Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 326

Volume 1 Chapter 326 Five People Team

"I am going to join!" Luffy said while raising his hand.

"I am not," Gintoki answered.

"I am not," Korosensei answered.

Gintoki and Korosensei knew that they needed to win and both of them were normal humans.

"You're not a normal human!" Gintoki said to Korosensei.

"But I am weak!" Korosensei answered.

"Then, I will go out now!" Luffy said and ran out of the inn.

"Me too!" Korosensei and Gintoki said at the same time but stopped in front of Haru.

"What?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"Pocket money!" Korosensei and Gintoki asked while opening his palm.


"Me too!" Luffy said while opening his palm too.

Everyone was speechless at them.

Haru sighed and took out 10,000 jewels for each other, "There you go. Don't forget to go back before midnight."

"Yes!!!" Luffy, Korosensei, and Gintoki went out at the same time.

Haru knew that three of them were the main character of 'Shounen Jump' and it was impossible for them to listen to anyone.

"Where did you get the money?" Shinobu asked.

"I borrowed it from someone earlier," Haru said. He had used his'steal' skills when he was on the way earlier.

"..." They were speechless at him.

"So who are the next four? We need five people, right?" Kuroneko asked.

"I'm not going to join," Tsunade said and added, "I'll be going to the casino after this with Haru." She said and wrapped her hand around his shoulder, "Give me money too."

"...." Haru thought that he had become a money bank for them.

"I'm going to go in too," Teppei said.

"I'll be joining if Haru is joining," Kouha said.

"Haru will be joining us as well. We need to win this tournament after all," Teppei said.

"The last one...." Yajima said while looking at Kuroneko and Shinobu.

"I can't use magic and I am only skilled in killing," Shinobu said with a calm expression.

"It can't be helped. It seems that everyone needs the power of this Queen of Nightmare..." Kuroneko said with a serious expression.


"Yajima-san, please..." Teppei said.

"Then, I'll register Luffy, Haru, Kouha, Teppei, and Kuroneko as the participants of our guild," Yajima nodded and asked, "Kouha, can I trust you with the uniform of our team?"

"Sure. Leave it to me, but I need money," Kouha said while looking at Haru.

"...." Haru took a deep breath and asked, "Yajima-san. Where is the casino?"


"Wow!!!" Luffy was very excited looking around the scenery around. He used his money to buy a lot of food along the trip.

Gintoki was eating cotton candy while walking slowly enjoying the festive mood.




Korosensei was wearing an aloha shirt while eating takoyaki, "Hot. Hot. Hot."

Everyone was startled and shocked when they saw a yellow bipedal octopus wearing an aloha shirt and sunglasses while eating takoyaki.

"Korosensei. You're very popular," Gintoki said.

"Of course," Korosensei nodded.

Gintoki thought for a while and said, "Is it only me Haru had some trouble earlier."

"Yeah. His expression was quite unnatural earlier," Korosensei nodded and said, "There might be a problem with his stomach since his tongue is very sensitive."

"That might be true. He might be eating something bad and having a hard time in the toilet now," Gintoki said.

"Korosensei! Gin-chan! Come!" Luffy said with a smile toward them.

Gintoki and Korosensei looked at each other and nodded.


Yajima and Teppei were walking together to come to the office which was managing the Grand Magic Games.

"Everyone sure is very spirited when they're coming here," Teppei said while looking around. He could see that this world was different from his world.

"Yeah," Yajima looked at him and asked, "You're not going to go with them?"

"It's alright. I'll accompany you," Teppei said.

"Thank you," Yajima nodded and suddenly he saw someone familiar, "Macao!!!"

"Hmm?" The middle-aged man turned toward him.

"Who is he?" Teppei asked.

"He is the Fourth Guild Master of Fairy Tail," Yajima said.

"That troublesome guild?" Teppei asked.

"Yeah, but the main core of that guild has disappeared and they have become the bottom of the weakest guild," Yajima said.

"Oh, right?" Teppei nodded. He remembered that there was something inside the Fairy Tail's headquarters. He was wondering whether he could go there to see that thing. He knew that he would be brainwashed and that was why he wanted something to protect his family. He had developed an anti-matter bomb but he knew that he couldn't protect himself from Joie. He needed something to protect his mind or something that could fool Joie that he had become his subordinate, 'Or it doesn't really matter much to become their comrade.'

"Yajima-san!" Macao walked toward him and asked about Teppei, "Who is he? Is he your son or grandson?"

"Hahaha... He is a member of my guild," Yajima smiled.


"What?! Guild members? You're making a guild?" Macao was surprised.

"Yeah. My guild might surprise you later," Yajima said.

"Hello, my name is Teppei," Teppei said.

"Macao Conbolt. I am the master of the Fairy Tail Guild," Macao said.

Macao wanted to say something but he sighed since his guild was on the bottom.

Yajima tapped his shoulder, "Makarov and everyone will surely go back."

Macao nodded, "Thank you."

"Let's go together. You want to re-register, right?" Yajima said.

"Yeah," Macao nodded.

The three of them walked together to re-register to the committee.


Haru changed his clothes into an olive green kimono and maroon sash while wearing navy haori on the top of his shoulders.

Shinobu had also changed into a beautiful purple kimono and felt slightly uncomfortable.

Kouha was still in his usual clothes while yawning. He knew that they didn't have that much of money now and that was why they decided to go to the casino, 'If only....'

"Let's make money, shall we?" Tsunade said with a confident smile toward them.


'You mean you're going to lose money?' They thought inwardly after hearing such words came out of her mouth.