Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 338

Volume 1 Chapter 338 Grand Magic Games X790


Fireworks were shot throughout the stadium along with the loud cheer of the audience showing how excited they were at this Grand Magic Games.


"It's the event that you have been waiting for! The Grand Magic Games! I'll be your commentator, Lola Chapati," Lola said and added, "I have the great honor of being joined by our analyst and former magic council member, Mr. Yajima. Thank you for being with us, Mr. Yajima."

"Nice to meet you," Yajima said.

"That's right! I have heard that you have made your own guild for this Grand Magic Games and they have succeeded from the preliminary event!" Lola was excited.

"Yes! It's a new guild and its name is The Infinite," Yajima said while smiling, "Everyone please cheer on them!"


Everyone cheered loudly when they heard him.

"Oh, can you tell us about your new guild, Yajima-san?" Loli asked with a curious expression.

"Hehehe, I am not going to spoil you. You can see them directly later when the event starts," Yajima said.

"That's right! I am not going to lie but I am also very excited now! I can't wait to watch the Grand Magic Games as soon as possible!" Loli said.


"His name is Loli, right?" Gintoki suddenly said and asked, "I am not wrong, right?"

"Yeah, you're not wrong," Tsunade answered.

"That name feels strange in my mouth," Korosensei said.

"What's wrong with that name?" Shinobu asked.

"....." They looked at Shinobu and decided not to tell her since they felt that they would taint her.

"Still, this is very comfortable," Tsunade said while drinking vodka.

"Can you not drink in the right in the afternoon?" Shinobu sighed.

"You don't understand Shinobu, but it tastes very good!" Tsunade said.

"Well, I love sweet, more thought," Gintoki said.

"Everyone, please use this to cheer them up!" Korosensei said while giving them a large banner with the faces of their teammates.


"They will kill you for sure," Gintoki said when he looked at the large banner.

"No way! They will be very happy with this!" Korosensei said.

'Whatever,' Tsunade and Shinobu decided to move quite far from them trying not to get involved.

"Oi! Wait for me!" Gintoki said.


"Your guild member sure is very spirited, Yajima-san," Loli said.

"Hahaha...." Yajima only laughed.

"Now... Let's meet our competitor!" Loli said.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see them," Yajima said.

"First, let us start with the last team who has finished the preliminaries event!" Loli said and added, "Let us greet them, Fairy Tail!!!"

Jet, Droy, Alzack, Bisca, and Max walked out to the center of the stadium.


They had gotten used to this treatment but this year they would show that they weren't a pushover for everyone.

"But it's still amazing for them to be able to continue to this stage," Yajima said.

The audience who had heard that also felt that it was quite amazing since 'Fairy Tail' who was known as the weakest guild could continue to reach this stage.

The member of Fairy Tail looked at Yajima with a grateful expression since the 'boo' had stopped.

"Yeah, that's true, but let us welcome another team," Loli said, and added, "This guild is also coming from the same town as Fairy Tail, Twilight Ogre!"

"Yeah!!!!" Twilight Ogre's team came out of the hallway and received applause from the audience.

"They're certainly very spirited," Yajima said.

"Yes, I can't wait to see what they are capable of in the event," Loli said.

"So how about we greet the next team," Yajima said.

"Yes! Now for our next team!" Loli was excited and said, "That pack of hellhounds, Quatro Cerberos!"



Five men came out of the hallway while screaming 'wild', 'man', and 'fwo' all the time trying to show their manliness.

"They're certainly very wild," Yajima said.

"Yes! It ignites the fire in my heart!" Loli said and added, "Then, without waiting let us welcome the next team! We have an all-female guild! The dazzling beauty in the deep, Mermaid Heel!!!"


The audience cheered loudly when the team of Mermaid Heel entered the stage.

The team members of Mermaid Heel walked calmly while showing a variety of responses to the cheer that they had received.

"Then, the next team! We have one of the most popular teams! Blue Pegasus!"


Ichiya along with his team came out from the hallway with a cool pose.

"I can feel the fragrance perfume," Ichiya said while sniffing.

"Ichiya-san, you're very cool!" His team said at the same time.

"......" No one was sure how to respond to Blue Pegasus's entrance.

"Ahem! Then, the next team! The Lamia Scale!" Loli shouted.

"Can you give a more appropriate introduction?" Yajima said.

However, the bad introduction didn't lower the enthusiasm of the audience seeing the Lamia Scale team come out to the stadium.


The team of Lamia Scale walked calmly and had decided to preserve their championship.

"We have walked quite far now! We have only two last teams and both of the team is a new guild that has entered the Grand Magic Games for the first time but they have shown a very amazing result!" Loli said and added, "Then, let us welcome the Sabertooth!!!!"


Sabertooh's team came out of the hallway and received a loud cheer along with applause from the audience.

The six-team team that had entered the stadium observed this team since it was their first time to see it this time.

"We're not the first, huh?" Rogue said.

"Whatever, but we're going to become the champion!" Sting said.

"Yeah," Rogue said.

"The last one should be the straw hat one," Rufus said.

"UWOOOO!!!!!" Orga shouted.

"Hmm....." Minerva became even more curious about Haru's team.

Yajima and Loli had to admit when they saw the entrance of the Sabertooh they could see that they were showing a different momentum.

"The last one is from your guild, right? Yajima-san?" Loli said.

"Yes, I have confidence in them," Yajima nodded.

"Without waiting anymore! Let us welcome the team that has finished the preliminary event with the fastest speed! The Infinite!" Loli shouted.


"YEAHHHHH!!!!" Luffy raised both of his hands with excitement.

"Calm down, Luffy," Kuroneko sighed.

"Well, I understand how is his feeling," Teppei said.

"I can't wait to cut them!" Kouha smiled.

"Can't you not?" Haru said while looking at the people who entered this tournament. He couldn't hide his excitement too and couldn't wait to start this event.