Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 322

Volume 1 Chapter 322 The Moon Is Beautiful

Everyone has decided to teleport together tomorrow.

Haru had decided to prepare everything before he went back to Fairy Tail's world. He had quite a lot of money since he had taken a quest together with Brandish in the past. He looked at the time and decided to make dinner since Sora would go back soon. He remembered that Megumi would also come too later.


Haru saw his dragon had stood up once again and shook his head. He was wondering whether he could stay for a long time in that world without anyone helping him. He thought after he had solved his matter he should go to visit Kanzaki since it had been a while for him to meet her.


Shinobu was in her room and felt quite excited since it was her first time going to another world. She couldn't wait to go there since she was sure that it would be very exciting. She was quite free since her world had become quite peaceful but it didn't mean that the Demon Slaying Corps were free.

Kagaya had quite an influence in this country and decided to use the power of Demon Slaying Corps to become an existence that was similar to the police. He also started a new business after Haru told him to create a telecommunication company since it was quite troublesome to use a crow to talk to each other.

Shinobu had decided to become a doctor since she also needed to search for a way to cure Kagaya's illness. She looked at the picture of her family and sister, 'Family, huh?' She suddenly remembered him and shook her head, "There's no way that I will make a family with that womanizer!"


Teppei and Korosensei prepared their things together.

"Teppei," Korosensei suddenly said.

"Hmm?" Teppei looked at him.

"Have you prepared for the four beasts later?" Korosensei asked. He knew that the four beasts were one of the most important events in Teppei since this guy would be brainwashed later.

Teppei sighed and said, "I am not sure. I don't have that much confidence to fight that person."

"Say, what do you think happened to your group chat when you're being brainwashed?" Korosensei said.

"Do you think that I will be brainwashed?" Teppei asked.

"Well, from your personality, I think that you will be glad to make the enemy think that you have become their ally," Korosensei said and added, "Thought, I think that you won't be able to join Group Chat after you have been brainwashed."

Teppei sighed, "I hope that I will get something to help me fool them into believing that I am their ally."

Korosensei thought for a while and said, "It will be great for you to get 'Kyouka Suigetsu' if possible."

Teppei laughed, "Then, I might be able to fool them then."

Korosensei smiled and patted Teppei with his tentacle, "Thought, it's better for you to believe in us."

Teppei smiled, "Yeah, worse case, I will have to make you explode to destroy them."


Korosensei twitched his lips and felt quite speechless now.


Luffy was very happy since it would be his time to go to another world now. He felt that it had been a while and he was also quite boring training on this deserted island. He wanted to have an exciting adventure now.

"The world of magic, huh?" Luffy jumped and smiled happily.


Kouha prepared his clothes and gold since he would go out this time.

"Are you going?" Koumei asked.

"Yeah, I'll give you some souvenirs later, Koumei-nii," Kouha smiled.

Koumei sighed, "I am quite jealous of you." He also wanted to go to another world.

"There should be a chance later in the future for you to go out too, Koumei-nii," Kouha said.

"How about your friends? Will they help us?" Koumei asked.

Kouha nodded, "Yes. Haru will help me. He also has secret magic that will make that witch lose instantly."

"Really? What kind of magic?" Koumei was interested and asked, "Haru is that young man who we have met before, right?"

Kouha nodded, "Yes. His magic is very powerful but the side effect of his magic is also very powerful. I'll try to help him later."

"What magic is it?" Koumei became more curious.

"Pleasure magic," Kouha answered.


"Sorry... Can you repeat it again?" Koumei felt that he had heard something strange earlier.

"Pleasure magic," Kouha answered once again.


"Pleasure magic? What magic is that?" Koumei twitched his lips while asking that question.


Haru had dinner together with both Sora and Megumi then both of them helped him to solve his problem. He also helped them to relax and let out their stress from a study with his technique.

Sora slept soundly since she was quite tired.

Haru and Megumi sat together while looking at the night sky.

Megumi rested her head on his shoulder, "You're not satisfied, right?"

"Yes..." Haru answered. He really couldn't be satisfied with just their hands and he was very lucky that he had a technique to calm him down.

"When will your problem be solved?" Megumi asked once again.

"I think it should be sooner than I thought it would be," Haru said. He knew that there would be a lot of quests and his points would increase soon. He thought for a while and decided to try the 'Tower Game' since Tsunade had told him that there was a points prize when he cleared the floor of the tower.

"Say, do you want to do it with me?" Megumi asked.

Haru looked at her. He knew that in this country doing that kind of thing between when dating was considered normal, especially when both of them had dated for quite a long time. He nodded and said, "I want to do it."

Megumi smirked and rested her head on his shoulder again, "Then you need to solve your problem as soon as possible."

Haru smiled and said, "I know." He looked at the sky while holding her hand gently, "The moon is beautiful."

Megumi chuckled and blushed, "You're too cheesy."

"Well, you're happy when you hear it," Haru smiled and kissed her lips under this moonlight.