Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 339

Volume 1 Chapter 339 The Crown 1

"The members of your guild seem to be having a lot of fun," Loli said after seeing the five people that entered the stadium.

"Hahaha..." Yajima suddenly sighed and said, "They're having too much fun....."

"Isn't that good? Their enthusiasm is very high!" Loli said.

"Well, rather than talk about my guild, how about we talk about the first event?" Yajima said.

"That's right! Let us first listen to the rules of the Grand Magic Games before we continue to the first event!" Loli said then suddenly a big block of stone came out from the ground showing the announcement of the battle.

"It's big!!!" Luffy said.

Four of them knew how Luffy's brain worked and decided not to say anything. They could see that the game would be held in five days and there were words 'crown' on the first day while '???' on the other days.

"What is this 'crown'?" Kouha asked.

"That means it is a secret," Haru said.

"First, I'll explain the contests. Teams will be ranked from first to eighth place, based on their performances. Points will be given to each team based on their rank. The team will be allowed to choose one member to participate in. Now let me explain the battles. The sponsors will pit competitors against each other based on factors such as the audience vote," Loli said.

"Fight, huh? I am excited," Luffy grinned while hitting his fist against his palm in excitement.

"That's not the problem here," Teppei said, adding, "Worse case, that we will continue to fight after we are tired from the event."

"Do you think we will lose?" Haru asked.

"No, but anything can happen in the game," Teppei said.

"That's true," Haru nodded.

"Use your new magic and I want to see it," Kuroneko said.

"....." Haru was speechless and said, "Let's wait for a chance." He felt that he would be labeled as a pervert when he used this magic.

Kouha walked to him and whispered, "Now that you mention it. I have heard the side effect, but I have never seen the effect of your magic."

Haru felt a bit tickled when Kouha whispered to him, "Don't whisper so suddenly to me."

"Why?" Kouha asked.

"My ears are a bit sensitive," Haru said.

"Well, I just want to know the effect of your magic. You have told me before in the chat but I want to see it in the battle," Kouha said.

Haru nodded, "Let's see if I will have a chance to use that magic."

"Good," Kouha nodded.

Kuroneko had a nosebleed looking at their actions.

"Kuroneko, your nose is bleeding," Teppei said.

"Oh, right," Kuroneko wiped the blood on her nose.

"The battle rules are simple. Each team will fight like so. The winning team will be awarded ten points, and the losing team will get zero. In the case of a draw, both teams will receive five points. And now the opening contest! Prepare for the hidden! Each team will choose one player to join the contest. We will explain the rules once all participants have come forward," Loli said.

"Who is going first?" Haru asked.

"Me!" Luffy said since then he couldn't wait anymore.

They looked at each other and nodded.

"Go Luffy," Teppei said.

"Don't lose," Kouha said.

"Just punch them up!" Kuroneko.

Haru didn't say anything and gave him a fistbump.

Luffy smiled receiving his fistbump, "I'll go!" He said and walked to the center of the stadium along with the other participants.

"Crown, huh? It will be an ugly fight," Kouha said.

"Is that an experience that you have had for being a prince?" Haru asked.

"Yeah," Kouha said and added, "Let's go back, I am tired of standing up here."

"Yeah," Haru said.

Teppei and Kuroneko also followed them.


Luffy stood up along with everyone.

"Haha, Luffy! Are you going to join the first event?" Sting walked toward him.

"Yeah! Sting, let's have a match!" Luffy said.

"Yes!" Sting was excited. It was his first time to enter the Grand Magic Games and he wanted to show his power to the world.

Each team also sent out their own participants to enter this event. Blue Pegasus had sent out Eve Tearm as their first participants, Mermaid Heel had sent out Arana, Quatro Cerberos had sent out Rocker, Twilight Ogre had sent out random guy, Fairy Tail had sent out Jet, and Lamia Scale had sent out Yuka.

"I'll beat you up," the random guy from Twilight Ogre said to Jet.

Jet snorted and didn't say anything.


"Is that Haru?" Meredy was surprised.

"Is he a member of the guild?" Jellal was also surprised.

"Who is the long-haired girl beside him?" Ultear suddenly asked.


Jellal was speechless and said, "It seems to be a member of his guild." He thought for a while and said, "Still, I am curious about his guild since I have never seen all of the members. It is as if they have come out from different countries or from a different world."

Everyone from Group Chat who had heard him would probably congratulate him since Jella was right.

"The first person who comes out is the Straw Hat young man," Meredy said, and read the name on the announcement screen, "Monkey D. Luffy? Have you heard of that name?"

Ultear and Jellal shook their heads at the same time.

They had made a guild that was made up of criminals but their purpose was to destroy the dark guild. They had come to watch the Grand Magic Games because they wanted to see who would become the strongest guild in Fiore. They were curious about Haru's guild and also joined to watch this match.


"We're ready to start the first event! What kind of game will we see in this 'crown event'?" Loli said and added, "Yajima-san, is there any competitor we should keep an eye on?"

"Well, since my guild also participates in this game then I am going to bet on him," Yajima said.

"I am becoming curious about the power of your magician now, Yajima-san," Loli said.

"Hahaha, we can watch it soon," Yajima said.


Luffy looked at the small clown with a pumpkin head in front of him. He moved his head and bit the pumpkin, "I can't eat it."

"This can't be eaten!" Mato was startled and mad when one of the participants suddenly bit his head.

"Hahahahaha!!!!" The audience laughed when they saw Luffy's action.


"....." The member of The Infinite Guild was speechless to say anything.


"Yajima-san? What is the meaning of Luffy participant's actions?" Loli asked.

Yajima sighed, "He is having too much fun...."


"Don't eat me again! My head can't be eaten!" Mato said.

"Sorry," Luffy said while smiling sheepishly.

Mato wasn't sure but it was hard to get angry when he saw that smile, "Well, as long as you understand."

"Luffy...." Sting felt that it was too shameful to stand next to him.

"Then, without waiting anymore! Open the field!!!" Mato shouted.

Suddenly from inside the stadium, there was a magical construct that slowly formed into 8 large towers along with a jungle and small houses that covered the entire stadium then the 8 participants suddenly teleported on each of the towers in the stadium.

Everyone was amazed and they knew that the event would start soon.