Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 334

Volume 1 Chapter 334 Preliminary Event

The announcement of the Grand Magic Games was very sudden that it was happening at midnight.

"Every guild that participated in the Grand Magic Games! Please gather in the middle of the city! The preliminary event will start and we will choose only 8 guilds to enter the main event!" The huge hologram mascot of the Grand Magic Games said it could be heard throughout the city.

"Is that the mascot of this event?" Shinobu asked.

"Yes. The name of the mascot is Mato," Yajima said.

Everyone walked to the city and could see a lot of people also stood up on the top of the roof to watch the show.

Then suddenly there were 8 large fields that appeared and floated slowly in the sky gathering around the center of the city.

"What's that?" Luffy asked.

"It might be something that is used for preliminary events," Haru said.

"Yajima, do you know anything about the event?" Teppei asked.

"No. The event that will be held at the Grand Magic Games is a secret and no one knows about the event until it is announced by Mato," Yajima said.

"Even though you're a commentator?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah. Even though I am a commentator, I don't know anything about the event," Yajima said and added, "I don't even know that the preliminary event will be held suddenly at midnight."

No one said anything again and arrived at the center of the city. They could see a lot of people there and there were at least hundreds of guilds gathered in this place.

"Hahaha, welcome to the preliminary event of the Grand Magic Games!" Mato said with a laugh and snapped his fingers before suddenly there was a magic circle that appeared in front of them.

Everyone knew that the preliminary event might have something to do with the field that was floated on the sky.

"For the participants of each guild! Please enter the big circle in front of you! Then, you'll be teleported randomly to the eight fields that are floated on the sky!" Mato said.

"Then, I'll go first!" Luffy said and entered the circle while looking at it curiously.

Teppei, Kouha, Haru, and Kuroneko also entered the circle together.

"Don't you dare to lose!" Tsunade said.

"Yeah, we'll cheer you on from this place!" Korosensei said.

"I'll buy you cotton candy after we have gone back, yawn..." Gintoki said while yawning since he was woken up in the middle of the night.


"Don't worry, we won't lose this event!" Luffy said confidently.

"Yeah, worse case, I might blow everything up with an anti-matter bomb," Teppei said with a smile.


"Please don't do that...."

"I was joking," Teppei said.

'It's not like a joke,' they thought inwardly.

Mato waited until everyone had entered the circle before saying, "Then, let us start the event!"

Suddenly a light started to envelop everyone who was standing on top of the circle before making them disappear.

Everyone was startled until they saw a large 8 flat-screens that was made from magic on the sky showing everyone had been teleported to the 8 random fields.

"Everyone please win!" Korosensei cheered for them loudly. He was very excited and couldn't wait to watch the event.

Gintoki, who was sleepy, also put in quite a genuine interest to watch this match.

They couldn't wait to see the first event of the Grand Magic Games.


Haru, Teppei, Luffy, Kuroneko, and Kouha held their heads unconsciously but they didn't feel a headache.

"I hate teleportation circles," Luffy said.

They agreed with Luffy since they couldn't get used to the teleportation no matter who much that they had been teleported. They could see that one by one the team of each guild had been teleported on the field where they were standing.

"Hmm..." Haru tried to search whether he could see a big guild such as Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, or something, "I can't see the big fish here."

"Yeah, there isn't any big guild in this field," Kuroneko said.

"Then, there are only small fries here?" Kouha asked while holding his large sword.

"Yeah," Haru said, and added, "Kouha, don't kill people in this place."

"Eh?" Kouha was surprised.

"Don't 'Eh' me!" Haru was speechless when this guy wanted to kill them.

"Don't worry everyone this time, I'll handle them!" Luffy said and stood up in front of them.


"Yeah! I'll do it!" Luffy gave them a smile.

"Don't be hasty, let's listen to that clown first what the event is about," Teppei said.

They nodded and waited for Mato to announce the preliminary event.

"Now that you mention it, I don't know about yoru power Kuroneko," Teppei said since he knew that Kuroneko came from a normal world.

"Well, I can use lighting magic and life magic," Kuroneko said.

"Life Magic?" Teppei asked.

"I can make the amoeba or the small creatures around us become big and become my army," Kuroneko said and looked quite proud.

"Isn't that similar to Hakuryuu's power?" Kouha asked.

"Well... yeah," Kuroneko smiled and said, "I have copied that magic from your little brother."

"Let me tell you the rules of this first event!" Suddenly Mato said and announced, "The name of this event is 'Shoving Down out of the Field'! The rules are simple! You need to stay in the field as long as possible and the last team who can stay in the field will continue to the next event! There are 8 fields here and there are only 8 teams that will be chosen for this event! You can use your magic to send your opponent off the field!"

"What happens after we have been thrown off the field?" One of the contestants asked loudly. Even though no one said anything, they knew that it would be dangerous to fall down from the sky.

"Don't worry, there is a safety device that can catch all of you who have fallen from the field! Is there any question again?" Mato asked. He waited for a while but no one said anything, "Then, let us start the event! The last team who is standing on the field is the winner! Without anything anymore!"

Everyone was ready with their own magic to attack their opponents.