Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 335

Volume 1 Chapter 335 Shoving Down 1

Haru could see that everyone on the field was very spirited and started to attack each other the moment Mato announced the event.

"Shishishi!" Luffy was excited and corked his mouth with his thumb, bit into his thumb joint (making a small opening) and blew very hard into it, which inflated his arm, "Gear Third!" He stretched his arm back then threw a devastating punch, "Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol!"


A lot of people were caught in Luffy's attack and they were thrown out of the field instantly.



"What the heck!"

Luffy's attack caused the attention of everyone since they had never seen such a large arm.

Luffy didn't stop and moved the air on his arm to his leg before raising his leg to the crowd, "Gomu Gomu no Gigant Stamp!"


The force of his attack defeated a lot of people again.


Luffy laughed really hard before he let out the air inside his body and transformed him into Chibi Luffy.


"You haven't erased the side effects of your attack?" Haru asked.

"I haven't perfectly controlled it," Luffy smiled in his chibi form and said, "Please take care of the rest."


They turned and saw a lot of people looking at them with an annoyed expression before attacking them together.

'Oh, Luffy....'

Haru shook his head and stood up in front of everyone before using his strength magic to block this attack.



Jura had seen Haru earlier who was joining this Grand Magic Games and didn't expect that he would be joining this Grand Magic Games either. He was curious about them and decided to let his teammates take care of their opponent since he believed that they could take care of them.

"Jura-san, you're not going to help?" Lyon asked while sending out his ice magic.

"Well, I believe that you can take of them," Jura said, and added, "I am going to observe another team."

Lyon followed Jura's gaze and saw Luffy, who was inflating his arm before attacking their field. He frowned, "They're strong." He was also curious about what kind of magic it was since the force behind Luffy's attack was very powerful.

"Well, that straw hat one is powerful but the one with an olive colored kimono is very powerful too," Jura said and added, "He has defeated me before."

"Ha?" Lyon was startled and distracted him. He couldn't block the magic that was shot toward him.

Jura created a large earth wall to block that magic.


Jura opened his palm and pushed the earth wall before sending out a lot of people out of the field. He looked at Lyon and said, "You need to be careful."

"I know, but has he really defeated you?" Lyon was doubtful since Haru was quite young.

"Well, I am also underestimating him but that guy is very skilled using something similar to a ghost or mental magic," Jura said and added, "When you fight him later, you need to be careful when he summons a white ghost from his body and no matter what you can't touch that ghost or else you will lose instantly."

"What?" Lyon was surprised and asked, "Is there a way to counter that attack?"

"Well...." Jura thought for a while and answered, "The speed of his attack is quite slow and you can dodge it." He thought that it was the only weakness of 'Negative Hollow'.

Lyon nodded and said, "Alright. I'll help everyone now and send out all of the opponents here!"

"That's good," Jura nodded and continued to observe Haru's field.


"Light Dragon Roar!"

"Shadow Dragon Roar!"


Rogue and Sting sent out their attacks together, making their opponents fly off the field.

"Hahaha," Orga let out electricity around his body, "It won't be perfect! 120 mm Black Lighting Cannon!" He generated a ball of electricity between his palms before releasing it as a powerful beam.


Rufus and Minerva didn't say anything and watched Rogue, String, and Orga who were fighting the entire teams in their fields.

Rufus looked around and saw Luffy who was fighting using his giant arm. He remembered the conversation that he had with Sting and Rogue, "Sting-kun, is that the rubber man?"

Sting, who was excited to fight the group of people, turned when he heard Rufus's voice. He saw Luffy who was sending out a lot of people from the field and grinned, "Yeah, that's him!" He didn't expect Luffy to be that strong.

Minerva didn't have much interest but she raised her eyebrow when she someone familiar there, "Haru?"

"Princess, do you know someone there?" Rufus asked.

"Yes. I met one with grey hair by chance," Minerva said.

"Is he strong?" Rufus asked.

"I am not sure, but he is quite mysterious," Minerva said and added, "You don't need to worry that much, our guild is the strongest."

Rufus smiled, "That's true." He was confident that his guild was the strongest but he thought that it wouldn't hurt to remember their magic, 'Luffy with a rubber body.' He had been curious how rubber could be used to fight but it seemed that it was more powerful than he had thought. He felt confused since he didn't see a magic circle or a fluctuation of magic from Luffy, 'Strange...' He didn't know how to describe it but he felt that Luffy might become a powerful foe.

Minerva kept looking at Haru who was talking with his teammates. She was more curious about this guy and wanted to see what kind of magic that could be used by him.

Rufus and Minerva saw that Luffy had transformed into chibi form and this made them raise their eyebrows.

"There is a side effect," Rufus nodded.

Minerva saw that Haru stood up in front of everyone when the people in their opponent attacked him together. She raised her eyebrow and waited for the dust to disappear until she was a bit surprised when she saw his magic.


Haru saw the attack in front of him but he wasn't that worried. He stopped the attack in front of him before deflecting it back to his opponents.


Teppei, Luffy, Kouha, and Kuroneko didn't need to worry about this event anymore.

"Well, it seems there are no more teams other than us," Haru said while looking at the field in front of him.