Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 342

Volume 1 Chapter 342 Haru Vs Kagura 1

"First let me remind you how the battle system works. Each team will participate in one battle against another. Each match will be decided by the sponsor," Loli said.

"I can't wait to see the battle," Yajima said.

"Yes! I need to wait---- Oh! I have received the lineup!" Loli said and announced, "The first match of day one, we have The Infinite's Kasugano Haruka."


"Mermaid Heel's Kagura Mikazuchi!"

Yajima twitched his lips when he heard the announcement of the first battle.

"What's wrong, Yajima-san?" Loli asked and said, "Who do you think will win this battle? I have thought that Kagura is the winner! Her performance last year left a deep impression on my mind!"

"Well..... If Haru's opponent is a male then that person might have a chance but for a woman....." Yajima didn't continue.

"What's wrong with women?" Loli was confused.

"You can see the match directly," Yajima said and didn't say anything again.


Haru twitched his lips and wondered why he had become the first person to fight was him.

"Good luck, Haru!" Luffy said.

"Yeah, win this match! We will get another 10 points when you win," Kuroneko said.

"Use your new magic," Kouha said.

"Isn't his new magic is Light magic?" Teppei asked.


Haru sighed and said, "I'll go now."


"Kagura, that Yajima-san seems to believe in for his team to win," Milianna complained.

"Show them that we're not a pushover!" Risley said.

"I'll win this match shortly," Kagura said and left them to go to the stage.

Arane looked at Kagura and said, "I think that we need to rethink how powerful the members of the Infinite Guild are."

"What's wrong, Arane?" Beth asked.

"I can see that the people in the Infinite group were very strong and remember the words from Yajima-san earlier," Arane said.

"What?" Millianna asked.

"If it's male then there might be a chance but if it's a woman then there is no chance," Arane said and explained, "Then, this person might have magic that is very easy to defeat a woman, quite easily."


Arana could see that everyone seemed worried, "But don't worry, Kagura is very strong and she has that sword."

They looked at each other and nodded. They believed in their comrades and knew that Kagura could beat Kasugano Haruka.


"Hmm...." Minerva watched the match and seemed quite interested.

"From my memory, Kagura is very strong," Rufus said.

Minerva didn't say anything since she was more interested in Haru.


"Oh, it's Haru's time!" Meredy said and was quite excited.

"Have any of you seen him using magic?" Jellal asked.

Meredy and Ultear shook their heads together.

"I am curious now about his magic," Ultear said.

Jellal and Meredy only nodded and watched the battle.


"If Kagura isn't careful then she might lose this match instantly," Jura said.

"Is Kasugano Haruka's magic really that powerful?" Lyon asked.

"It's hard to describe," Jura said.

Lyon along with the other team of Mermaid Heel also became curious about this match.


Haru stood up while looking at Kagura.

"Your name is a bit similar to mine," Kagura said and asked, "Are we from the same village?"

"No," Haru shook his head.

Kagura didn't show any emotion or disappointment. She nodded, "Don't hold back because I am a woman."

"Alright," Haru nodded at her.

"Now, it's the battle between Kagura Mikazuchi the strongest member of Mermaid Heel and she is going to fight the mysterious guild the Inifinte's Kasugano Haruka!"

"Who is going to win? Then, we need to watch the battle!"


"The match start!!!!"

Kagura and Haru looked at each other.


Suddenly there was an enormous amount of pressure that was happening on the stage.

"Gravity magic?" Kagura raised her eyebrow.

"Oh? You too are also gravity magic users?" Haru said even though he knew from the beginning.

Kagura didn't say anything and made her gravity magic stronger but the young man in front of him was similar to a mountain, 'He is powerful.'

Haru knew that it was useless to fight using his gravity magic and he decided to use his light magic. He pointed his finger before it started to brighten.

'Dangerous!' Kagura hurriedly dodged.


Haru only raised his finger while sending out a lot of beams of light from the tip of his fingers.


Kagura moved as if the dancer dodged all of the beams of light skillfully.


"Light magic?" Jura raised his eyebrow.

"He is strong," Lyon said.

Jura didn't say anything and continued to watch.


Kagura smiled inwardly before holding the sword on her waist, "Slashing Form!" She lunged at Haru while slashing her sword at a rapid speed.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Kagura's attack caused an air slash and destroyed part of the stadium, showing how powerful her attack was.

Haru had read her movements and dodged her attack while trying to distance himself from her.

"I won't let you!" Kagara didn't give him a chance and kept slashing her sword.

Haru used his observation haki to the limit to dodge all of her attacks before turning his fingers into the zipper, "Sticky Fingers! Chainsaw Mode!"

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

"Slaughter Wave!"

Kagura, who saw Haru's attack, stopped before saying, "Slashing Form!" She slashed her sword again at a rapid speed, destroying his attack.

Haru opened his mouth and sent out the light of the beam toward Kagura.


Kagura raised her sword and slashed the beam of light into half.


Haru moved back and felt that he almost lost his fingers, 'That sword sure is very strong.'

"You're very strong," Kagura said.

"You too," Haru was wondering whether it was sarcasm.

"But all of your attacks are useless to me," Kagura said.

Haru raised his eyebrow, "Aren't you the same? Your attack is also useless."

"Then we will see about that!" Kagura said and lunged toward him.

Haru was wondering whether he needed to use that magic now.