Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 333

Volume 1 Chapter 333 Start Of Grand Magic Games

Haru was very happy at this moment since the side effect of his magic had disappeared. He woke up in the early morning and prepared breakfast for everyone in a very good mood.

"Haru. Is it only me or your mood is very good now," Teppei asked.

"Yes! The side effect of my magic has disappeared!" Haru was very happy and didn't mind telling everyone about it.

"Really? That's great!" Luffy was happy.

"Yeah! It's very great!" Haru smiled while nodding. He was really grateful for Tsunade who had helped him to solve his problem without any side effects. He was truly glad to ask for help from Tsunade, "Yes. It's all because of Tsunade! She is truly the greatest medical ninja!" He didn't mind praising Tsunade and even exaggerated it a bit.

"Tsunade! You're awesome!" Kuroneko praised.

Tsunade and Shinobu who knew the truth felt quite uncomfortable but it was very hard to tell him, especially when Haru had such a happy smile on his face. They felt that it was very difficult to do and wondered whether they should tell the truth to him.

"Here is a special dish for you, Tsunade," Haru said, and gave her wine, "This is also a special wine that I have gotten from Teppei's world in the past. I have kept it a secret but this is for you."

"Wow...." Tsunade could tell that this wine would be very delicious.

"Eh! Not fair! I want one too!" Korosnesei protested.

"Not fair! Me too!" Gintoki said.

"Yeah! Me too!" Luffy said.

"No. It's special for Tsunade," Haru said.

Tsunade gulped and drank the wine directly with a happy expression.


"Ah! It's very tasty!" Tsunade smiled with a red face.

"Tsunade!!! Is it alright for you not to talk about that problem for him?" Shinobu said while whispering.

"Gulp! It's alright. The time limit is two weeks and there are a lot of times!" Tsunade didn't think anymore and drank the wine happily.

Shinobu looked at Tsunade with helpless expression and sighed. She turned and looked at Haru and knew that because of the side effects of his magic his life turned into a disaster. She knew that he would be sad or became frustrated when he heard the truth, 'There is still 2 weeks...' She thought inwardly and decided to tell him later.


Haru went out together with Kouha to search for clothes for the Grand Magic Tournaments later.

"So your problem is cured, right?" Kouha asked.

"No," Haru shook his head and said, "It's only temporary and the side effect will come back after two weeks, but it is good enough for me."

"That's true," Kouha nodded.

They went out together since they were just too bored to stay at the hotel. Their competition wouldn't start three days ago and there was a lot of time to tour around this town.

Haru thought that the world was really beautiful after the side effects of his magic had disappeared. He knew that it was only temporary but he was very happy. He suddenly let out tears when he thought about his hardship.

"..." Kouha, who was by his side, felt speechless, "You're too exaggerated."

"Kouha... You didn't know how hard it was....." Haru had lost count of how many times that he wanted to go wild during that moment. He was both tired and stressed but that hardship is over now. He could walk normally and enjoy his life normally. Even though his libido was really high but he could hold himself without losing himself to his desire now, "THE WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!"


Kouha was speechless and embarrassed with his action, "Don't get close to me!"


Shinobu and Kuroneko followed both Kouha and Haru since they were worried about Haru.

Shinobu was wondering what would happen when that strong desire to mate, which was very high, was suddenly suppressed, then two weeks after that desire exploded. She knew that the consequences would be very dire and in worse cases that he might become a s.e.x.u.a.l offender.

Kuroneko followed them for a different reason and wondered whether Kouha and Haru were in that kind of relationship.

"Kuroneko, you have nosebleed again," Shinobu said and felt a bit worried.

Kuroneko hurriedly wiped the blood on her nose and nodded.

"Are you alright? You're not sick, right?" Shinobu asked worriedly.

"No. I am alright," Kuroneko shook her head since she couldn't tell the reason why she had a nosebleed before.


"Shinobu and Kuroneko have been following us," Kouha said.

"I know," Haru said.

"I'll call them here," Kouha said and turned, "Shinobu! Kuroneko! Don't hide there and come here!"


Kuroneko and Shinobu looked at each other and nodded. They knew that it was quite impossible to tail after them since both Haru and Kouha.

"H - Hey, it's a coincidence!" Kuroneko said with an awkward smile.


Haru, Kouha, and Shinobu were speechless looking at her.

"Let's go out to eat something," Haru said and he was curious about the traditional food in this town.

Kuroneko and Kouha agreed.

Shinobu also didn't have a problem.

"Shinobu," Haru said.

"W - What?" Shinobu suddenly felt a bit nervous.

Haru looked at him and could see that Shinobu felt a bit weird, "What's wrong? Are you nervous?"

"No. I am not," Shinobu calmed herself and wasn't sure whether she could tell him about his problem.

Haru looked at her for a while but didn't force her to answer him.

They spent their time together before it was time for the Grand Magic Games. They suddenly heard an announcement in the middle of the night that told them to gather in the center of the city.

"Are you ready?" Yajima asked.

Luffy, Teppei, Haru, Kouha, and Kuroneko nodded at the same time before they went out together to the center of the city to join the Grand Magic Games.