was the old fossil who wanted to become Hokage. He really couldn't wait for Sasuke to grow up and defeated that old fossil. She knew that her teacher was observing that old fossil now and that was why her job had increased. She started to become jealous of Jiraiya who could move around the country.

"Tsunade-sama, please continue with your job," Shizune said.

"I know," Tsunade said and suddenly her phone rang. She hurriedly took her phone and saw that there was a message from Haru. She didn't know whether it was important or not but she could use this chance to get away from her job. She looked at Shizune and said, "There is an important matter."

"...." Shizune looked at her smartphone and sighed, "Alright, but I'll be with you."

"It doesn't matter," Tsunade only wanted to get a rest from her job and it didn't really matter whether Shizune was witing for her or not. She replied to his message and asked, "What's wrong, Haru?"

Haru: "Tsunade, do you have something that is able to calm me down?"

Tsunade raised her eyebrow, "Calm you down? What's wrong? Do you have insomnia or stress by something?" She started to get worried about him now since suddenly Haru had asked her.

Haru: "Yes. I am stressed by the side effects that I have received from the magic that I have gotten from the quest."

Tsunade remembered that Haru had gone for a quest with that octopus and Gintoki to Shinobu's world. She knew that Haru had gotten a reward but it was her first time hearing that there was a side effect from his magic, "How can there be a side effect in your magic?"

Haru: "Why are you that surprised?"

Tsunade thought for a while and suddenly remembered her teacher. She remembered that Sarutobi had sacrificed himself to Shinigami to kill Orochimaru in the original world. She also remembered the side effect Devil Fruit made the people who had eaten it unable to swim and became weak in the seawater. She also knew that there were many of her techniques that created a side effect on her body, but she had thought that Group Chat was very omnipotent. She couldn't help but ask, "Can you erase the side effects using the Group Chat."

Haru replied, "I can do that but the points that I need to do that are very high."

Tsunade was curious and asked, "How much?" She was a bit thirsty and drank the tea on her table.

Haru: "Around 18,000 points."


Tsunade spat out the water from her mouth to Shizune.


"Tsunade-sama....." Shizune was annayoed.

"Sorry," Tsunade said and replied to Haru, "Really?! That's a lot?!" She also had a point but it wasn't that much. She thought for a bit and asked, "I have remembered that you have gotten a variation of Light Magic. Is that magic really powerful?"

Haru: "Yes. This magic is very powerful. It can even kill anyone instantly." He didn't lie since 'pleasure magic' was really powerful.

Tsunade thought for a while and asked, "Can it beat Madara?" She took her tea again and drank it again since she had spat her tea earlier.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "Is Madara v.i.r.g.i.n or not?"


Tsunade spat her tea again from her mouth but Shizune had prepared herself to block the water.


Tsunade apologized again to Shizune and continued to chat with him, "What's that question?! Why are you asking whether Madara is a v.i.r.g.i.n or not?!"

Haru replied, "My magic won't work on a v.i.r.g.i.n."


Tsunade was speechless and asked, "What kind of magic is that?"

Haru replied, "Only some people know about my magic since the side effect is very dangerous." He was quite hesitant to tell her.

Tsunade became very curious, "Hurry up and tell me!" She was wondering what kind of magic it was.

"It's 'pleasure magic'."


'Pleasure magic?' Tsunade muttered those words inwardly in silence.

Haru didn't receive her reply and decided to check, "Tsunade?"

Tsunade thought for a while and replied, "You harem protagonist!"