Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 331

Volume 1 Chapter 331 Harem Protagonist's Aura

"Do you think that guy will really cut his thing?" Kouha asked.

"I am not sure. He might or might not be, but for sure if he doesn't, then his name will be tarnished," Haru said.

"Well, that's true," Kouha nodded.

"Don't do that again, Haru!" Kuroneko reprimanded him.

"If he hadn't started, I wouldn't have done anything," Haru said.

"Anyway, let's go back. We've stayed in the casino for quite a long time," Shinobu said as the sky almost turned dark.


Haru looked at them and felt a headache trying to calm the side effect of his magic.


Bacchus was drinking his alcohol with an absentmindedly expression.

"Bacchus-san, are you really going to do the operation?"

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

Bacchus drank his alcohol and looked at the name card of the most famous doctor in the Crocus. He felt complex right now and stood up and said, "I'll take fresh air. Tell the master that I need to calm my mind."

The guild member of Quatro Cerberus looked at Bacchus's back with a sigh. They were also curious whether that guy would really do the operation.


"We're back!" Lector said.

"Fro is back too!" Frosch said.

Two talking cats along with two dragon slayers entered the inn where the Sabertooth guild was staying.

"Did you enjoy the city? Rogue. Sting."

"It's not bad. I have seen someone interesting Rufus," Sting answered.

"Rufus. Have you heard about the human rubber?" Rogue asked.

"Hmm from my memory. I have never heard of such a human before," Rufus answered, "Is it magic to turn the human body into a similar feature to rubber?"

"Yeah! That guy is interesting," Sting nodded.

"Is he strong?" Orga asked.

"I am not sure about Luffy, but the octopus in their group is strong," Rogue answered.

"Even for both of you, the twin dragon slayer?" Rufus asked.

Sting snorted, "No! Compared to the dragon slayer, they're weak!"

"I agree," Rogue nodded.

Rufus and Rogue smiled after hearing their response.

"Our guild is the strongest and we will show the world in four days!"

Suddenly they heard a heavy voice and saw their master.

"Master!" They answered at the same time.

Jiemma nodded at him and said, "It will be our first time to enter the Grand Magic Games and it's the time to show everyone in this kingdom that we're the strongest guild! No matter who the opponent is, we're the strongest!"

"YES!!!!" Their eyes were shining in excitement when they thought that they could become the strongest guild in the entire country.

Sting and Rogue knew that to become the strongest they needed to join the strongest guild in this kingdom.




Haru would really become crazy now since it was hard to be around beautiful girls. He knew that he needed to go back before midnight but he decided to go out since he needed to wait for members of the group chat to sleep before he went to Tsunade's room. He really hoped for her to be able to solve his problem at least for the Grand Magic Games.


"Where's Haru?" Gintoki asked.

"He has gone out to search for fresh air," Shinobu answered.

"What's wrong with him?" Korosensei asked.

"Yeah. It's rare for him to become a loner," Teppei said.

"He has trouble with his magic and he needs time to solve his troubles," Yajima said.

"What?! Really?!" They were surprised when they heard it.

"Let him calm down and you don't need to worry about him," Yajima said.

They thought for a bit and nodded though they were worried about his problem but magic wasn't their forte and it was impossible for them to help him.

"Is it okay to tell everyone?" Kouha asked.

"It's alright and it isn't that he is hiding it," Yajima said.

"Well, that's true..." Kouha nodded.

"Tsunade, do you know anything about the problem of his magic?" Kuroneko asked curiously.

Tsunade nodded in response, "I am going to help him later."

Shinobu felt complex since Haru didn't say anything to her earlier, "Let me come with you."

Tsunade looked at Shinobu and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. He has helped me before and I need to help him," Shinobu said.

"..." Tsunade looked at Shinobu without saying anything and wondering what kind of expression Shinobu would show when she knew about the side effect of his magic, "Well, come with me later."


Haru thought to make himself drunk then went to sleep to make himself calm. Though, he knew that it was a bit impossible he was quite strong with his alcohol intake. He stood up in the middle of the bridge while watching the clear river which he could see a fish swum around in the middle of the night. He knew that he was sc.u.m and knew that it might be too late for him to come back now. He hoped Megumi would forgive him. He poured sake on the small cup and drank it slowly. He could feel a clear yet smooth liquid through his throat and gave his stomach a warm feeling, "It's good."

"Really? Can you give me some too?"


Haru knew that he was a harem protagonist and knew that his chance to meet women was really high. He turned around and saw the beautiful girl, whose attire was yet again eastern-looking, with the woman wearing a strapless dress highly reminiscent of a "Cheongsam." She has long, straight, and black hair that reached down to her lower back, while mostly left loose, being parted in the middle of her forehead and sporting two bangs framing her face and going down below her shoulders, her hair is also tied into a pair of bun-shaped dango loops on both sides of her head, and a braid is present a few inches below each of such loops.

Haru knew this woman but he was wondering why this girl suddenly appeared in this place. He wondered whether it had anything to do with his harem-protagonist aura. He didn't say anything and took out a cup before pouring the sake there.

"Thank you," the woman said and sipped the sake slowly from her mouth without saying anything. She tasted the sake slowly then said, "It's good."

Haru only nodded in response since it started to get hard to stay calm here.

"Minerva Orland."

"Kasugano Haruka."

"I'll leave first Haruka," Minerva said and took a bottle of his sake before she disappeared.


'What the heck does this woman want to do?' Haru thought inwardly.