Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 323

Volume 1 Chapter 323 Rules

Haru felt a hazy feeling that he had usually gotten when he was teleported to another world.


Haru opened his eyes and saw the entire members of Group Chat staying together in Yajima's restaurant. He wasn't sure of the exact location but it should be in one of the rooms.

"My head! My head!" Luffy held his head in pain since it had been a while for him to be teleported to another world.

Shinobu also had a headache since it was her first time going to another world.

"Use your Ripple," Haru said.

Shinobu, who heard his voice, used Ripple to ease the headache on her head. She opened her eyes and felt a bit surprised since the design of the room in this place was different from her world.

"I'll never get used to this feeling again," Teppei said while holding his head.

"Haru, heal me too..." Kouha said.

Haru used his Light Magic to heal everyone while also using it to create an illusion in his pants. He looked at Yajima and asked, "Is this place in your restaurant, Yajima-san?"

Yajima nodded, "Yes, I have registered our guild and everyone seems quite surprised."

"Well, you're also an MC for the festival, right?" Korosensei said.

"Yes, let me tell you more about this world at the dinner table," Yajima said.

They nodded and followed Yajima.

"MEAT!!!" Luffy excitedly said.


They were gathering inside Yajima's restaurant and there were only ten of them in this place drinking and eating together. The atmosphere was quite merry and they were talking to each other about a lot of things.

"Here's the design of the tattoo," Yajima said while showing them the tattoo magic stamp with a symbol of Enso Circle.

This symbol is just a normal circle and that is why it has an unlimited possibility since they can add something in that circle.

"Why does everyone need to wear a tattoo?" Korosensei asked.

"It's a tradition in this world. When someone is joining a guild, they will stamp them with a tattoo of the symbol of their respective guild," Yajima said and explained, "You can see the symbol of each guild and their tattoo is similar." He showed them the symbol tattoo of every guild in this country.

"I am still a student, can that tattoo disappear?" Kuroneko said. She didn't want to make trouble to have a tattoo since she was still a student. She knew that there would be a chance for someone to see her body such as in the changing room or swimming lesson. She knew that it would lead to trouble when they saw there was a tattoo on her body.

"Don't worry. This tattoo is created using magic, you can control it with your magic to make it disappear or not," Yajima said. He also understood that they had different customs since their worlds were different.

"That's very convenient, can you let me see that magic tattoo stamp?" Teppei asked.

"Sure," Yajima said, and gave Teppei the tool.

*Gorge! Gorge! Gorge!

Luffy was eating a lot of food and said, "Let's go to the festival now! I am sure that there is a lot of food there!" He couldn't wait to enjoy the food again at the festival.

"That's a good idea," Gintoki said while eating. He had lost his money in the gamble and that was why he was quite hungry now.

"So where is the location of this festival?" Tsunade asked curiously. She was drinking alcohol since her appetite was quite low with some people gorging a lot of food into their mouths.

"It's in the capital of Fiore, Crocus. The city of blooming flowers!" Yajima said excitedly. He thought to show them the beauty of this world to them.

"So what's the rule of this festival?" Teppei asked.

Yajima nodded and said, "Let me explain. First, only five members of each Guild can compete in the games."

"Five people? We have ten people here," Korosensie said.

Yajima nodded, "Yes, but only five people can participate. Let's discuss that later after I have explained the rules."

They nodded in response.

"Second, the Guild Masters cannot participate in the event."

"Third, anyone without the Guild's insignia cannot participate in the game."

"Fourth, each event will remain a secret until right before they begin, at which point the rules will be explained."

"Fifth, all participants must return to the lodgings by 12:00 midnight."

"Sixth, the members of a guilds team can be replaced by reserve members if necessary."

"Lastly, victory is based on who can dominate across several different kinds of competition."

"Those are all the rules of this Grand Magic Games, do you have a question?" Yajima asked.

"Yes! I want to become a participant!" Luffy excitedly raised his hand. He wanted to try to fight with the strong people in this world. He also wanted to use this chance to train his body further.

"I don't want to. I want to watch the game..." Gintoki said. He didn't have a hobby to fight someone.

"Yeah, I don't want to fight either," Tsunade nodded.

"What if someone kills their opponents?" Shinobu suddenly said and made everyone look at her.

Yajima shook his head and said with a serious expression, "Kill is prohibited. I know that your world is very cruel but please refrain from killing anyone in this world."

Shinobu nodded, "I understand."

"Shinobu, you're too tight! You should loosen up a bit!" Tsunade said while wrapping her hands around her shoulders.

Shinobu felt her massive b.r.e.a.s.ts and only understood the cruelty of the world. She looked at her b.r.e.a.s.ts and sighed.

Tsunade glanced at Haru who had been silent for a while.

Haru felt quite his body was quite hot when he glanced at Tsunade.

"You're alright?" Kouha asked.

"I am...."


Everyone was startled when they heard this noise.

"Sorry, I slammed the table accidentally," Haru said and felt speechless at his dragon.

They only nodded and only some people who were both speechless and amazed at the side effects of his magic.

"So what's the prize of this Grand Magic Games?" Gintoki asked. He knew that it was the most important thing for everyone.

"We will get the title of strongest Magic Guild in all of Fiore and additional of 30,000,000 Jewel prize," Yajima said.

"30,000,000 Jewel? How much is that?" Gintoki asked.

"You can create a castle in this world and you don't need to worry about your money for three generations," Yajima sighed while explaining.

Gintoki stood up and said, "THEN, LET'S WIN THIS TOURNAMENT!!!"

"OOOOOH!!!" Luffy also stood up.

"YEAHHH!!!" Korosensei also stood up.

'For the money,' Gintoki thought.

'To fight strong people!' Luffy thought.

'Being popular with girls,' Korosensie thought.


They would be speechless when they heard the thought in their minds.