Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 321

Volume 1 Chapter 321 Guild

Haru and Tsunade didn't expect that the Group Chat suddenly gave them a sudden quest.

Haru: "Say, we can meet now."

Tsunade: "That's true, but we need to check the content of the quest first."

Haru and Tsunade stopped chatting and could see that everyone was clamoring in the Group Chat. They looked at the announcement and started to read the quest.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Make a Legal Guild In the Fairy Tail's world.]

[Quest 2: Win Grand Magic Games.]

[Participant: Everyone]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward.]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world.]

[Countdown: Before the Grand Magic Games start.]

Korosensei: "The quest is surely very simple."

Yajima: "Hmm, it isn't that simple. There are a lot of strong people in Grand Magic Games."

Luffy: "What is the Grand Magic Games?"


Yajima: "It's a festival of every mage in my world. The winner of this festival can get a lot of honor after becoming the winner of this festival, but we need to create a guild first before we can join this festival."

Teppei: "Is it hard to create a guild?"

Yajima: "Of course. We need a lot of legalities and it is very hard."

Kuroneko: "Then how are we going to do this quest?"

Yajima: "Don't worry, did you forget who I am?"

Haru: "Restaurant owner?"

Gintoki: "Old pervert?"

Korosensei: "My comrade?"


Yajima was speechless and said, "No! I am an Ex-member of Ten Wizard Saints and also the committee of this festival."


Shinobu: "So we're going to use a backdoor?"

"....." They weren't sure what to say after reading that.

Haru: "Don't say that. It's legal and it is one of the perk becoming the committee of Grand Magic Games and an Ex-member of Ten Wizard, right? Yajima-san."

Yajima: "That's true. I am just using my authority to help everyone. There isn't anything guilty about this."

Tsunade: "Not guilty."

Gintoki: "Not Guilty +1"

Luffy: "Not Guilty +1"

Teppei: "Not Guilty +1"

Kuroneko: "Not Guilty +1"

Haru: "Not Guilty +1"

Korosensei: "Not Guilty +1"

Kouha: "Not Guilty +1"

Shinobu: "Not Guilty +1"

Kouha was a bit happy with this quest, "Still, I am happy with this quest. I want a holiday!" He thought to have a recreation since he was very busy preparing for his fight with Al-Thamen. He thought to enjoy this quest since he felt that it was quite easy. He was also curious about Haru's condition and wanted to see it directly.

Tsunade: "That's true." She thought for a while and decided to prepare a lot of things since she knew that Haru needed her help now. She was also curious about Haru's condition right now.

Yajima: "Then, what's the name of our guild? Let's decide it first so that I can register it right away?"

Teppei: "When is this Grand Magic Games going to be held?"

Yajima: "Hmm, it's about five days and that's why we need to be in a hurry."


'Five days....' Haru was wondering whether he could hold himself without the help of his girlfriends. He also felt like a bit of a jerk to visit Brandish only to ask her to help him, 'This dammed condition!' He didn't really want to join but he was helpless when he saw that everyone needed to participate in this quest.

Luffy: "Then how about the 'Straw Hat Guild?'

"...." Everyone was speechless when they heard Luffy's suggestion.

Gintoki: "Isn't it more suitable to name it Yorozuya?"


Teppei was speechless and said, "Isn't there a good name?" He felt that Gintoki and Luffy had a very tasteless name.

Kouha: "Whatever. I don't really care about the name of the guild."

Tsunade: "I agree with Kouha."

Kuroneko: "I don't agree with that. Name is very important."

Korosensei: "That's true. I agree with Kuroneko." He also felt that the name was very important for the guild.


'The name of the guild, huh?' Haru was quite lazy to think about the name with trouble on his body now. He also didn't know what kind of name that would be suitable for them. He knew that everyone was connected because of the existence of Group Chat.

'Connection, huh?'

Haru also thought that with this Group Chat everyone could grow without limit, 'Without limit... Unlimited... Infinite?'

'The Infinite?'


They were discussing the name of the guild that they would use for the festival.

Yajima: "Any idea?"

Shinobu: "I don't think that 'Wind Prince of Something' is a good name."

Korosensei: "Shinobu-chan... You're too harsh....."

Kuroneko: "Haru. What do you think?"

Haru: "Hmm. How to say... I've got the idea but I guess it will be quite a common name."

Luffy: "Oh? What is it?"

Haru: "I know that the name of the guild in Yajima's world usually takes two words and some myth such as Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, etc."

Teppei: "So are you thinking that we should name our guild with some kind of myth creature along with their body parts?"

Haru: "I have thought about a lot of creatures but there isn't any suitable for us since all of us are different."

Korosensei: "Yeah, since you're the one who has a harem." He was both sulking and jealous of him.


Haru: "If you say harem, then don't Luffy have one too?"

"Well, that's true...." They answered at the same time.

Luffy: "Eh? I have a harem?" He was quite confused.

Tsunade: "Anyway, what's the name?"

Haru: "How about 'The Infinite'?"


Kuroneko: "That's just normal cool, is there a meaning behind that name?"

Haru: "I have thought that this the symbol of 'Infinite' is similar to a bond since all of us start to have a bond with each other after being invited to this group. Then our growth is also limitless since we can get stronger and do a lot of things with this Group Chat. There is an infinite possibility of the future that we can get. I am not sure whether it's good or bad, but at least I am very happy to meet all of you now."


Gintoki: "How to say, I am a bit embarrassed somehow."

Korosensei: "Me too."

Luffy: "Me too +1"

Tsunade: "Me too+1"

Kuroneko: "Me too+1"

Teppei: "Me too +1"

Kouha: "Me too +1"

Shinobu: "As expected of Harem Protagonist, huh?"

Yajima: "Then, I will register our guild as soon as possible."


They didn't have to complain and decided to name their guild that name.

Yajima: "How about the symbol?"

It seems that they need to discuss with each other again about the symbol of their guild.