Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 330

Volume 1 Chapter 330 Bet 2

"I'll be the one who will decide the method of gambling, is that alright with you?" Bacchus asked with a serious expression. He had betted his little brother and he needed to get serious for this gamble.

"Sure," Haru nodded.

"Haru! You are crazy! If you lose, you'll send us to that guy!" Kuroneko was angry at him.

Shinobu was calmer and asked, "Do you have the confidence to win?"

"I am confident that I can win, but this is a gamble everything can happen," Haru said.

"Really? Really? Really?" Kuroneko was still worried.

Haru looked at Kuroneko and said, "Calm down. I am a better gambler than Tsunade."

"......" Kuroneko, Shinobu, and Kouha looked at Tsunade. They weren't sure but they felt calmer now.

'What does that mean!" Tsunade felt offended.

"Don't regret your decision!" Bacchus said and shouted, "OI! GIVE ME YOUR TOUGHEST TABLE!!!!"

They were confused with Bacchus's words but they decided to give them a table since there were a lot of crowds that wanted to see their gamble.

The staff of the casino knew that it was a chance to create money and created a gamble to bet who would be the winner of this gamble.

The crowd didn't bet immediately but waited for what kind of gambling that both Bacchus and Haru would use for this gamble.

The staff took out their toughest table and placed it in the center of the crowd.

"Kakakaka, are you ready for this gamble?" Bacchus was excited.

"You have been getting merry by yourself and didn't even tell me what kind of gamble you want to do," Haru answered plainly.

"It's easy! Let's do arm-wrestling!" Bacchus said with a confident smile.


They started to clamor since if the gamble was arm-wrestling then without a doubt that the winner of this gamble was Bacchus.

They didn't know Haru but they knew Bacchus was one of the S-Class of a mage in the Fiore Kingdom.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "What are the rules?"

"It's easy! The one who can beat the other person is the winner! Both of us can use their magic in this battle!" Bacchus said.

"Magic?" Haru asked.

"Yeah? You're not a mage?" Bacchus asked.

"No. I am a mage. I don't mind the rules," Haru nodded and had decided to use one of his magic later. Even though he had confidence in his power, he could tell that Bacchus was proficient in close range combat. He had 'Sticky Fingers' and because of that, his strength was also increased but it didn't mean that he had inhuman strength.

"Haru, can you win it?" Kuroneko asked. She started to get worried since she knew that Bacchus was someone who was quite strong since she had read in the original story. She didn't want him to lose, especially when she would be sent out to that disgusting guy.

"Well, I can use magic after all," Haru said.

"Win, Haru," Kouha said.

"If you dare to lose, I'll be the one who cut the thing between your legs," Shinobu said.

"......" Haru looked at Tsunade.

Tsunade just nodded, "Good! Solve it with a gamble!"

"I'll go now," Haru nodded and walked toward the table where Bacchus had been waiting.

Bacchus took off his upper clothes showing his muscle, "Ha!"

"Bacchus-san!!!" Bacchus's underlings cheered him on.

"...." Haru was speechless but he also took off the top of his upper kimono. Even though his body looked quite thin when he wore clothes, it was full of compact powerful muscles.

The girls had to admit that Haru was hot.

"Damn..." Bacchus muttered but he was confident that he had won, "It's too late to take back this gamble."

"Isn't that my line?" Haru said.

Bacchus snorted and placed his left hand on the table with his elbow touching the table.

Haru also did the same and gripped his hand, 'Left hand, huh?' He knew that this guy didn't want to lose his little brother but he also didn't want to lose this gamble either.

They chose a random referee asking this guy to start the match for them.

Bacchus and Haru no longer talked to each other and fully concentrated on this gamble.

"Then, I'll start the countdown!"



Bacchus and Haru were ready to use their magic.




Suddenly everyone was greeted by a powerful impact from their gamble. The ground in their surroundings had cracked because of their power. The table under their elbows was almost destroyed by their arm-wrestling contest.

"NNGHHHH!!!! I CAN'T LOSE!!!!" Bacchus shouted and used all of his power while also using his magic to increase his strength.

Haru didn't say anything but he had used his gravity magic to push his arm.

Everyone looked at this arm-wrestling with serious expression since they didn't expect that it would be this intense.

Haru could win this gamble with his 'Horo Horo no Mi' and made Bacchus became depressed before winning this gamble but he knew that this guy might tell him that he was cheating or something. He had decided to win this gamble with his gravity magic to make him stronger.

"NGHHHH!!!!" Bacchus didn't expect that Haru was very strong, "LOST BASTARD!!!!!!" It might be because he didn't want to become a woman that his strength increased dramatically.


The ground cracked further and the table almost collapsed.

"No, you're the one who will lose," Haru really thought that this guy was strong but it was useless. He increased the power of his gravity magic to attract his arm.


The dust made them unable to see them and no one said anything since they were anxious to wait for the conclusion of their match.


They opened their mouths when they saw the winner.

"K - Kasugano Haruka is the winner!!!!"


They cheered loudly when they heard the announcement. They didn't care when they had lost the bet since they thought this match was really epic.

"Damn!" Bacchus was very angry now.

"Fiuh..." Haru sighed in relief.

"HARU!!!!!" Tsunade, Kuroneko, and Kouha jumped into him.

Shinobu followed behind while smiling.

"Let's go back now," Haru said.

"Eh?" They were startled when they heard his words.

Bacchus wasn't sure but he felt happy when he thought that he didn't need to cut his little brother.

"See you again Bacchus, The Transvestite," Haru said loudly and added, "If you don't dare to cut that thing then that name will be suitable for you." He didn't show mercy since that guy provoked him. He didn't care whether that guy really cut his little brother or not but the name 'the transvestite' would be popular later.