Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 336

Volume 1 Chapter 336 Shoving Down 2

Fairy Tail was once known as one of the strongest guilds but it was six years ago in the past before their members suddenly disappeared during the S-Class exam in Tenrou Island. However, even though their members had gone but they didn't give up. They continued to struggle even though they had been known as the weakest guild in the Grand Magic Games.

Their members of this preliminary event of the Grand Magic Games are Droy, Jet, Alzack Connell, Bisca Connell, and Max Alors.

The five of them had heard that Yajima had created a new guild and felt a bit curious but they knew that they had become a competitor now. They also needed to get serious about this preliminary event or else it wouldn't be fun for them not being able to continue to the next event.

Bisca and Alzack used their gun magic to shoot their opponents together, blasting them out outside of the field.

Jet moved very fast and pushed their opponents off the field.

Droy and Max used their Plant magic and Sandstrom magic to protect their teammates.

"We have to win!" Bisca said and shot out a big bazooka from her hands.


Alzack also shot out his gun and sent out blast magic to his opponents.


They were working hard to continue to the next event.


"MEEEENNNN!!!!!" Ichiya punched away a group of people out of the field.

"Ichiya-san, this time attack the group in the direction of 12 o'clock!" Hibiki said that while using his Archive magic to control and gave a strategic measure to his team.

"MEEENNNN!!!!" Ichiya followed his strategy and blasted the opposing team with his punch.

"Eve! Ren! Protect Ichiya-san!" Hibiki said.

"Yes!" Ren and Eve answered at the same time.

"White Out!" Eve created a large snowstorm that blinded their opponents, as well as frozen them by burying them in the snow.

"Aerial Shot!" Ren swiped his hand and levitated near rocks, then shot it toward the opponent.


"MEEEENNN!!!" Ichiya was very strong and no one was able to stop him.

"Ichiya-san is very handsome," Jenny said.

"That's true. No one can beat Ichiya-san in terms of his handsomeness," Hibiki nodded.

"Yeah, he is also cuter than me," Eve nodded.

"I hate to admit it, but he is very handsome," Ren nodded.

"MEEEEENNNN!!!" Ichiya said with a handsome smile, punching away his opponents.

"We can't lose to Ichiya-san now!" Hibiki said.



Twilight Ogre has become the strongest guild in Magnolia after Fairy Tail has lost most of its members. They were excited and eager to show their power to everyone in the kingdom.


"We're the strongest!"

They would also use this chance to monopoly the entire quest that was coming to Magnolia and leaving Fairy Tail behind.



The five members of Quatro Puppy attacked their opponents together.


They were worried about their comrades but they knew that it was futile to worry about him. They used the emotion inside their hearts to defeat every opponent in front of them.



Jura nodded looking at his teammates.

Lyon, Sherry, Yuka, and Tobi defeated their opponents one by one, pushing them off the field. They had worked together in the past and that was why their teamwork was very strong.

"Doll Attack: Puppeteer!"

"Wave Blast!"

"Paralysis Claw: Mega Jellyfish!"

"Ice-Make: Snow Dragon!"

Jura nodded when he saw them defeat their opponent. He turned to see Haru and his team and felt surprised when he saw that they had defeated all of their opponents, 'Deflect magic, huh?' He thought inwardly and felt that it might be interesting to fight him later. He wanted to see whether his earth magic or Haru's deflect magic.

"Jura-san, we have done defeating all of our opponents," Lyon said.

"Yay! We have succeeded!" Sherry was happy.

"Hmm, that's good," Yuka nodded.

"Awoo!" Tobi nodded happily.

"That's good, but this is just the start," Jura said.



"Slashing Form!" Kagura lunged at her opponents with her sword prepared to strike and slashed at a very high speed.


"ARRGHHH!!!" Her opponents were defeated instantly by her attack.

"Kagura, leave some of them to us," Arana said.

"Yeah, let us show our strength," Risley said.

"Kitten Blast!" Millianna produced restraining tubes from both hands and combined them together, blasting them towards the target in a spiral motion.


"Nya! This stage isn't only for you Kagura-chan!" Millianna said.

"Carrot Missile!" Beth summoned a barrage of over-sized carrots and sent them flying at the target with their thin edges pointing towards foes, which exploded upon impact, similar to real missiles.



Kagura nodded and walked back, "Then, I'll leave the rest to you guys."

"Hehehe, leave everything to us!" Risley said.

"It's going to be an easy win," Arana said.


"That Sabertooth is quite strong!" Luffy said while watching the other field.

"Yeah, but that Lamia Scale isn't bad," Teppei said.

"No! I think that our greatest opponent should be Mermaid Heel," Kuroneko said.

"I don't see that bastard from that group of barbarians," Kouha said while trying to search for Bacchus in the Quatro Cerberus team to see whether that guy really cut things between his legs.

Haru had to admit that the girls in this world were very beautiful. He shook his head and took out his chair to sit down since he knew who the other seven teams were that would continue to the next event. He observed Fairy Tail Team and had to admit that they were weaker compared to the main characters but their team was quite strong.

They were observing the other 7 fields until there was only one team in each of the fields.

"The Shoving Down event is over! Let us welcome the 8 teams that have continued to the next event!" Mato announced.


Everyone was excited and couldn't wait for the real Grand Magic Games that would start in the morning.