Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1 Chapter 34 Naruto World

Haru felt dizzy and he opened his eyes slowly. He looked around and noticed five people around him. He knew them but didn't know where they were, "Where is this?"

"This is my house," Tsunade said. She looked at everyone with a curious expression.

"Ugh, I need my sugar intake," Gintoki said while messaging his head.

"Hooo, this is the world of ninja, it's interesting," Yajima said while looking around.

"My head! My head!" Kuroneko said since then she felt very dizzy after that teleportation.

Haru went to her and used his light magic to cure her. He was quite proficient in light magic and it was quite easy for him to heal anything.

"Hmm, why you're the only one who can use magic?" Tsunade asked.

Everyone had tried to practice magic but they couldn't practice it.

"I don't know if there is something similar between my world and Yajima's world," Haru said. He wasn't sure yet and he also wanted to know why he could use magic. He thought it was because he was a reincarnated person and that was why he could use magic.

"That's true, I want to use stealth magic," Gintoki said with regret.

"Pervert!!" Kuroneko said. She felt comfortable since he was curing her. She also felt envious since he was the only one that could use magic.

"At the same time, we can't practice using a chakra," Yajima said.

Gintoki nodded, "Yeah, Chakra is impossible, I can't use a Rasengan Shuriken or Kamehameha."

"That's from different story!!!" Kuroneko said.

"Anyway, there will be another feature after we finish this quest, maybe there is something special about this feature later," Haru said.

Tsunade looked at him and said, "Do you have an idea what kind of feature it is?"

Haru thought for a while and said, "Probably store or invitation, but let's not think about that, the problem is whether we can finish this quest or not?"

"We're probably going to succeed since there is a protagonist aura, there are two protagonists in our group and there is also Naruto who is the protagonist in this world too right?" Gintoki said.

"I'm sorry that we're not protagonists," Yajima said with a small smile.

Kuroneko and Tsunade looked at him at the same time. Both of them swore that they would punch him when he said another word.

"I - I don't mean it that way!! D - don't misunderstand! Yajima-San, you're very powerful! How about we have a drink first? Let's tour around the Konohagakure, there is another two days before the exam, right?" Gintoki looked at Tsunade.

Tsunade snorted, "Do you have money?"

Gintoki looked very proud, "Of course, I have." He had published a novel that had been shared by Haruka. He suddenly became quite a famous author and he had quite a lot of money right now.

"The money from your world and this world is different, you know?" Haru said.

"I forgot about that," Gintoki sighed and looked at Tsunade.

Tsunade knew what kind of gaze was this and sighed, "You need to wait before you can tour around the village, I have sent Shizune to report your arrival to my teacher."

They nodded since they knew that her village had very strict security especially when there would be an attack from Orochimaru.

"Did you tell him about our origin?" Haru asked. He knew her teacher was the third Hokage and his opinion of that person was a very crafty old man. He knew that the third Hokage was really smart since his nickname was the professor.

Tsunade shook her head, "I think, it's better to keep the existence of group chats a secret among us, I've told him that my friends would help during the attack of Orochimaru, I've also told him that I met you guys on my trip on the outside village."

"That's good," Yajima nodded.

Everyone was curious and wanted to see the world of 'Naruto' since this would be their first time to come to this world. They wanted to see a ninja who was hiding in the dark, throwing a shuriken, or standing in the water.

But the three guys in the group were looking at Tsunade. This will be their first time seeing her in reality. They were men and they couldn't lie to their desire.

"Damn, big," Gintoki suddenly said, but he was slammed by her.


Haru and Yajima gulped and looked at the destroyed wall behind them, 'Gintoki!!!!' They turned their heads and looked at her with a scared expression.

"Hmph," Tsunade snorted.

"Good, very strong! Tsunade, can you teach me chakra?" Kuroneko asked.

"Hmm, it's very hard, you've trained for the whole month but you can't do it right?" Tsunade asked.

Kuroneko sighed and nodded. She had trained both magic and chakra, she even spent several hours meditation to feel a chakra or magical energy inside her body but it was useless.

Tsunade looked at Haru and asked, "Haru, have you tried the chakra method that I've shared?"

Haru shook his head, "No, I don't think it's necessary for me to learn it since I'm still learning magic from Yajima." He thought it would be a waste of time to learn a lot of things and become a master of nothing. He wanted to master his light magic first until he hit a slump and started to do another thing.

"Do you want to learn it? I will guide you here," Tsunade said.

Haru was surprised and wanted to learn it from her directly but he was worried since he had magical energy in his body. He was worried there would be a contradiction between two energy and made him explode or something since he had seen that kind of plot in the movie. He wanted to answer her until someone suddenly entered her house.

"Tsunade-Sama, I've brought a Hogake-Sama to your home," Shizune said while looking at everyone.

"Tsunade, I've heard you brought your friends, let me see them," Sarutobi said and he saw them. Four people there were a little girl with a strange outfit, a handsome young man, someone who was laying on the ground, and a small old man.