Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1 Chapter 33 The First Quest

Two months had passed since Utaha's book sign event.

Haru was also preparing for his simulation exam in December, though he didn't want to be arrogant. He was sure that he could get a perfect score for his exam. He had also trained his magic and swordsmanship through those two months.

Yajima had also shared some new magic with them but he only practiced some of them and focused on developing the light magic.

Magic is similar to puzzles.

Haru needed to set pieces to create a different effect on his magic. He trained really hard and since then he has mastered education in school. He didn't really have to worry about the exam that would be held in February.

Haru looked outside and it was still hot. He looked at the calendar and read it was still in the middle of August. He had done a lot of things in the past two months from going out with his friends and his little sister. He had also learned how to cook with the recipe that Yajima had shared with him on the group chat. He had also collected a lot of points from the daily sign but he had never used it since he didn't have a chance to do that.

Haru had also told the existence of group chat to Sora and she also wanted to join this group chat too. He wanted to invite her but he wasn't sure how to do that. Even though he was the master of this group chat, he didn't do anything. He decided not to think that much and practiced his cooking ability.

His cafe would be ready soon, and he wanted to open it next year. Though, he would make it small since he didn't really want to make it too crowded.

Haru was thinking about something until there was a notification on the group chat. He opened the group chat and was surprised to see it.

[First Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat.]

[Quest: Stop Orochimaru to destroy the Konohagakure.]

[Participant: Everyone in the group chat.]

[Reward: 1500 points, new features on the group chat, and one random reward.]

[System Note: The time in the original world will be stopped when everyone is going to the quest.]

[Countdown: 05:58:40.]

Everyone was silent when they saw this notification.

Kuroneko: "Is this real?"

Gintoki: "Probably, but are we really going to another world?"

Yajima: "But more importantly, all of us will go there?"

Haruka: "Yeah, and the time will be stopped in our world and only the Tsunade's world will be moving."

Gintoki: "Interesting."

Yajima: "Yeah, I have read 'Naruto', I will help them."

Kuroneko: "Wait! Wait! What about me? I'm a normal human!!!" She was quite curious about another world but she didn't really want to go to the world of ninja. She knew that it was very dangerous especially when she didn't have the ability to protect herself. She had tried to practice both magic and chakra but it was useless. She had also tried to practice swordsmanship but she was too weak to do that. She was too tired to continue to practice swordsmanship.

Haru also understood her dilemma and replied, "I will protect you, I know that I don't have that much experience in battle but I have a lot of support magic that will help us in the quest."

Light magic is also increasing his speed, he knew that speed was very important since it helped him to run away when something bad was happening.

Gintoki: "@Kuroneko, yeah, you don't need to worry, you should think of this as a picnic, you guys can also follow the civilians to retreat." He was curious about another world, especially the world of ninja. He wanted to see Naruto, tried ramen, and bought an Icha Icha there.

Yajima: "Picnic, huh? I think that is good, this will be our first time to have an offline meeting."

Kuroneko: "I don't want to have a first offline meeting in war!!!"

Kuroneko: "But I also want to go there too."

Tsunade: "You don't need to worry, in two days, the final match of the Chuunin Exam will be held, I've talked about this matter to my teacher, they have prepared for the battle with Orochimaru, I will also give you my summoned beast to protect you @Kuroneko."

They had been talking about a lot of things in the past two months and they were very close to each other. They wanted to meet but they were still afraid whether there was some malfunction in this group chat and they couldn't come back.

Now, they had a chance to meet each other, even though the situation was a bit bad, but it didn't mean that they couldn't handle it. They had an advantage and that was the information that had been shared with everyone.

Haru also wanted to go there and he was happy that the time will be stopped but to do that everyone needed to join the quest.

Haruka: "What do you think? @Kuroneko."

Ruri wanted to come to but she was afraid to become a burden for everyone. She thought for a bit and had decided to come along too. She was glad that the time will be stopped since she didn't need to explain to her family about her trip.

Kuroneko: "I will go too."

Gintoki: "Good, I need to pack my toothbrush first."

Yajima: "Ah, me too."

Tsunade looked at the chat while twitching her lips. She thought that everyone was really treating this quest as a trip to her world. She had talked about this matter to her teacher and he believed in him.

They had set a trap for Orochimaru and only needed to wait for the fish to enter the net.

"Orochimaru...." Tsunade said. She looked at her apprentice and said, "Shizune, tell Hokage that I'll have my friend to come."

"Eh? Friend?" Shizune was quite surprised.

"Yeah, there will be four people," Tsunade said.

Shizune was confused but nodded.

Tsunade waited for them to come to her world while looking at group chat.


Haru didn't tell Sora about this quest and he brought his backpack. He only bought something for his daily use. He looked at the countdown and there was still quite a lot of time. He was the group leader and he was the one who organized everyone.

Haruka: "Are you guys ready?"

Gintoki: "Oooh."

Yajima: "Yes."

Kuroneko: "Of course, I have brought my power from hell."

Tsunade: "Come."

Haru looked at the group chat and pressed the teleport button on the quest notification. Suddenly a light engulfed him and the world stopped waiting for him to come back.