Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 324

Volume 1 Chapter 324 Onward To Crocus

Haru looked at his tattoo which was placed on the top of his left chest with black color. He didn't want to use a tattoo with a strange color and it was quite good.

Everyone also had their own tattoo and they placed that tattoo in a variety of places from the thigh, arm, back, stomach, tentacle, etc.

"How about we go to Crocus now? I have reserved the hotel there," Yajima said.

"How are we going to go there?" Gintoki asked.

"Hmm, train?" Yajima said and added, "I don't have a vehicle thought."

"Haru, don't you have a car that you have made in Kouha's world before?" Kuroneko asked.

"Wait... Let me check it," Haru said and checked the thing that he had kept inside his body. He kept a lot of things inside his body. He had created a lot of things in the past and it could be used now, "I have two cars and each car can only fit 5 people."

"That's good, we can use a car," Yajima said.

"Now that you mention it," Tsunade said and asked, "Who is the guild leader of our guild?"

Everyone looked at Yajima at the same time.

"Well, it's me. I am the one who has registered this guild after all," Yajima said.

They nodded and didn't mind since they wouldn't stay in this world for a long time.

"So what kind of car is it?" Gintoki asked curiously.

"It's a Mercedes G400 and I had two of them," Haru said, and took that thing out of his body. He didn't really think much about how such a big car could fit into his body since it was one of the developments of his 'Sticky Fingers' power.

"Hmm, is this the car?" Tsunade asked. She was quite interested and directly entered the driver seat. She had a 'Riding Rank A' from Fate World that she had gotten from reward in the past. The moment she touched the steerling she felt the right connection and it felt very right. She went out and took both Shinobu and Kuroneko, "I'll take the girl to go with me."

"Then, I'll go with Korosensei and Gin-chan!" Luffy said and hugged both Korosensei and Gintoki.

"I'll be with Lu----" Haru wanted to say, but he was stopped by Kouha.

"We'll join the girls," Kouha said and pulled him.


Gintoki and Korosensei looked at both of them with an envious expression.

"Let us have an enjoyable trip," Teppei smiled.

"...." Gintoki and Korosensei were speechless when they saw Teppei's expression.

"Haru! Wait!" Yajima stopped him.

Haru had a headache since he would sit down together with a girl, "Yajima-san, what's wrong?"

"How is the side effect of your magic?" Yajima asked.

Haru shook his head, "It's not solved yet. I have talked with Tsunade before and she has said that she will try to search for a solution."

Yajima nodded, "That's good. Don't cause a random girl to become pregnant."

"....." Haru was speechless at his words.

"Haru! Let's go!" Kouha pulled him inside the car.

"Yeah..." Haru answered weakly.

"....." Yajima shook his head toward him.

"Yajima-san! Let's go!" Korosensei called. He wore sunglasses while wearing an aloha shirt. He thought that it would be a perfect time to have a holiday.

Yajima nodded with smile, "Yeah!" He didn't know why but he felt very happy since he had his own guild now.


Tsunade had started to drive the car while following the car in front of her. She wasn't sure but she wanted to drive faster. She took a can of beer on the side of the car and drank it heartily. She knew that there wasn't any police here and no one would stop her from driving while drinking alcohol. She could also use her chakra to heal her

Haru sat down in the back seat while trying to concentrate to calm himself.

"How is it?" Kouha asked.


"It's very bad... Why did you ask me to follow you here..." Haru was speechless.

"I am just curious," Kouha answered.

"Are you not trying to torture me here?" Haru asked.

"Are you really unable to hold back?" Kouha whispered.

"....Yeah...." Haru answered weakly. He didn't really think much about Kouha but Tsunade was dangerous.

"Really?" Kouha didn't see anything strange on Haru's pants.

"I have used illusion magic to cover it," Haru said, and added, "I am in the process of trying to calm it down."

"Illusion Magic?" Kouha raised his eyebrow and tested it before exclaiming, "THIS IS BIG!!!"

'The f.u.c.k?!' Haru hurriedly moved Kouha's hand away from him, "What are you doing?!"

Kouha nodded and gave him a thumbs-up, "As expected of Harem Protagonist...."



Shinobu looked at their interaction with a weird expression from the front seat, "Kuroneko."

"W - What??" Kuroneko wiped the nosebleed on her nose.

"Kouha is male, right?" Shinobu asked.

"Yes," Kuroneko nodded eagerly.

Shinobu thought for a while and said, "They're very close..."

"Yeah..... That's the best..." Kuroneko nodded.


"What?" Shinobu looked at Kuroneko with a strange expression.

"Nothing," Kuroneko shook her head.

Tsunade didn't say anything but she could see his condition from the rear mirror of the car. She didn't intend to tell both Kuroneko and Shinobu since it might be dangerous and a bit too early for both of them. She could see that Kouha knew about his condition and thought that it was interesting. She wanted to see where his limit was and checked it later after they had arrived in the Crocus.


Korosensei was the one who drove the car while trying to get away from Tsunade's car. He didn't expect that Tsunade was very skillful at handling a car. He didn't want to lose to her and wanted to win.

"Oi! Be careful!" Gintoki complained.

"Uwoooo!!!!" Luffy was excited.

Teppei only smiled while looking at the front scene.

Yajima looked at four of them and wasn't sure but he felt that his guild might cause more trouble than Fairy Tail later.