Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 344

Volume 1 Chapter 344 The Result Of The First Day

Haru went back to his seat and watched the next battle since there were another three battles before the first day of the Grand Magic Games were over.

The next battle is a battle between Lamia Scale, Lyon Vastia versus Twilight Ogre, Sam. Their battle wasn't that special since the member Twilight Ogre lost instantly when Lyon sent out his ice magic.

Haru felt that Lyon's ice magic was quite powerful since this guy could create an army of beasts using ice magic.

The audience cheered loudly since Lyon had won the battle quite easily. Then the next battle continued without a problem. The next battle is the battle between Quatro Cerberus, Rocker versus Blue Pegasus, Ren Akatsuki.

The battle between Rocker and Ren was quite intense.

Rocker's magic is Drill 'n Rock. This magic allows him to make selected parts of his body spin at high speeds; something which, as the name of the Magic itself suggests, renders such parts similar to large drills. This magic enhances his melee combat.

Rocker was very wild and punched Ren from time to time using his magic.

Ren also wasn't going to lose. He was a member of the most popular group in Blue Pegasus and he couldn't show such a shameful match. His magic is air magic that is able to control the air around his surroundings. He didn't intend to fight Rocker in close combat since he knew that he would lose. He kept dodging Rocker while decreasing the amount of oxygen around Rocker.

"Damn stop moving and fight me like a man!" Rocker shouted but suddenly he felt that he had lost his breath. He dropped to the ground while holding his chest. "What's happening? I can't breathe!"

"It's my win. You have fought without thinking and only thinking to attack me. I have decreased the number of oxygen around your surroundings."

Rocker started to feel a sharp pain in his ears before fainting on the ground.

"We have the winner! The winner is Ren Akatsuki from the Blue Pegasus!"

Ren looked at Sherri and thought that he should propose to her.


"Ren!" Sherry was happy when she saw her boyfriend had won.

"Sherry! He is from a different guild!" Obababa said.

"Obababa. They're in a relationship where there is nothing wrong," one of the guild's members said.

"What did you say?! Then spin it for me!" Obababa said she then started to spin the guild member.



"Let us continue with the next battle!" Loli said.

"Yes, the last battle is the battle between Fairy Tail versus Sabertooth," Yajima said.

"Let's see who will be fighting," Loli said and showed the people who will be fighting.

"Oh! The one who will be fighting is Orga Nanagear from the Sabertooth! Versus Droy of the Fairy Tail! Please both of the contestants to enter the stage!"


"Me, huh?" Droy stood up from his seat. After six years, he had become a fat man that had always brought a fried chicken around him.

"Win it, Droy!" Jet said.

"I know." Droy nodded. He was a bit confident since he would be fighting the guild that had never entered the Grand Magic Games in previous years.


"Orga. It's your time," Minerva said.

"Yes, Princess! I'll show everyone who is the strongest!" Orga said while hitting his chest.

"Win with absolute dominance," Rufus said.

"Yeah! Leave it to me! I'll show the Sabertooth is the strongest guild!" Orga shouted, then jumped onto the field.

"Fairy Tail is just small fries. Our opponents are Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, and The Infinite," Minerva said.

They nodded and thought that it would be the Infinite team was very mysterious and they needed to be careful since Haru could defeat Kagura suddenly and Luffy had beaten Sting.

Minerva looked at Sting and said, "Don't ever lose again."


Sting nodded and would show that he was the strongest.


Droy looked at Orga and thought that this guy might be strong. "I won't lose against you!"

"Fatty," Orga said after he saw Droy.

"Bastard!" Droy was very angry.


Droy took the seed out of his pocket and threw it on the grounds, which then grew into large vines with fists. "Knuckle Plant!" The vines started to move and were ready to pummel Orga.

Orga who saw this magic didn't show any panic expression rather he raised his palm and sent out his magic. "Your plant is useless in front of me!"


Suddenly Droy was attacked by a lightning sphere that was created by Orga. "ARGGG!!!!" He instantly lost the moment the attack hit him.

"UWOOOOO!!!!" Orga shouted when he had beaten his opponent.


The audience also cheered along with the end of the battle. They thought that this Sabertooth was also a very strong team.

"We have the winner! The winner is Orga Nanagear from the Sabertooth!"


"I want to fight him," Teppei suddenly said.

Teppei's words caused them to be surprised.

"Why?" Kuroneko asked.

"Is it because of that magician that is using a plant?" Haru asked.

Teppei nodded and said, "Plant is useless? Then I will show my plant."


They had never seen Teppei who was eager to fight but decided to support him since they thought that it would be hard for anyone to beat him.

"Now let us show the result of the first day of the Grand Magic Games!"

The first one is "Infinite" with 20 points; "Sabertooth" with 18 points; "Lamia Scale" with 16 points; "Blue Pegasus" with 11 points; "Quatro Cerberus" with 4 points; "Twilight Ogre" with 3 points; "Mermaid Heel" with 2 points; and "Fairy Tail" with 0 points.

"Let's go back."

They nodded and went back together since they were satisfied with the result of the first day.

Haru walked out but he could feel the gaze of Kagura on himself. He looked at her and put on an apology gesture for her.


Kagura snorted when she looked at him and wanted to beat him at the next event. 'Next day.' She blushed when she thought that he had done it to him earlier.

"What's wrong, Kagura?" Millianna asked.


"Tell us about his magic!"

Kagura looked at them and sighed. It seems that she couldn't escape from their interrogation.