Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 325

Volume 1 Chapter 325 Crocus

The capital city of the Kingdom Fiore. Crocus, 'The City of Blooming Flowers.'.

It plays host to the annual wizard festival, the Grand Magic Games. The town is filled with wizards and tourists from all over Fiore. At its center is the castle of the king, the palace of Flowers and Light, Mercurius. And on the top of the hill to the west, the stadium for the Grand Magic Games, Doms Frau.

Yajima explained to them about this city through the communication device that Haru had made for them. Even though they were separated by two cars, they could communicate with each other.

They had been on the street for a few hours and they had arrived at the entrance of this capital city. They were attracting the attention of everyone since the design of their magical vehicle was quite different from normal.

The guard asked them to stop but was surprised when they saw that it was Yajima.

Yajima was quite famous and he had some influence on the Magical Council.

The guard curiously looked at the nine people beside Yajima and only realized that it was newly made guild that would be entering the Grand Magic Games. They didn't stop for too long and only said some pleasantries before letting them enter this city.

"Uwaaa!! This is awesome!" Luffy said while looking around curiously.

"Don't run around first. Let's stop in the hotel first," Yajima said.

Luffy had wanted to go out but his body had been knocked out by Teppei that he couldn't move. He could only move his head around.

Korosensei and Gintoki were also curious and looked around the scenery in this city. Both of them also wanted to get out but they knew which was more important since they weren't children.

"Yummm!!!!" Luffy said after eating a chicken leg. He made his neck longer to grab something to delicious food.

"Stop the thief!"


Yajima, Korosensei, Gintoki, and Teppei were speechless.

"Teppei. Knocking his mouth too. Let's also close the window," Gintoki said. He didn't want another problem and wanted to go to the inn as soon as possible then went out to have fun.

Teppei was merciless and knocked Luffy too. He felt that Luffy could be used as a means to practice his technique since rubber human was quite rare.

Luffy was helpless to see them treat him this way. The only one who was making his heart warm was Korosensei who was helping him eat meat.

"It's good," Korosensei said and tried a bit of the meat.


"I am sorry. I'll pay for it," Yajima said while apologizing to the owner of the food stall. He only hoped for them to not cause trouble anymore even though he knew that it was impossible. He started to wonder whether Makarov always had this feeling when Fairy Tail caused another trouble.


"What are they doing?" Shinobu frowned when she saw Luffy steal food from a food stall and Yajima apologized to the owner.

"Just cause trouble. It's normal for them to do it," Kuroneko answered.


Shinobu looked at Kuroneko and asked, "Is this normal for you?"

"Well, yes. You know them, right? I would be surprised if they didn't do anything in this place," Kuroneko said. Her heart was in peace when she saw Kouha who was sleeping on Haru's shoulder. She felt that her trip to this world was worth it after seeing this scene.

"How is it?" Haru asked while using a Ripple to ease the hangover on Tsunade.

"It's good. I should drink more after this," Tsunade said.

"Now you have treated me like a hangover medicine," Haru sighed.

"Don't worry. I'll treat you too later," Tsunade smirked through the rear mirror.

"...." Haru didn't say anything and looked at Shinobu, "Shinobu."

"Hmm?" Shinobu looked at him.

"Shinobu, don't you want to change your clothes?" Haru asked.

"Is there a problem with my clothes?" Shinobu asked. She was wearing her Demon Slaying Corps uniform since she wasn't sure what to wear when she teleported her. She had been working as a soldier and it was very hard to change the habit.

"There isn't any problem, but you're cute. It'll be waste for you to wear that uniform all the time," Haru said.

Kouha, who was sleeping, opened his eyes and said, "Haru is right. You're cute. That uniform is ugly, better you change it with something since I am sure that you can become very beautiful." He was still sleepy now but his eyes fully opened when he saw that they had arrived in the town.

Shinobu blushed and shook her head, "No! I am alright with this uniform."

Haru knew that this girl was embarrassed, "Actually, there is another problem if you keep wearing that uniform."

"Is there a problem with me wearing this?" Shinobu frowned.

"Yes. We're in another kingdom. If you wear a uniform of a soldier, they might think that we're a spy or something," Haru bluffed her since he wanted to see her in a cute uniform or something.

Shinobu knew that it was bad. She looked at him and asked, "Do you have a kimono?"

"I had a lot of it," Haru said, and took out the kimono that he had bought before in Shinobu's world. He picked one with purple color since he knew that it was her favorite color and it would also match her butterfly hair clip, "Here."

Shinobu received the kimono with a shy expression and nodded.

"If you're still shy, I'll wear one too," Haru said.

"Thank you," Shinobu nodded.

'Harem protagonist....' Kuroneko thought when she saw their interaction.

"Kimono, huh? It's similar to Kino Country in my world," Kouha said while observing the kimono.

"Do you want to wear one too? We're in another world after all," Haru asked.

"Hmm, I want to wear an aloha shirt. Do you have it?" Kouha asked.


"Do you think I am a boutique?" Haru said while twitching his lips.

They arrived in the inn and entered their room before gathering in the hall to talk about the Grand Magic Games that would be started in 4 days later.

"So let's talk about who will be fighting..."