Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 327

Volume 1 Chapter 327 Frosch Thing So Too..

Luffy was only interested in the food since he only ate meat in the jungle but sometimes Hanc.o.c.k also brought him something.

"Grilled Chicken! Grilled Chicken! Very delicious! There is only one left!"

His eyes lit up and he directly went in the direction of the food stall before he grabbed the grilled chicken before someone also grabbed this grilled chicken at the same time.

"This is mine!" The other person said.

Luffy ignored him and ate the grilled chicken directly.

"Luffy!!!" Korosensei and Gintoki ran toward him with a tired face. Neither of them expected that it would be very tiring to go out with Luffy.

"Sorry! I am hungry!" Luffy said with a kind smile while holding the grilled chicken.

"Sting! Have you bought grilled chicken?" Suddenly a little cat with red fur ran toward the blonde young man. The cat looked at the grilled chicken in the hand of Luffy.

Luffy looked at this small cat and said, "Do you want some?"


"BASTARD!!!!!" The young man with blonde hair was angry at him and punched Luffy directly.


Luffy, who was punched, didn't move and kept his smile, "I am sorry. I am quite hungry earlier if you don't mind. I'll share it with you." Even though he was stupid, his emotional intelligence was very high since he could befriend anyone.

"Sorry for the trouble that he has caused," Korosensei apologized to them.

"What?! Octopus is talking!" The cat was surprised.

"You're also a cat but you're talking," Korosensei said.


The young man looked at Luffy with a serious expression. He had punched him earlier but he felt that he had punched a rubber and his punch didn't even damage him, "Who are you guys?!" He knew that they might become his opponents in Grand Magic Games later.

"I am Luffy! I am a man who is going to become One Piece!" Luffy said.


"One Piece?" The young man and the cat looked at him with a confused expression.

"Luffy! That's not it!" Korosensei reprimanded him and introduced himself, "We're guild members of The Infinite. My name is Korosensei." He pointed his tentacle at Gintoki and said, "He is Gintoki."

Gintoki gave the cat a cotton candy, "For you."

"Thank you," the cat nodded.

"You don't want to eat this grilled chicken?" Luffy asked.

"I want!" The cat nodded.

"Good! Let me share it with you!" Luffy said with a smile.

The young man looked at three of them which had become familiar with his cat and his heart also became soften.

"What's your name?" Luffy asked.

"My name is Lector! I am a member of the strongest guild The Sabertooth!" Lector was quite proud and showed the tattoo on his back.

'Sabertooth....' Korosensei, Luffy, and Gintoki might have heard this name somewhere but they had forgotten it.

"Yeah! We're from the strongest guild! Sabertooth!" The young man said and introduced, "My name is Sting Euclife and I am Dragon Slayer!"


"Dragon Slayer?" Korosensei, Luffy, and Gintoki titled their heads in confusion.


"You guys don't know Dragon Slayer?" Lector asked.

They shook their heads at the same time.


Sting sighed but he wasn't angry at them. He wasn't sure but it was hard to get angry at them, "How about you guys? What kind of magic have you mastered?"

"I am a rubber man!" Luffy said and showed how he could stretch his cheek.


"O" Sting and Lector opened their mouth wide since it was their first time to see a rubber man.

"I'm just an octopus," Korosensei said.

"I am not a magician," Gintoki said.


"Luffy! You're a rubber man?" Lector seemed quite interested in him.

"Yeah!" Luffy nodded.

Sting was curious and pulled his hand very hard. He was stupified when he saw that it was stretching very long. He let his hand go and it came back to normal. He grinned and said, "Interesting! We might fight each other later!"

"Yeah! We won't lose!" Luffy said with a smile.

"Sting! Lector!"

Suddenly another cat that was wearing a frog costume came toward them.

"Frosch! There is a rubber man here!" Lector said excitedly.

"Sting," another young man with long black hair walked toward them.

"Rogue! These guys are interesting! They're a member of The Infinite guild!" Sting said.

"I have no interest in them," Rogue said without expression. He had only an interest in Gajeel and he didn't have an interest in another person.

"Oh, don't say that! Your hairstyle is too emo! Let me take care of it for you!" Korosensei said and moved with 20 mach speed trying to change Rogue's hairstyle.


Rogue and Sting didn't see the movement of Korosensei since it was very fast and before long Rogue had his hair tied along with his bang showing his face fully.


"It's good now," Korosensei nodded with satisfaction.

'Fast?!' Rogue and Sting thought at that moment. Both of them didn't even see this octopus move yet suddenly Rogue's hairstyle had changed suddenly.

"Korosensei, you're fast!" Lector was amazed.

"Frosch thinks so too!" Frosch said.

Rogue and Sting were confident that they could be the champions of this Grand Magic Games but it seemed that they had stronger opponents now.

"Are you going to join the tournament?" Rogue said while looking at Korosensei.

"No," Korosensei shook his head and pointed at Luffy, "but he will be joining along with the other guys."

"You guys are strong! I hope that you don't lose immediately and can fight us later," Sting said.

"Yes! Let's have a nice battle!" Luffy was excited.

They were looking at each other and Rogue wanted to test them only when suddenly they heard a noise.

"Ah! There is a limited parfait there! Luffy! Korosensei! Let's go!" Gintoki said and pulled both of them to the restaurant that sold a parfait.

"See you at the Grand Magic Games!" They said and left them.

"They're very interesting!" Lector said.

"Frosch thinks so too," Frosch said.

"Do we need to report this to the guild master?" Rogue asked.

"Let's do this. I have never heard about this guild before and they might also be the same as us," Sting said.

Rogue and Sting knew that there would be five members of the guild that would participate in the Grand Magic Games. They had seen one of them was a rubber man and they wanted to know the power of the other four. Though they weren't in a hurry since they could see them at the festival later and they couldn't wait for it.