Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 343

Volume 1 Chapter 343 Haru Vs Kagura 2

"Their battle is very hot!!!" Loli was excited.

"Yes!" Yajima was also excited to watch the match between Haru and Kagura.

The audience cheered loudly since the fight between Haru and Kagura was very epic in their eyes.




"He is strong," Risley said.

The member of Mermaid Heel had to admit that Haru was very strong since he was able to fight against Kagura to this extent.

"But Kagura will win!" Millianna said.


"Haru, when are you going to use your new magic!" Kouha shouted.

"Is his new magic that powerful?" Kuroneko asked.

"It's quite dangerous," Kouha said.

"I am curious now," Teppei said.

"Go Haru!" Luffy shouted.


"Do you think that he will use that magic?" Shinobu asked.

"Probably," Tsunade said while drinking alcohol.

"Haru didn't want to hurt that girl," Korosensei said as he could tell that Haru was holding back.

Gintoki hasn't said anything since he recorded this battle. He felt that this battle might be useful in the future.


Haru wasn't sure since he was usually able to defeat his enemy quite easily but he took his time with this girl, 'Strong.' He knew that he might hurt her if he got serious and he didn't want to do that, "Kagura, how about you give up?" He didn't want to use that magic but he felt this magic might be the best way to defeat her. He also had promised Kouha to use this magic.

"No. I won't admit defeat," Kagura kept slashing her sword at him. She frowned since she felt that Haru could read all of her movements.

"It couldn't be helped then," Haru said, and suddenly there were a number of pink tentacles that came out from below his body. He used his mind to control this tentacle to attack her.

Kagura was wary of this attack and tried to cut the tentacles with her sword.

Everyone was watching with enthuaseim only suddenly both Haru and Kagura had disappeared from the stadium.



The sudden appearance of the pink tentacles made everyone confused.

"What magic is that Yajima-san?" Loli asked.

"I am not sure," Yajima couldn't say that it was quite perverted magic.

"You don't know the magic of your guild member, Yajima-san?" Loli asked.

"Haru has only learned that magic before," Yajima said, and didn't intend to continue to explain it.

Then both of them saw that both Haru and Kagura had disappeared from the stadium.

"What's happening, Yajima-san?" Loli was startled.

"Haru has used his illusion magic to cover both of them," Yajima sighed.

"What does that mean?" Loli asked.

"He won't let anyone see the process of the battle between the two of them," Yajima said. He started to understand why Haru could become the harem protagonist.



Kagura saw the tentacles move toward her very fast and started to wrap her body. She suddenly felt her body felt really hot and she started to blush, "This is... ahhh...." She m.o.a.ned and couldn't believe that she had done it. She blushed while looking at him with a hateful expression.

"I am sorry. I don't really want to use this magic, but you're very strong," Yuuki said and explained, "I have covered this place with illusion magic that no one will be able to see what is happening here and I have also erased the sound in this place too."

"Ahnn....." Kagura m.o.a.ned again and decided to bite her tongue only suddenly Haru put his fingers inside her mouth. She was very angry and had never been humiliated before. However, she couldn't stop the pleasure that she felt on her body.

"If you give up, I will relieve you from this magic," Haru said.

Kagura dropped on the ground but Haru caught her in his arm. She tried to bite his fingers but it rather made her feel good. Her drool kept pouring out from her mouth since Haru put his fingers inside. She was glad that he didn't use this chance to feel up her body. She kept looking at him with hateful expressions trying to escape from this magic.

Haru knew that this magic would work on v.i.r.g.i.ns but he didn't expect that the effect would be this dangerous. He could see the girl in front of him was very beautiful and her anger's face made her rather cute, "If you don't give up, I'll make the effect of this magic stronger."

Kagura didn't say anything and kept looking at him.

"Then, don't blame me...."



The audience felt confused by this development. They also felt bored when they couldn't see what was happening in the stadium. They wanted to complain and booed but suddenly they saw both Haru and Kagura had appeared. They saw that Haru was carrying Kagura who was laying in his arms and seemed to lose her unconscious.


The member of Mermaid Heel came toward them and looked at him with a hostile expression.

Haru smiled wrily and said, "Nothing is happening. She only lost consciousness."

They checked Kagura's condition and sighed in relief when they saw that she was alright.

"Why her face is a bit ruddy?" Millianna asked.

"You can ask her that question when she has woken up," Haru said and asked, "Do you want me to take her to the infirmary?"

"No, let me take care of her," Risley said.

"Good." Haru gave Kagura to Risley before saying, "Tell her that she is very strong." He turned and went back to his location.

"The winner: The Infinite's Kasugano Haruka!!!!"


They didn't understand what had happened but they knew that Haru was very strong.

"Ugh..." Kagura opened her eyes slowly.


Kagura looked at her comrades and asked, "Where is he?"

"He? You mean your opponents?" Arane asked.

Kagura blushed when she remembered what had happened before, "I'll have my revenge!"

"What has happened?" Millianna asked.

"You don't know?" Kagura asked.

They shook their heads in response.

Kagura sighed in relief when she saw their reaction since she could tell that Haru wasn't lying when he had used illusion magic to cover them.

"So what's really happening?"

Kagura blushed and said, "Nothing is happening!" She said before leaving them but she was quite weak.

Risley and Beth caught her together.

"Your legs seem quite weak," Arane said.


"Kagura! Tell us about his magic!" Milliana said.

"I agree. We might face him in the future," Risley said.

Kagura sighed while blushing and said, "Let me talk about his magic when we have gone back."

They felt weird but nodded.


"Did you see what was happening?" Minerva asked.

Rufus shook his head and said, "No. I am not able to see what is happening under that illusion."

"That guy seems more mysterious..."


Haru went back to his seat and could see that Kouha was quite unsatisfied. He thought for a while and thought to use this magic on him later to show how powerful was this "Pleasure Magic".