Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 341

Volume 1 Chapter 341 The Crown 3

Jet had just come out of his tower but suddenly he was greeted by a blast of light.


"Team Fairy Tail has gone and lost their crown!"

The announcer said after the earlier attack had hit Jet making him faint and making the crown drop on the ground.

The members of Fairy Tail guild sighed, looking at Jet who had been defeated instantly.


"Hahaha!" Sting was happy since his "Light Dragon's Roar" could reach the people who were standing in the tower quite near to him, "Fairy Tail, huh?" He remembered that it was a guild of Natsu in the past but he knew that Natsu had gone. He shook his head and jumped from his tower since he wasn't the type who loved to hide in his own tower.


Arane shot out of the spider web toward Luffy.

Luffy moved his head to the right before stretching his hand to steal the crown of Arane's head.

"Ah!" Arane didn't expect Luffy to be able to make his hand longer.

"Shishishi," Luffy laughed before escaping from the spider web and running toward his next opponent.

Arana looked at Luffy's back and sighed. She shook her head before teleported to the outside of the field.

"Team Mermaid Heel has gone and lost their crown!"

Luffy felt that he could use his observation haki earlier. He continued to run and jumped to a random tower and saw someone who was holding a large club.

"Hehehe, want to take my crown? I'll beat you----" This person didn't finish his words since his crown had been stolen by Luffy.

"Team Twilight Ogre has gone and lost their crown!"


Luffy didn't stay there any longer and jumped out of the tower to search for another target.


Sting saw another target and moved very fast before taking their crown.

"Team Quatro Cerberus has gone and lost their crown!"

Sting laughed and ran again to search for another target.


"The game is very exciting!" Loli shouted loudly.

"Yes, before long there were three participants at the event now," Yajima said.

"Yes, they are the only team from Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, and the Iniftinite," Loli said. He looked at Yajima and asked, "Yajima-san, the audience is very excited about Luffy. Can you tell us more about his magic?"

"Well...." Yajima thought for a while before answering, "In simple terms, his magic is making his body to have a similar property to rubber. For his feat, you can see him fighting on the screen."

"Yes! I can't wait for the three of them to fight each other!" Loli said.


Yuka knew that there were only three people in this field including him. He thought to use this chance to become a fisherman when both of his opponents fight for each other. He chuckled but suddenly he felt that he was in danger.

"Gomu Gomu no Pistol!"

"Light Dragon's Roar!"

Yuka saw both of his opponent's attack and couldn't escape from it.


"Team Lamia Scale has gone and lost their crown!"

"Shishishi, Sting! We have met again!" Luffy laughed.

"Yes, Luffy, but I'll beat you," Sting said with a confident smile before moving very fast using his "White Dragon Slayer Magic."

White Dragon Slayer Magic allows Sting to transform the physiology of his body into that of a White Dragon. Consequently, this magic him to both produce and control light from any part of his body, which can be used in both close and ranged combat.

Sting boosted his speed with light to reach the crown on Luffy's head.

Luffy dodged him with a minimum movement. He knew that fighting was the best way to become stronger. He could feel that he could use his observation haki in more skillful ways.

Sting didn't give up and kept trying to steal Luffy's crown.


Rogue, Orga, Minerva, and Rufus watched the battle between Luffy and Sting.

Rufus frowned when he saw this battle.

"What's wrong, Rufus?" Minerva asked.

"Princess." Rufus looked at Minerva and said, "That Luffy seems to be able to predict Sting's movement."

They could see that Luffy was able to dodge Sting even though the speed of Sting was very fast.

"No one can defeat Dragon Slayer," Rogue said.

"..." They looked at Rogue and only gave him a nod.

Minerva turned and looked at Haru who was watching the show. She became even more curious about his guild and wanted to try to fight him later.


"Damn! Don't dodge all the time!" Rogue was frustrated. He wondered how Luffy could dodge all of his attacks. He decided to get serious and sent out a beam of light from his mouth, "Light Dragon's Roar!"


That beam of light destroyed the surrounding area.

Sting waited for Luffy to come out from the thick dust that was made by his attack.

"Sting, you're strong. That's why I am going to get serious," Luffy said.

"Gear Second!"



Sting wasn't sure what had happened but suddenly he saw Luffy had appeared beside him.

"Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol!"

Sting knew that he needed to dodge but this speed was too fast.

Luffy delivered a powerful punch right into Sting's face.


Sting was thrown and the crown on his head dropped to the ground.

"Team Sabertooth has gone and lost their crown!"

"Yeah!!!!" Luffy raised both of his hands in happiness.

"UWOOOOOO!!!!" The audience also cheered along with him.

"The first event is over! The winner of this event is from the team Infinite! Luffy D. Monkey!"


"Damn..." Sting, who fell on the ground, could feel that his cheek was very hurt. He looked at Luffy who was raising both of his hands and knew that he had lost.

Luffy walked toward Sting and gave him his hand, "Let's have another fight later."

Sting snorted, "I can't wait for that!"

Luffy and Sting looked at each other before they teleported off the field.


"Congrats, Yajima-san! Your guild is very strong," Loli said.

"Thank you," Yajima nodded with a smile. He was very happy that Luffy had won the first event.

"Then, let us see the ranking of each team!" Loli said and a screen showed the score of each team.

The first one is "Infinite" with 10 points; "Sabertooth" with 8 points; "Lamia Scale" with 6 points; "Quatro Cerberus" with 4 points; "Twilight Ogre" with 3 points; "Mermaid Heel" with 2 points; "Blue Pegasus" with 1 points; and "Fairy Tail" with 0 points.

"Because this is the first game, these rankings also reflect the current overall ranking," Loli said.


"Eve...." Ichiya seemed quite sad.



"At least he wasn't in the last place," Lyon said.

"Yes, both Sabertooth and Infinite. Both of them are quite strong," Sherry said.


The Fairy Tail guild sighed looking at the result.




The Quatro Puppy shouted loudly.


"I am sorry," Arane said.

"It's alright. This is only the first game," Kagura said.


"I am sorry, Princess," Sting felt very ashamed since he had lost.

"Tell us the information that you have received from this Luffy," Minerva said.

Sting nodded and said what had happened during the event.


"Congrats, Luffy!"

Everyone congratulated him.

"Yes!" Luffy smiled.

They talked for a while before they heard an announcement from the announcer.

"Let us move on to today's battle!"

'Battle, huh? I wonder who is going to fight?' Haru wondered while listening to the rules of this battle.