Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 337

Volume 1 Chapter 337 Tracksuit

"Congratulations!" Yajima said happily when he saw Haru, Kouha, Teppei, Kuroneko, and Luffy teleported back.

"Yeah!" Luffy smiled happily.

"Thank you," Teppei nodded.

Tsunade walked to Haru and asked, "How?"

"What?" Haru was confused.

"It's a side effect of your magic," Tsunade asked.

"It's alright," Haru said, giving her a thumbs up.

"That's good," Tsunade nodded in response.

Shinobu looked at both Tsunade and Haru while wondering when she was going to tell him about the problem of the therapy.

"Let's go back. I'm sure you're quite sleepy," Gintoki said while yawning.


'Aren't you the one who is sleepy?' They thought inwardly.

"That's right. I might not be able to join you guys since I need to become the guest in the commentator area, is that alright?" Yajima asked.

"Sure, leave everything to me. I'll be the one who is handling everyone to not cause trouble," Korosensei said.

"..." They weren't sure but they felt quite worried for some reason even though they knew that Korosensei had the experience to handle this kind of situation since he was a teacher.

"Then, let's go back," Gintoki was really sleepy right now. He had always slept at 11 at night but this time his sleep was disturbed because of this event.

They nodded and went back together before someone shouted his name.


They turned and saw a small girl with quite big knockers on her chest running toward him before she slipped and fell down on his arms.


"Are you alright?" Haru said and thought that this girl was very clumsy.

"Thank you. I am alright," Sherria said with a smile.


"Why?" Korosensei asked that question but no one answered him since it was also the question inside their heads. He was wondering why there were a lot of girls that were coming to him even though Haru didn't do anything. He had been staying with Haru and knew that this student of his didn't go out to flirt with girls.

"Oh, right. I remember that Haru had saved that girl when he was coming into my world before," Yajima remembered.

"He has come before?" Gintoki asked.

"Yeah, to solve the problem of his magic," Yajima answered.

"Oh....." They were wondering how Haru could meet this girl with only an intention to solve the side effect of his magic.

Haru heard their conversation but he decided to ignore it, "What's wrong, Sherria?"

"I want to congratulate you!" Sherria said and added, "But our Lamia Scale is going to become the winner of this Grand Magic Games!"

They didn't expect this girl to suddenly announce a war declaration on them.

"Sherria! Don't run so suddenly!" Sherry said while running toward them. She looked at them and apologized, "I am sorry for the trouble that she has caused."

"Sherry! This is the one that has saved me before," Sherria said while holding Haru's hand.

"Oh?" Sherry looked at Haru for a while and asked, "Thank you for saving her."

"It's alright," Haru nodded, wondering whether it was all they wanted to say since he wanted to go back.

"But you can't date my cousin since she is still very young," Sherry said.

"Sherry!" Sherria blushed.


"How old are you?" Sherry asked.

"I am 15," Haru answered.

"What? You're one year older than me!" Sherria was surprised.

Sherry nodded, "Then you can date each other."

"Sherry!" Sherria was blushing again.

"......" Haru was wondering what was happening now and he could feel a painful gaze on his back now.

"Sherry! Sherria!" Toby walked toward them.

"Yajima-san," Jura walked toward them.

"Jura," Yajima nodded.

Lyon and Yuka also joined them and looked at Yajima's guild with a curious expression.

Jura also observed them and asked, "They're not a mage from Fiore, right?"

Yajima was startled but nodded, "Yes. They're coming from various kingdoms through the earth land."

"That's why I have never seen such a group of a powerful mage," Jura nodded and looked at Haru, "You're not staying in the Alvarez Empire?"

"Well, Yajima-san has invited me to join his guild. I will be returning to Alvarez Empire after this event," Haru said.

Jura nodded, "Then, we won't hold back and I'll make sure the Lamia Scale will become the winner of this Grand Magic Games."

"Sure, you can try," Haru nodded.

"Let's get back," Jura said, then turned back.

The members of the Lamia Scale nodded and went back together.

"Bye!" Toby said.

"Haru, see you tomorrow!" Sherria said.

"Yes, see you tomorrow," Haru nodded before saying, "Let's go back."

"....." They didn't move and looked at him.

"What?" Haru asked and yawned, "I am sleepy." He knew that it was troublesome to talk with them and he decided to run away. He used his light magic to make himself disappear before running back to his room.

"Bastard! He has run away!" Gintoki said.

"Catch him!" Korosensei said.

Gintoki and Korosensei were the only ones who were wondering why Haru could get to know such beautiful girls.

"I am tired. Let's go back," Tsunade said.

"Yeah," Shinobu said.

"..." Kuroneko could see that Tsunade and Shinobu were in quite a bad mood.

Luffy yawned and he was also quite sleepy.

"Everyone is very spirited," Teppei said.

"Yes," Yajima nodded.

"Haru! Wait!" Kouha also chased after him.


It was early in the morning and everyone had woken up to prepare for the Grand Magic Games.

Luffy, Haru, Teppei, Kuroneko, and Kouha had changed their clothes.

"So it is alright to follow my style?" Teppei asked while wearing a green tracksuit.

"Sure, this tracksuit is interesting," Luffy said while wearing a red tracksuit.

"Well, this isn't that bad," Kuroneko said while wearing a black tracksuit.

"This is suitable for this event," Kouha said while wearing a white tracksuit.

"I don't really mind, but we need to go now or else we will be late," Haru said while wearing a navy blue tracksuit.

They walked out from their inn and walked together to the Domus Flau to start the Grand Magic Games.