Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 340

Volume 1 Chapter 340 The Crown 2

"This sure is amazing...." Teppei said while looking at the building and a lot of things that suddenly appeared with magic.

"Yeah, I have to agree," Haru was wondering where the Kingdom of Fiore had gotten the money to hold such an extravagant event.

"I wonder what kind of game this is," Kuroneko said.

"Well, we only need to watch," Kouha said.

They suddenly saw a large flat screen that appeared on the top of the stadium showing each of the participants in the event.


Luffy really hated teleportation magic but suddenly he saw that his clothes had changed. He was wearing a quite luxurious costume along with a crown on the top of his head. He also saw that he was on the top of the tower and could see the other seven towers from his position. He became curious about what kind of event was this 'The Crown'.

"Please enjoy the view of the going-on inside the field on our Lacrima-Vision monitors. None of our eight participants can see what the others are doing," Loli said.

Luffy heard the voices of the commentators and wanted them to announce the rules of the event.

"The rules for 'The Crown' are simple. The participants only need to keep their own crowns and the last one who keeps their crown is the winner of this event. You can stay hidden in your tower or hide somewhere until the last minute or going to the other participants to steal their crown and eliminate them from this event."

"Do I only need to keep this crown?" Luffy said while holding the crown on the top of his head.

"The participants need to wear their crown all the time in the entire match."

Everyone nodded since this match was quite easy to understand.

"If for someone who is a worry for someone to hide until the match is over then you don't need to worry. This field is being protected by a barrier and that barrier will become smaller each minute. So everyone doesn't need to worry about everything and only needs either to steal or hide in this event."

"Please remember that the last one who keeps their crown is the winner!"

Luffy, who heard the announcement, jumped out of the tower and ran toward the nearby tower, saying, "I only need to beat them up!"


"I only need to beat them up," Haru suddenly said and added, "I can see him saying that right now."

"Yeah, Luffy is pretty simple," Teppei nodded.

"But isn't that good? The point of the game is to make the participants lose their crown," Kuroneko said.

"Yeah, I don't think anyone that is standing on the field can beat Luffy," Haru said.

"What about Sting from the Sabertooth?" Teppei asked.

"Well, Dragon Slayer is powerful but compared to Luffy's physical ability..." Haru said.

They agreed that Luffy's physical ability was the strongest in the entire field. They continued to watch the match to see who could make trouble for Luffy.


Eve was wearing his crown while looking at his surroundings. He was a member of Blue Pegasus and he was thinking of creating an alliance between two guilds, "Mermaid Heel is good." He thought that he should make an alliance with the Mermaid Heel since he thought that they were beautiful, especially Arane who was your typical big sister character. He wanted to be pampered by the beautiful big sister. He smiled but suddenly he saw somoene was running toward his tower, "That person is..." He saw someone from The Infinite Guild and felt a bit regret since he didn't watch their performance before.


"Oh, Eve is going to fight someone from the Guild Infinite," Jenny said and asked, "What's his name?"

"Monkey D. Luffy," Hibiki said, and added, "Hmm, it seems that this person is quite proficient in close combat techniques."

"Even if I hate to admit it, Eve is strong," Ren said.

"Everyone please believe in your friend," Ichiya said and made a pose, "Men."

"...." Hibiki, Jeanne, and Ren felt moved by Ichiya's words, "Yes! Ichiya-san!"

"Eve-kun. It's time to show your power," Ichiya said with a handsome smile.


"Oh! Team Fairy Tail has gone and lost their crown!"

Eve heard the announcement but he didn't care much since his opponent was quite close to him. He was at the top of the tower and decided to stop his movement. He started to create a magic circle before swinging his arms forward in a clawing-like manner, creating snow that was manipulated to wrap around the target, "White Fang!"

Luffy heard the announcement and thought that the team of Fairy Tail was pretty weak. He saw snow that was moving toward him and jumped very high to dodge that attack.

"Jump? But you can't escape now!" Eve said and created a magic circle again, "White Furry!" He released a small snowstorm from their hand toward Luffy.

Luffy smiled before biting into his right thumb, blowing the air right into his bone and creating a gigantic arm.

"....." Eve opened his mouth wide, "You're kidding?"

Luffy moved the air from his arm to his right foot before raising it high, "Gomu Gomu no Gigant Axe!" He stretched one leg high into the air, then brought it crashing down via a high-gravity stomp on his opponent.

Eve saw a large shadow on the top of him and knew that he was unable to escape.


Luffy's attack crashed down the entire tower, destroying it entirely.

The people of Blue Pegasus opened their mouths wide before they heard an announcement.

"Team Blue Pegasus has gone and lost its crown!"

Eve laid down on the ruined tower while fainting on the ground.

"Shishishi," Luffy laughed before running to another tower. He didn't turn into his chibi form and he was pretty happy about it.


The audience cheered loudly before they continued to watch this exciting event.


"GO! LUFFY!!!!"

Korosensei and Gintoki cheered loudly.

Tsunade and Shinobu smiled and thought that Luffy didn't disappoint them.


"YEAH!!!!" Luffy ran again to search for another opponent only suddenly he felt something sticky on his feet, "What is this?"

"Hehehe, you have fallen into my trap."

Suddenly a beautiful woman who was wearing skintight clothes covered the surrounding place with a spider web trapping Luffy in place. She was a member of Mermaid Heel and her name is Arana

"I'll take your crown now!" Arana said before releasing her spider webs toward Luffy's crown.